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TGeoToOCC Class Reference

Definition at line 34 of file TGeoToOCC.h.

Public Member Functions

 TGeoToOCC ()
virtual ~TGeoToOCC ()
TopoDS_Shape OCC_CompositeShape (TGeoCompositeShape *cs, TGeoHMatrix matrix)
TopoDS_Shape OCC_SimpleShape (TGeoShape *TG_Shape)
TopoDS_Shape Reverse (TopoDS_Shape Shape)

Private Member Functions

TopoDS_Shape Gtra_Arb8Creation (Double_t *vertex, Int_t *faces, Int_t fNumber)
TopoDS_Shape OCC_Arb8 (Double_t dz, Double_t *ivert, Double_t *points)
TopoDS_Shape OCC_Box (Double_t dx, Double_t dy, Double_t dz, Double_t OX, Double_t OY, Double_t OZ)
TopoDS_Shape OCC_Cones (Double_t rmin1, Double_t rmax1, Double_t rmin2, Double_t rmax2, Double_t dz, Double_t phi1, Double_t phi2)
TopoDS_Shape OCC_Cuttub (Double_t rmin, Double_t rmax, Double_t dz, Double_t phi1, Double_t Dphi, const Double_t *Nlow, const Double_t *Nhigh)
TopoDS_Shape OCC_EllTube (Double_t Dx, Double_t Dy, Double_t Dz)
TopoDS_Shape OCC_Hype (Double_t rmin, Double_t rmax, Double_t stin, Double_t stout, Double_t dz)
TopoDS_Shape OCC_ParaTrap (Double_t *vertex)
TopoDS_Shape OCC_Pcon (Double_t startPhi, Double_t deltaPhi, Int_t zNum, Double_t *rMin, Double_t *rMax, Double_t *z)
TopoDS_Shape OCC_Pgon (Int_t np, Int_t nz, Double_t *p, Double_t phi1, Double_t DPhi, Int_t numpoint)
TopoDS_Shape OCC_Sphere (Double_t rmin, Double_t rmax, Double_t phi1, Double_t Dphi, Double_t theta1, Double_t Dtheta)
TopoDS_Shape OCC_Torus (Double_t Rmin, Double_t Rmax, Double_t Rtor, Double_t SPhi, Double_t DPhi)
TopoDS_Shape OCC_Trd (Double_t dx1, Double_t dx2, Double_t dy1, Double_t dy2, Double_t dz)
TopoDS_Shape OCC_Tube (Double_t rmin, Double_t rmax, Double_t dz, Double_t phi1, Double_t phi2)
TopoDS_Shape OCC_Xtru (TGeoXtru *TG_Xtru)
void OCCDocCreation ()
TopoDS_Wire Polygon (Double_t *x, Double_t *y, Double_t z, Int_t num)

Private Attributes

TopoDS_Shape fOccShape
ofstream out

#include <TGeoToOCC.h>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TGeoToOCC()

TGeoToOCC::TGeoToOCC ( )

Definition at line 119 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ ~TGeoToOCC()

TGeoToOCC::~TGeoToOCC ( )

Definition at line 124 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Gtra_Arb8Creation()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::Gtra_Arb8Creation ( Double_t vertex,
Int_t faces,
Int_t  fNumber 

◆ OCC_Arb8()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::OCC_Arb8 ( Double_t  dz,
Double_t ivert,
Double_t points 

Definition at line 705 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ OCC_Box()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::OCC_Box ( Double_t  dx,
Double_t  dy,
Double_t  dz,
Double_t  OX,
Double_t  OY,
Double_t  OZ 

Definition at line 836 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ OCC_CompositeShape()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::OCC_CompositeShape ( TGeoCompositeShape cs,
TGeoHMatrix  matrix 

Definition at line 225 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ OCC_Cones()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::OCC_Cones ( Double_t  rmin1,
Double_t  rmax1,
Double_t  rmin2,
Double_t  rmax2,
Double_t  dz,
Double_t  phi1,
Double_t  phi2 

Definition at line 460 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ OCC_Cuttub()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::OCC_Cuttub ( Double_t  rmin,
Double_t  rmax,
Double_t  dz,
Double_t  phi1,
Double_t  Dphi,
const Double_t Nlow,
const Double_t Nhigh 

Definition at line 491 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ OCC_EllTube()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::OCC_EllTube ( Double_t  Dx,
Double_t  Dy,
Double_t  Dz 

Definition at line 322 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ OCC_Hype()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::OCC_Hype ( Double_t  rmin,
Double_t  rmax,
Double_t  stin,
Double_t  stout,
Double_t  dz 

Definition at line 613 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ OCC_ParaTrap()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::OCC_ParaTrap ( Double_t vertex)

Definition at line 670 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ OCC_Pcon()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::OCC_Pcon ( Double_t  startPhi,
Double_t  deltaPhi,
Int_t  zNum,
Double_t rMin,
Double_t rMax,
Double_t z 

Definition at line 901 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ OCC_Pgon()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::OCC_Pgon ( Int_t  np,
Int_t  nz,
Double_t p,
Double_t  phi1,
Double_t  DPhi,
Int_t  numpoint 

Definition at line 940 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ OCC_SimpleShape()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::OCC_SimpleShape ( TGeoShape TG_Shape)

Definition at line 129 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ OCC_Sphere()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::OCC_Sphere ( Double_t  rmin,
Double_t  rmax,
Double_t  phi1,
Double_t  Dphi,
Double_t  theta1,
Double_t  Dtheta 

Definition at line 374 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ OCC_Torus()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::OCC_Torus ( Double_t  Rmin,
Double_t  Rmax,
Double_t  Rtor,
Double_t  SPhi,
Double_t  DPhi 

Definition at line 347 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ OCC_Trd()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::OCC_Trd ( Double_t  dx1,
Double_t  dx2,
Double_t  dy1,
Double_t  dy2,
Double_t  dz 

Definition at line 846 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ OCC_Tube()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::OCC_Tube ( Double_t  rmin,
Double_t  rmax,
Double_t  dz,
Double_t  phi1,
Double_t  phi2 

Definition at line 422 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ OCC_Xtru()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::OCC_Xtru ( TGeoXtru TG_Xtru)

Definition at line 588 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ OCCDocCreation()

void TGeoToOCC::OCCDocCreation ( )

◆ Polygon()

TopoDS_Wire TGeoToOCC::Polygon ( Double_t x,
Double_t y,
Double_t  z,
Int_t  num 

Definition at line 886 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

◆ Reverse()

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::Reverse ( TopoDS_Shape  Shape)

Definition at line 1038 of file TGeoToOCC.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fOccShape

TopoDS_Shape TGeoToOCC::fOccShape

Definition at line 55 of file TGeoToOCC.h.

◆ out

ofstream TGeoToOCC::out

Definition at line 54 of file TGeoToOCC.h.

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