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RooAbsCachedPdf::AnaIntConfig Class Reference

Registry for analytical integration codes.

Definition at line 120 of file RooAbsCachedPdf.h.

Public Attributes

RooArgSet _allVars
RooArgSet _anaVars
const RooArgSet_nset
Bool_t _unitNorm

#include <RooAbsCachedPdf.h>

Member Data Documentation

◆ _allVars

RooArgSet RooAbsCachedPdf::AnaIntConfig::_allVars

Definition at line 122 of file RooAbsCachedPdf.h.

◆ _anaVars

RooArgSet RooAbsCachedPdf::AnaIntConfig::_anaVars

Definition at line 123 of file RooAbsCachedPdf.h.

◆ _nset

const RooArgSet* RooAbsCachedPdf::AnaIntConfig::_nset

Definition at line 124 of file RooAbsCachedPdf.h.

◆ _unitNorm

Bool_t RooAbsCachedPdf::AnaIntConfig::_unitNorm

Definition at line 125 of file RooAbsCachedPdf.h.

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