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1 // @(#)root/proof:$Id$
2 // Author: Fons Rademakers 16/02/97
4 /*************************************************************************
5  * Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *
6  * All rights reserved. *
7  * *
8  * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE. *
9  * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS. *
10  *************************************************************************/
13 #ifndef ROOT_TProofServ
14 #define ROOT_TProofServ
16 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
17 // //
18 // TProofServ //
19 // //
20 // TProofServ is the PROOF server. It can act either as the master //
21 // server or as a slave server, depending on its startup arguments. It //
22 // receives and handles message coming from the client or from the //
23 // master server. //
24 // //
25 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
27 #ifndef ROOT_TApplication
28 #include "TApplication.h"
29 #endif
30 #ifndef ROOT_TString
31 #include "TString.h"
32 #endif
33 #ifndef ROOT_TSysEvtHandler
34 #include "TSysEvtHandler.h"
35 #endif
36 #ifndef ROOT_TStopwatch
37 #include "TStopwatch.h"
38 #endif
39 #ifndef ROOT_TTimer
40 #include "TTimer.h"
41 #endif
42 #ifndef ROOT_TPackMgr
43 #include "TPackMgr.h"
44 #endif
45 #ifndef ROOT_TProofQueryResult
46 #include "TProofQueryResult.h"
47 #endif
49 #include <mutex>
51 class TDataSetManager;
53 class TDSet;
54 class TDSetElement;
55 class TFileCollection;
56 class TFileHandler;
57 class THashList;
58 class TIdleTOTimer;
59 class TList;
60 class TMap;
61 class TMessage;
62 class TMonitor;
63 class TPackMgr;
64 class TProof;
65 class TProofLockPath;
67 class TReaperTimer;
68 class TServerSocket;
69 class TShutdownTimer;
70 class TSocket;
73 // Hook to external function setting up authentication related stuff
74 // for old versions.
75 // For backward compatibility
77  TString &, TString &, TString &);
80 class TProofServ : public TApplication {
82 friend class TProofServLite;
83 friend class TXProofServ;
85 public:
86  enum EStatusBits { kHighMemory = BIT(16) };
89 private:
90  TString fService; //service we are running, either "proofserv" or "proofslave"
91  TString fUser; //user as which we run
92  TString fGroup; //group the user belongs to
93  TString fConfDir; //directory containing cluster config information
94  TString fConfFile; //file containing config information
95  TString fWorkDir; //directory containing all proof related info
96  TString fImage; //image name of the session
97  TString fSessionTag; //tag for the server session
98  TString fTopSessionTag; //tag for the global session
99  TString fSessionDir; //directory containing session dependent files
100  TPackMgr *fPackMgr; // Default package manager
101  TString fCacheDir; //directory containing cache of user files
102  TString fQueryDir; //directory containing query results and status
103  TString fDataSetDir; //directory containing info about known data sets
104  TString fDataDir; //directory containing data files produced during queries
105  TString fDataDirOpts; //Url type options for fDataDir
106  TString fAdminPath; //admin path for this session
107  TString fOutputFile; //path with the temporary results of the current or last query
108  TProofLockPath *fCacheLock; //cache dir locker
109  TProofLockPath *fQueryLock; //query dir locker
110  TString fArchivePath; //default archive path
111  TSocket *fSocket; //socket connection to client
112  TProof *fProof; //PROOF talking to slave servers
113  TVirtualProofPlayer *fPlayer; //actual player
114  FILE *fLogFile; //log file
115  Int_t fLogFileDes; //log file descriptor
116  Long64_t fLogFileMaxSize; //max size for log files (enabled if > 0)
117  Int_t fProtocol; //protocol version number
118  TString fOrdinal; //slave ordinal number
119  Int_t fGroupId; //slave unique id in the active slave group
120  Int_t fGroupSize; //size of the active slave group
121  Int_t fLogLevel; //debug logging level
122  Int_t fNcmd; //command history number
123  Int_t fGroupPriority; //priority of group the user belongs to (0 - 100)
124  Bool_t fEndMaster; //true for a master in direct contact only with workers
125  Bool_t fMasterServ; //true if we are a master server
126  Bool_t fInterrupt; //if true macro execution will be stopped
127  Float_t fRealTime; //real time spent executing commands
128  Float_t fCpuTime; //CPU time spent executing commands
129  TStopwatch fLatency; //measures latency of packet requests
130  TStopwatch fCompute; //measures time spent processing a packet
131  TStopwatch fSaveOutput; //measures time spent saving the partial result
132  Int_t fQuerySeqNum; //sequential number of the current or last query
134  Int_t fTotSessions; //Total number of PROOF sessions on the cluster
135  Int_t fActSessions; //Total number of active PROOF sessions on the cluster
136  Float_t fEffSessions; //Effective Number of PROOF sessions on the assigned machines
138  TFileHandler *fInputHandler; //Input socket handler
140  TQueryResultManager *fQMgr; //Query-result manager
142  TList *fWaitingQueries; //list of TProofQueryResult waiting to be processed
143  Bool_t fIdle; //TRUE if idle
144  std::recursive_mutex fQMtx; // To protect async msg queue
146  TList *fQueuedMsg; //list of messages waiting to be processed
148  TString fPrefix; //Prefix identifying the node
150  Bool_t fRealTimeLog; //TRUE if log messages should be send back in real-time
152  TShutdownTimer *fShutdownTimer; // Timer used to shutdown out-of-control sessions
153  TReaperTimer *fReaperTimer; // Timer used to control children state
154  TIdleTOTimer *fIdleTOTimer; // Timer used to control children state
156  Int_t fCompressMsg; // Compression level for messages
158  TDataSetManager* fDataSetManager; // dataset manager
159  TDataSetManagerFile *fDataSetStgRepo; // repository for staging requests
161  Bool_t fSendLogToMaster; // On workers, controls logs sending to master
163  TServerSocket *fMergingSocket; // Socket used for merging outputs if submerger
164  TMonitor *fMergingMonitor; // Monitor for merging sockets
165  Int_t fMergedWorkers; // Number of workers merged
167  // Quotas (-1 to disable)
168  Int_t fMaxQueries; //Max number of queries fully kept
169  Long64_t fMaxBoxSize; //Max size of the sandbox
170  Long64_t fHWMBoxSize; //High-Water-Mark on the sandbox size
172  // Memory limits (-1 to disable) set by envs ROOTPROFOASHARD, PROOF_VIRTMEMMAX, PROOF_RESMEMMAX
173  static Long_t fgVirtMemMax; //Hard limit enforced by the system (in kB)
174  static Long_t fgResMemMax; //Hard limit on the resident memory checked
175  //in TProofPlayer::Process (in kB)
176  static Float_t fgMemHWM; // Threshold fraction of max for warning and finer monitoring
177  static Float_t fgMemStop; // Fraction of max for stop processing
179  // In bytes; default is 1MB
180  Long64_t fMsgSizeHWM; //High-Water-Mark on the size of messages with results
182  static FILE *fgErrorHandlerFile; // File where to log
183  static Int_t fgRecursive; // Keep track of recursive inputs during processing
185  // Control sending information to syslog
186  static Int_t fgLogToSysLog; // >0 sent to syslog too
187  static TString fgSysLogService; // name of the syslog service (eg: proofm-0, proofw-0.67)
188  static TString fgSysLogEntity; // logging entity (<user>:<group>)
190  Int_t GetCompressionLevel() const;
192  void RedirectOutput(const char *dir = 0, const char *mode = "w");
193  Int_t CatMotd();
194  Int_t UnloadPackage(const char *package);
196  Int_t OldAuthSetup(TString &wconf);
197  Int_t GetPriority();
199  // Query handlers
201  TList *inl, Long64_t first, TDSet *dset,
202  const char *selec, TObject *elist);
205  // Results handling
206  Int_t SendResults(TSocket *sock, TList *outlist = 0, TQueryResult *pq = 0);
207  Bool_t AcceptResults(Int_t connections, TVirtualProofPlayer *mergerPlayer);
209  // Waiting queries handlers
210  void SetIdle(Bool_t st = kTRUE);
211  Bool_t IsWaiting();
215  Int_t CleanupWaitingQueries(Bool_t del = kTRUE, TList *qls = 0);
217 protected:
218  virtual void HandleArchive(TMessage *mess, TString *slb = 0);
219  virtual Int_t HandleCache(TMessage *mess, TString *slb = 0);
220  virtual void HandleCheckFile(TMessage *mess, TString *slb = 0);
221  virtual Int_t HandleDataSets(TMessage *mess, TString *slb = 0);
222  virtual void HandleSubmerger(TMessage *mess);
223  virtual void HandleFork(TMessage *mess);
224  virtual Int_t HandleLibIncPath(TMessage *mess);
225  virtual void HandleProcess(TMessage *mess, TString *slb = 0);
226  virtual void HandleQueryList(TMessage *mess);
227  virtual void HandleRemove(TMessage *mess, TString *slb = 0);
228  virtual void HandleRetrieve(TMessage *mess, TString *slb = 0);
229  virtual Int_t HandleWorkerLists(TMessage *mess);
231  virtual void ProcessNext(TString *slb = 0);
232  virtual Int_t Setup();
233  Int_t SetupCommon();
234  virtual void MakePlayer();
235  virtual void DeletePlayer();
237  virtual Int_t Fork();
239  Bool_t IsIdle();
240  Bool_t UnlinkDataDir(const char *path);
242  static TString fgLastMsg; // Message about status before exception
243  static Long64_t fgLastEntry; // Last entry before exception
245 public:
246  TProofServ(Int_t *argc, char **argv, FILE *flog = 0);
247  virtual ~TProofServ();
249  virtual Int_t CreateServer();
251  TProof *GetProof() const { return fProof; }
252  const char *GetService() const { return fService; }
253  const char *GetConfDir() const { return fConfDir; }
254  const char *GetConfFile() const { return fConfFile; }
255  const char *GetUser() const { return fUser; }
256  const char *GetGroup() const { return fGroup; }
257  const char *GetWorkDir() const { return fWorkDir; }
258  const char *GetImage() const { return fImage; }
259  const char *GetSessionTag() const { return fSessionTag; }
260  const char *GetTopSessionTag() const { return fTopSessionTag; }
261  const char *GetSessionDir() const { return fSessionDir; }
262  const char *GetCacheDir() const { return fCacheDir; }
263  TPackMgr *GetPackMgr() const { return fPackMgr; }
264  const char *GetDataDir() const { return fDataDir; }
265  const char *GetDataDirOpts() const { return fDataDirOpts; }
266  Int_t GetProtocol() const { return fProtocol; }
267  const char *GetOrdinal() const { return fOrdinal; }
268  Int_t GetGroupId() const { return fGroupId; }
269  Int_t GetGroupSize() const { return fGroupSize; }
270  Int_t GetLogLevel() const { return fLogLevel; }
271  TSocket *GetSocket() const { return fSocket; }
272  Float_t GetRealTime() const { return fRealTime; }
273  Float_t GetCpuTime() const { return fCpuTime; }
274  Int_t GetQuerySeqNum() const { return fQuerySeqNum; }
276  Int_t GetTotSessions() const { return fTotSessions; }
277  Int_t GetActSessions() const { return fActSessions; }
278  Float_t GetEffSessions() const { return fEffSessions; }
280  void GetOptions(Int_t *argc, char **argv);
281  TList *GetEnabledPackages() const { return fPackMgr->GetListOfEnabled(); }
283  static Long_t GetVirtMemMax();
284  static Long_t GetResMemMax();
285  static Float_t GetMemHWM();
286  static Float_t GetMemStop();
288  Long64_t GetMsgSizeHWM() const { return fMsgSizeHWM; }
290  const char *GetPrefix() const { return fPrefix; }
292  void FlushLogFile();
293  void TruncateLogFile(); // Called also by TDSetProxy::Next()
295  TProofLockPath *GetCacheLock() { return fCacheLock; } //cache dir locker; used by TProofPlayer
297  virtual EQueryAction GetWorkers(TList *workers, Int_t &prioritychange,
298  Bool_t resume = kFALSE);
299  virtual void HandleException(Int_t sig);
300  virtual Int_t HandleSocketInput(TMessage *mess, Bool_t all);
301  virtual void HandleSocketInput();
302  virtual void HandleUrgentData();
303  virtual void HandleSigPipe();
304  virtual void HandleTermination() { Terminate(0); }
305  void Interrupt() { fInterrupt = kTRUE; }
306  Bool_t IsEndMaster() const { return fEndMaster; }
307  Bool_t IsMaster() const { return fMasterServ; }
308  Bool_t IsParallel() const;
309  Bool_t IsTopMaster() const { return fOrdinal == "0"; }
311  void Run(Bool_t retrn = kFALSE);
313  void Print(Option_t *option="") const;
315  void RestartComputeTime();
317  TObject *Get(const char *namecycle);
318  TDSetElement *GetNextPacket(Long64_t totalEntries = -1);
319  virtual void ReleaseWorker(const char *) { }
320  void Reset(const char *dir);
321  Int_t ReceiveFile(const char *file, Bool_t bin, Long64_t size);
322  void SendAsynMessage(const char *msg, Bool_t lf = kTRUE);
323  virtual void SendLogFile(Int_t status = 0, Int_t start = -1, Int_t end = -1);
324  void SendStatistics();
325  void SendParallel(Bool_t async = kFALSE);
327  Int_t UpdateSessionStatus(Int_t xst = -1);
329  // Disable / Enable read timeout
330  virtual void DisableTimeout() { }
331  virtual void EnableTimeout() { }
333  virtual void Terminate(Int_t status);
335  // Log control
336  void LogToMaster(Bool_t on = kTRUE) { fSendLogToMaster = on; }
338  static FILE *SetErrorHandlerFile(FILE *ferr);
339  static void ErrorHandler(Int_t level, Bool_t abort, const char *location,
340  const char *msg);
342  static void ResolveKeywords(TString &fname, const char *path = 0);
344  static void SetLastMsg(const char *lastmsg);
345  static void SetLastEntry(Long64_t lastentry);
347  // To handle local data server related paths
348  static void FilterLocalroot(TString &path, const char *url = "root://dum/");
349  static void GetLocalServer(TString &dsrv);
351  // To prepara ethe map of files to process
353  static Int_t RegisterDataSets(TList *in, TList *out, TDataSetManager *dsm, TString &e);
355  static Bool_t IsActive();
356  static TProofServ *This();
358  ClassDef(TProofServ,0) //PROOF Server Application Interface
359 };
363 class TProofLockPath : public TNamed {
364 private:
365  Int_t fLockId; //file id of dir lock
367 public:
368  TProofLockPath(const char *path) : TNamed(path,path), fLockId(-1) { }
369  ~TProofLockPath() { if (IsLocked()) Unlock(); }
371  Int_t Lock();
372  Int_t Unlock();
374  Bool_t IsLocked() const { return (fLockId > -1); }
375 };
378 private:
379  TProofLockPath *fLocker; //locker instance
381 public:
382  TProofLockPathGuard(TProofLockPath *l) { fLocker = l; if (fLocker) fLocker->Lock(); }
383  ~TProofLockPathGuard() { if (fLocker) fLocker->Unlock(); }
384 };
386 //----- Handles output from commands executed externally via a pipe. ---------//
387 //----- The output is redirected one level up (i.e., to master or client). ---//
388 //______________________________________________________________________________
390 private:
391  TSocket *fSocket; // Socket where to redirect the message
392  FILE *fFile; // File connected with the open pipe
393  TString fPfx; // Prefix to be prepended to messages
395  static TString fgPfx; // Default prefix to be prepended to messages
396  static Int_t fgCmdRtn; // Return code of the command execution (available only
397  // after closing the pipe)
398 public:
399  enum EStatusBits { kFileIsPipe = BIT(23) };
400  TProofServLogHandler(const char *cmd, TSocket *s, const char *pfx = "");
401  TProofServLogHandler(FILE *f, TSocket *s, const char *pfx = "");
402  virtual ~TProofServLogHandler();
404  Bool_t IsValid() { return ((fFile && fSocket) ? kTRUE : kFALSE); }
406  Bool_t Notify();
407  Bool_t ReadNotify() { return Notify(); }
409  static void SetDefaultPrefix(const char *pfx);
410  static Int_t GetCmdRtn();
411 };
413 //--- Guard class: close pipe, deactivatethe related descriptor --------------//
414 //______________________________________________________________________________
417 private:
420 public:
421  TProofServLogHandlerGuard(const char *cmd, TSocket *s,
422  const char *pfx = "", Bool_t on = kTRUE);
424  const char *pfx = "", Bool_t on = kTRUE);
425  virtual ~TProofServLogHandlerGuard();
426 };
428 //--- Special timer to control delayed shutdowns
429 //______________________________________________________________________________
430 class TShutdownTimer : public TTimer {
431 private:
435 public:
436  TShutdownTimer(TProofServ *p, Int_t delay);
438  Bool_t Notify();
439 };
441 //--- Synchronous timer used to reap children processes change of state
442 //______________________________________________________________________________
443 class TReaperTimer : public TTimer {
444 private:
445  TList *fChildren; // List of children (forked) processes
447 public:
448  TReaperTimer(Long_t frequency = 1000) : TTimer(frequency, kTRUE), fChildren(0) { }
449  virtual ~TReaperTimer();
451  void AddPid(Int_t pid);
452  Bool_t Notify();
453 };
455 //--- Special timer to terminate idle sessions
456 //______________________________________________________________________________
457 class TIdleTOTimer : public TTimer {
458 private:
461 public:
462  TIdleTOTimer(TProofServ *p, Int_t delay) : TTimer(delay, kTRUE), fProofServ(p) { }
464  Bool_t Notify();
465 };
466 //______________________________________________________________________________
469 private:
472 public:
473  TIdleTOTimerGuard(TIdleTOTimer *t) : fIdleTOTimer(t) { if (fIdleTOTimer) fIdleTOTimer->Stop(); }
474  virtual ~TIdleTOTimerGuard() { if (fIdleTOTimer) fIdleTOTimer->Start(-1, kTRUE); }
475 };
477 //______________________________________________________________________________
479 {
480  return (fCompressMsg < 0) ? -1 : fCompressMsg % 100;
481 }
483 #endif
virtual void HandleException(Int_t sig)
Exception handler: we do not try to recover here, just exit.
Bool_t fMasterServ
Definition: TProofServ.h:125
Int_t fNcmd
Definition: TProofServ.h:122
Float_t fEffSessions
Definition: TProofServ.h:136
FILE * fLogFile
Definition: TProofServ.h:114
Bool_t fRealTimeLog
Definition: TProofServ.h:150
Bool_t AcceptResults(Int_t connections, TVirtualProofPlayer *mergerPlayer)
Accept and merge results from a set of workers.
Int_t GetLogLevel() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:270
static FILE * SetErrorHandlerFile(FILE *ferr)
Set the file stream where to log (default stderr).
static FILE * fgErrorHandlerFile
Definition: TProofServ.h:182
Int_t CatMotd()
Print message of the day (in the file pointed by the env PROOFMOTD or from fConfDir/etc/proof/motd).
Bool_t IsIdle()
Return the idle status.
The PROOF package manager contains tools to manage packages.
Definition: TPackMgr.h:47
virtual void HandleRemove(TMessage *mess, TString *slb=0)
Handle remove request.
Int_t fActSessions
Definition: TProofServ.h:135
TList * fChildren
Definition: TProofServ.h:445
void GetOptions(Int_t *argc, char **argv)
Get and handle command line options.
TString fConfFile
Definition: TProofServ.h:94
Version of the PROOF worker server for local running.
TStopwatch fCompute
Definition: TProofServ.h:130
void LogToMaster(Bool_t on=kTRUE)
Definition: TProofServ.h:336
long long Long64_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:69
Int_t fGroupSize
Definition: TProofServ.h:120
const char * GetCacheDir() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:262
Bool_t IsWaiting()
Return kTRUE if the session is waiting for the OK to start processing.
virtual EQueryAction GetWorkers(TList *workers, Int_t &prioritychange, Bool_t resume=kFALSE)
Get list of workers to be used from now on.
static Long_t fgResMemMax
Definition: TProofServ.h:174
Int_t SetupCommon()
Common part (between TProofServ and TXProofServ) of the setup phase.
float Float_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:53
TProofLockPath * GetCacheLock()
Definition: TProofServ.h:295
const char Option_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:62
const char * GetTopSessionTag() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:260
Long64_t fHWMBoxSize
Definition: TProofServ.h:170
Long64_t GetMsgSizeHWM() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:288
static void FilterLocalroot(TString &path, const char *url="root://dum/")
If &#39;path&#39; is local and &#39;dsrv&#39; is Xrootd, apply &#39;path.Localroot&#39; settings, if any. ...
TString fSessionTag
Definition: TProofServ.h:97
This class implements a data set to be used for PROOF processing.
Definition: TDSet.h:153
TStopwatch fLatency
Definition: TProofServ.h:129
const char * GetGroup() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:256
virtual Int_t HandleDataSets(TMessage *mess, TString *slb=0)
Handle here requests about datasets.
#define BIT(n)
Definition: Rtypes.h:120
virtual void MakePlayer()
Make player instance.
virtual void HandleProcess(TMessage *mess, TString *slb=0)
Handle processing request.
TVirtualProofPlayer * fPlayer
Definition: TProofServ.h:113
Bool_t UnlinkDataDir(const char *path)
Scan recursively the datadir and unlink it if empty Return kTRUE if it can be unlinked, kFALSE otherwise.
TSocket * GetSocket() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:271
TString fGroup
Definition: TProofServ.h:92
static Long_t GetVirtMemMax()
VirtMemMax getter.
TDataSetManager * fDataSetManager
Definition: TProofServ.h:158
Int_t WaitingQueries()
Return the number of waiting queries.
Int_t UpdateSessionStatus(Int_t xst=-1)
Update the session status in the relevant file.
TProofLockPath * fLocker
Definition: TProofServ.h:379
TString ferr
Definition: pq2main.cxx:38
virtual Int_t HandleLibIncPath(TMessage *mess)
Handle lib, inc search paths modification request.
TList * fQueuedMsg
Definition: TProofServ.h:146
Basic string class.
Definition: TString.h:137
TDataSetManagerFile * fDataSetStgRepo
Definition: TProofServ.h:159
void SetQueryRunning(TProofQueryResult *pq)
Set query in running state.
int Int_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:41
bool Bool_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:59
const Bool_t kFALSE
Definition: Rtypes.h:92
TReaperTimer * fReaperTimer
Definition: TProofServ.h:153
TString fImage
Definition: TProofServ.h:96
Int_t GetProtocol() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:266
TString fService
Definition: TProofServ.h:90
TString fOutputFile
Definition: TProofServ.h:107
Long64_t fMaxBoxSize
Definition: TProofServ.h:169
Bool_t IsTopMaster() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:309
TMonitor * fMergingMonitor
Definition: TProofServ.h:164
const char * GetDataDirOpts() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:265
static void ResolveKeywords(TString &fname, const char *path=0)
Replace <ord>, <user>, <u>, <group>, <stag>, <qnum>, <file>, <rver> and <build> placeholders in fname...
static Float_t GetMemHWM()
MemHWM getter.
TString fPrefix
Definition: TProofServ.h:148
static Int_t fgRecursive
Definition: TProofServ.h:183
static Long_t fgVirtMemMax
Definition: TProofServ.h:173
virtual void HandleCheckFile(TMessage *mess, TString *slb=0)
Handle file checking request.
void SendParallel(Bool_t async=kFALSE)
Send number of parallel nodes to master or client.
Int_t fMaxQueries
Definition: TProofServ.h:168
static TString fgPfx
Definition: TProofServ.h:395
virtual void HandleSocketInput()
Handle input coming from the client or from the master server.
std::recursive_mutex fQMtx
Definition: TProofServ.h:144
virtual void HandleArchive(TMessage *mess, TString *slb=0)
Handle archive request.
TString fArchivePath
Definition: TProofServ.h:110
Manages an element of a TDSet.
Definition: TDSet.h:68
Int_t fGroupId
Definition: TProofServ.h:119
static void SetLastEntry(Long64_t lastentry)
Set the last entry before exception.
TList * GetListOfEnabled() const
Get list of enabled packages Returns a pointer to a TList object, transferring ownership to the calle...
Definition: TPackMgr.cxx:658
static struct mg_connection * fc(struct mg_context *ctx)
Definition: civetweb.c:1956
virtual void HandleTermination()
Definition: TProofServ.h:304
Int_t GetQuerySeqNum() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:274
TSocket * fSocket
Definition: TProofServ.h:111
Int_t GetCompressionLevel() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:478
TIdleTOTimer(TProofServ *p, Int_t delay)
Definition: TProofServ.h:462
#define ClassDef(name, id)
Definition: Rtypes.h:254
virtual void HandleFork(TMessage *mess)
Cloning itself via fork. Not implemented.
THashList implements a hybrid collection class consisting of a hash table and a list to store TObject...
Definition: THashList.h:36
virtual ~TIdleTOTimerGuard()
Definition: TProofServ.h:474
The TNamed class is the base class for all named ROOT classes.
Definition: TNamed.h:33
virtual Bool_t Notify()
This method must be overridden to handle object notification.
Definition: TObject.cxx:551
TIdleTOTimerGuard(TIdleTOTimer *t)
Definition: TProofServ.h:473
virtual void ReleaseWorker(const char *)
Definition: TProofServ.h:319
TDSetElement * GetNextPacket(Long64_t totalEntries=-1)
Get next range of entries to be processed on this server.
virtual void Start(Long_t milliSec=-1, Bool_t singleShot=kFALSE)
Starts the timer with a milliSec timeout.
Definition: TTimer.cxx:211
Long64_t fLogFileMaxSize
Definition: TProofServ.h:116
virtual void HandleUrgentData()
Handle Out-Of-Band data sent by the master or client.
TFileHandler * fInputHandler
Definition: TProofServ.h:138
TIdleTOTimer * fIdleTOTimer
Definition: TProofServ.h:470
static Int_t RegisterDataSets(TList *in, TList *out, TDataSetManager *dsm, TString &e)
Register TFileCollections in &#39;out&#39; as datasets according to the rules in &#39;in&#39;.
Float_t GetRealTime() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:272
Int_t GetActSessions() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:277
TProofQueryResult * NextQuery()
Get the next query from the waiting list.
TString fDataDir
Definition: TProofServ.h:104
void FlushLogFile()
Reposition the read pointer in the log file to the very end.
virtual ~TProofServ()
Int_t UnloadPackages()
TProof * fProof
Definition: TProofServ.h:112
Int_t GetGroupSize() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:269
static Long_t GetResMemMax()
ResMemMax getter.
TString fConfDir
Definition: TProofServ.h:93
TString flog
Definition: pq2main.cxx:37
virtual Int_t HandleCache(TMessage *mess, TString *slb=0)
Handle here all cache and package requests.
TProofServ * fProofServ
Definition: TProofServ.h:432
virtual void HandleQueryList(TMessage *mess)
Handle request for list of queries.
Bool_t fInterrupt
Definition: TProofServ.h:126
A container class for query results.
Definition: TQueryResult.h:44
TString fOrdinal
Definition: TProofServ.h:118
Bool_t ReadNotify()
Notify when something can be read from the descriptor associated with this handler.
Definition: TProofServ.h:407
Float_t GetCpuTime() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:273
TString fAdminPath
Definition: TProofServ.h:106
A doubly linked list.
Definition: TList.h:47
Int_t fGroupPriority
Definition: TProofServ.h:123
This class implements the XProofD version of TProofServ, with respect to which it differs only for th...
Definition: TXProofServ.h:34
const char * GetSessionTag() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:259
Float_t fCpuTime
Definition: TProofServ.h:128
virtual Int_t Fork()
Fork a child.
static TProofServ * This()
Static function returning pointer to global object gProofServ.
static Float_t GetMemStop()
MemStop getter.
void SendAsynMessage(const char *msg, Bool_t lf=kTRUE)
Send an asychronous message to the master / client .
virtual void DisableTimeout()
Definition: TProofServ.h:330
Int_t GetPriority()
Get the processing priority for the group the user belongs too.
Bool_t IsEndMaster() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:306
Int_t fProtocol
Definition: TProofServ.h:117
static Int_t fgLogToSysLog
Definition: TProofServ.h:186
Int_t ReceiveFile(const char *file, Bool_t bin, Long64_t size)
Receive a file, either sent by a client or a master server.
Class managing the query-result area.
Class providing the PROOF server.
Definition: TProofServ.h:80
Int_t fCompressMsg
Definition: TProofServ.h:156
TString fSessionDir
Definition: TProofServ.h:99
static void GetLocalServer(TString &dsrv)
Extract LOCALDATASERVER info in &#39;dsrv&#39;.
const char * GetSessionDir() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:261
TProofLockPath(const char *path)
Definition: TProofServ.h:368
Int_t QueueQuery(TProofQueryResult *pq)
Add a query to the waiting list Returns the number of queries in the list.
static Float_t fgMemHWM
Definition: TProofServ.h:176
TIdleTOTimer * fIdleTOTimer
Definition: TProofServ.h:154
TString fDataDirOpts
Definition: TProofServ.h:105
TProofLockPathGuard(TProofLockPath *l)
Definition: TProofServ.h:382
const char * GetConfDir() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:253
TPackMgr * fPackMgr
Definition: TProofServ.h:100
TLine * l
Definition: textangle.C:4
virtual void HandleSigPipe()
Called when the client is not alive anymore (i.e.
Handles synchronous and a-synchronous timer events.
Definition: TTimer.h:57
TServerSocket * fMergingSocket
Definition: TProofServ.h:163
Int_t GetGroupId() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:268
static Bool_t IsActive()
Static function that returns kTRUE in case we are a PROOF server.
void Interrupt()
Definition: TProofServ.h:305
TString fUser
Definition: TProofServ.h:91
TPackMgr * GetPackMgr() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:263
Bool_t fIdle
Definition: TProofServ.h:143
virtual void ProcessNext(TString *slb=0)
process the next query from the queue of submitted jobs.
TList * GetEnabledPackages() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:281
TString fDataSetDir
Definition: TProofServ.h:103
TShutdownTimer * fShutdownTimer
Definition: TProofServ.h:152
Int_t SendResults(TSocket *sock, TList *outlist=0, TQueryResult *pq=0)
Sends all objects from the given list to the specified socket.
virtual void HandleSubmerger(TMessage *mess)
Handle a message of type kPROOF_SUBMERGER.
const char * GetConfFile() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:254
virtual void HandleRetrieve(TMessage *mess, TString *slb=0)
Handle retrieve request.
virtual Int_t HandleWorkerLists(TMessage *mess)
Handle here all requests to modify worker lists.
long Long_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:50
TObject * Get(const char *namecycle)
Get object with name "name;cycle" (e.g.
Float_t GetEffSessions() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:278
Int_t OldAuthSetup(TString &wconf)
Setup authentication related stuff for old versions.
virtual void SendLogFile(Int_t status=0, Int_t start=-1, Int_t end=-1)
Send log file to master.
double f(double x)
static Int_t fgCmdRtn
Definition: TProofServ.h:396
TString fTopSessionTag
Definition: TProofServ.h:98
const char * GetService() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:252
void Reset(const char *dir)
Reset PROOF environment to be ready for execution of next command.
static Float_t fgMemStop
Definition: TProofServ.h:177
Int_t(* OldProofServAuthSetup_t)(TSocket *, Bool_t, Int_t, TString &, TString &, TString &)
Definition: TProofServ.h:76
Int_t Lock()
Locks the directory.
void Run(Bool_t retrn=kFALSE)
Main server eventloop.
Definition: TObject.h:55
Int_t fLogLevel
Definition: TProofServ.h:121
TMap implements an associative array of (key,value) pairs using a THashTable for efficient retrieval ...
Definition: TMap.h:44
Int_t fMergedWorkers
Definition: TProofServ.h:165
This class controls a Parallel ROOT Facility, PROOF, cluster.
Definition: TProof.h:346
int nentries
Definition: THbookFile.cxx:89
you should not use this method at all Int_t Int_t Double_t Double_t Double_t e
Definition: TRolke.cxx:630
Float_t fRealTime
Definition: TProofServ.h:127
TStopwatch fSaveOutput
Definition: TProofServ.h:131
Int_t Unlock()
Unlock the directory.
void SetIdle(Bool_t st=kTRUE)
Change the idle status.
Bool_t fEndMaster
Definition: TProofServ.h:124
TQueryResult version adapted to PROOF neeeds.
static TMap * GetDataSetNodeMap(TFileCollection *fc, TString &emsg)
Get a map {server-name, list-of-files} for collection &#39;fc&#39; to be used in TPacketizerFile.
static TString fgSysLogEntity
Definition: TProofServ.h:188
Mother of all ROOT objects.
Definition: TObject.h:37
void TruncateLogFile()
Truncate the log file to the 80% of the required max size if this is set.
#define R__EXTERN
Definition: DllImport.h:27
const char * GetImage() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:258
R__EXTERN TProofServ * gProofServ
Definition: TProofServ.h:361
virtual Int_t CreateServer()
Finalize the server setup.
Definition: TProofServ.cxx:795
Int_t UnloadPackage(const char *package)
Int_t GetSessionStatus()
Return the status of this session: 0 idle 1 running 2 being terminated (currently unused) 3 queued 4 ...
Class that contains a list of TFileInfo&#39;s and accumulated meta data information about its entries...
Definition: file.py:1
const char * GetWorkDir() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:257
TProofQueryResult * MakeQueryResult(Long64_t nentries, const char *opt, TList *inl, Long64_t first, TDSet *dset, const char *selec, TObject *elist)
Create a TProofQueryResult instance for this query.
static TString fgLastMsg
Definition: TProofServ.h:242
virtual Int_t Setup()
Print the ProofServ logo on standard output.
TString fWorkDir
Definition: TProofServ.h:95
TProof * GetProof() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:251
TProofServ * fProofServ
Definition: TProofServ.h:459
virtual void DeletePlayer()
Delete player instance.
void RedirectOutput(const char *dir=0, const char *mode="w")
Redirect stdout to a log file.
virtual void Stop()
Definition: TTimer.h:99
static void SetLastMsg(const char *lastmsg)
Set the message to be sent back in case of exceptions.
This class creates the ROOT Application Environment that interfaces to the windowing system eventloop...
Definition: TApplication.h:45
TReaperTimer(Long_t frequency=1000)
Definition: TProofServ.h:448
void RestartComputeTime()
Reset the compute time.
Abstract interface for the PROOF player.
Long64_t fMsgSizeHWM
Definition: TProofServ.h:180
Definition: first.py:1
virtual void Terminate(Int_t status)
Terminate the proof server.
TList * fWaitingQueries
Definition: TProofServ.h:142
TString fCacheDir
Definition: TProofServ.h:101
Int_t GetTotSessions() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:276
TString fQueryDir
Definition: TProofServ.h:102
Int_t fTotSessions
Definition: TProofServ.h:134
void Print(Option_t *option="") const
Print status of slave server.
void SendStatistics()
Send statistics of slave server to master or client.
const char * GetDataDir() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:264
const char * GetUser() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:255
static void ErrorHandler(Int_t level, Bool_t abort, const char *location, const char *msg)
The PROOF error handler function.
const Bool_t kTRUE
Definition: Rtypes.h:91
Bool_t IsParallel() const
True if in parallel mode.
virtual void EnableTimeout()
Definition: TProofServ.h:331
Int_t CleanupWaitingQueries(Bool_t del=kTRUE, TList *qls=0)
Cleanup the waiting queries list.
Int_t fQuerySeqNum
Definition: TProofServ.h:132
static TString fgSysLogService
Definition: TProofServ.h:187
const char * GetOrdinal() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:267
Int_t fLogFileDes
Definition: TProofServ.h:115
Bool_t IsMaster() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:307
TProofServ(Int_t *argc, char **argv, FILE *flog=0)
Main constructor.
Definition: TProofServ.cxx:565
TProofServLogHandler * fExecHandler
Definition: TProofServ.h:418
TProofLockPath * fCacheLock
Definition: TProofServ.h:108
Bool_t IsLocked() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:374
TQueryResultManager * fQMgr
Definition: TProofServ.h:140
const char * GetPrefix() const
Definition: TProofServ.h:290
Bool_t fSendLogToMaster
Definition: TProofServ.h:161
TProofLockPath * fQueryLock
Definition: TProofServ.h:109
static Long64_t fgLastEntry
Definition: TProofServ.h:243
Stopwatch class.
Definition: TStopwatch.h:30