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1 /*****************************************************************************
2  * Project: RooFit *
3  * Package: RooFitCore *
4  * File: $Id: RooEllipse.h,v 1.8 2007/05/11 09:11:30 verkerke Exp $
5  * Authors: *
6  * WV, Wouter Verkerke, UC Santa Barbara, verkerke@slac.stanford.edu *
7  * DK, David Kirkby, UC Irvine, dkirkby@uci.edu *
8  * *
9  * Copyright (c) 2000-2005, Regents of the University of California *
10  * and Stanford University. All rights reserved. *
11  * *
12  * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, *
13  * with or without modification, are permitted according to the terms *
14  * listed in LICENSE (http://roofit.sourceforge.net/license.txt) *
15  *****************************************************************************/
16 #ifndef ROO_ELLIPSE
17 #define ROO_ELLIPSE
19 #include "TGraph.h"
20 #include "RooPlotable.h"
22 class RooEllipse : public TGraph, public RooPlotable {
23 public:
24  RooEllipse();
25  RooEllipse(const char *name, Double_t x1, Double_t x2, Double_t s1, Double_t s2, Double_t rho= 0, Int_t points= 100);
26  virtual ~RooEllipse();
29  virtual void printName(std::ostream& os) const ;
30  virtual void printTitle(std::ostream& os) const ;
31  virtual void printClassName(std::ostream& os) const ;
32  virtual void printMultiline(std::ostream& os, Int_t contents, Bool_t verbose=kFALSE, TString indent="") const;
34  inline virtual void Print(Option_t *options= 0) const {
35  // Printing interface
37  }
39  // These methods return zero to indicate that they do not support
40  // this interface. See RooPlot::updateFitRangeNorm() for details.
41  inline virtual Double_t getFitRangeNEvt() const { return 0; }
42  inline virtual Double_t getFitRangeNEvt(Double_t, Double_t) const { return 0; }
43  inline virtual Double_t getFitRangeBinW() const { return 0; }
45  ClassDef(RooEllipse,1) // 2-dimensional contour
46 };
48 #endif
virtual void printStream(std::ostream &os, Int_t contents, StyleOption style, TString indent="") const
Print description of object on ostream, printing contents set by contents integer, which is interpreted as an OR of 'enum ContentsOptions' values and in the style given by 'enum StyleOption'.
const char Option_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:62
virtual void Print(Option_t *options=0) const
Print graph values.
Definition: RooEllipse.h:34
Class RooPotable is a base class for objects that can be inserted into RooPlots and take advantage of...
Definition: RooPlotable.h:26
Basic string class.
Definition: TString.h:137
int Int_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:41
bool Bool_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:59
const Bool_t kFALSE
Definition: Rtypes.h:92
A RooEllipse is a two-dimensional ellipse that can be used to represent an error contour.
Definition: RooEllipse.h:22
virtual ~RooEllipse()
Definition: RooEllipse.cxx:56
virtual Double_t getFitRangeNEvt() const
Definition: RooEllipse.h:41
static const double x2[5]
#define ClassDef(name, id)
Definition: Rtypes.h:254
virtual void printTitle(std::ostream &os) const
Print title of ellipse on ostream.
Definition: RooEllipse.cxx:137
virtual Double_t getFitRangeNEvt(Double_t, Double_t) const
Definition: RooEllipse.h:42
point * points
Definition: X3DBuffer.c:20
bool verbose
virtual Int_t defaultPrintContents(Option_t *opt) const
Default choice of contents to be printed (name and value)
static void indent(ostringstream &buf, int indent_level)
Default constructor.
Definition: RooEllipse.cxx:48
static std::ostream & defaultPrintStream(std::ostream *os=0)
Return a reference to the current default stream to use in Print().
static const double x1[5]
double Double_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:55
virtual StyleOption defaultPrintStyle(Option_t *opt) const
virtual void printName(std::ostream &os) const
Print name of ellipse on ostream.
Definition: RooEllipse.cxx:128
A Graph is a graphics object made of two arrays X and Y with npoints each.
Definition: TGraph.h:53
virtual Double_t getFitRangeBinW() const
Definition: RooEllipse.h:43
virtual void printMultiline(std::ostream &os, Int_t contents, Bool_t verbose=kFALSE, TString indent="") const
Print detailed multi line information on ellipse on ostreamx.
Definition: RooEllipse.cxx:155
virtual void printClassName(std::ostream &os) const
Print class name of ellipse on ostream.
Definition: RooEllipse.cxx:146
char name[80]
Definition: TGX11.cxx:109