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SetWindowAttributes_t Struct Reference

Definition at line 92 of file GuiTypes.h.

Public Attributes

ULong_t fBackgroundPixel
Pixmap_t fBackgroundPixmap
ULong_t fBackingPixel
ULong_t fBackingPlanes
Int_t fBackingStore
Int_t fBitGravity
ULong_t fBorderPixel
Pixmap_t fBorderPixmap
UInt_t fBorderWidth
Colormap_t fColormap
Cursor_t fCursor
Long_t fDoNotPropagateMask
Long_t fEventMask
Mask_t fMask
Bool_t fOverrideRedirect
Bool_t fSaveUnder
Int_t fWinGravity

#include <GuiTypes.h>

Member Data Documentation

◆ fBackgroundPixel

ULong_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fBackgroundPixel

Definition at line 94 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fBackgroundPixmap

Pixmap_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fBackgroundPixmap

Definition at line 93 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fBackingPixel

ULong_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fBackingPixel

Definition at line 102 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fBackingPlanes

ULong_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fBackingPlanes

Definition at line 101 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fBackingStore

Int_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fBackingStore

Definition at line 100 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fBitGravity

Int_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fBitGravity

Definition at line 98 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fBorderPixel

ULong_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fBorderPixel

Definition at line 96 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fBorderPixmap

Pixmap_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fBorderPixmap

Definition at line 95 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fBorderWidth

UInt_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fBorderWidth

Definition at line 97 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fColormap

Colormap_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fColormap

Definition at line 107 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fCursor

Cursor_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fCursor

Definition at line 108 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fDoNotPropagateMask

Long_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fDoNotPropagateMask

Definition at line 105 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fEventMask

Long_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fEventMask

Definition at line 104 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fMask

Mask_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fMask

Definition at line 109 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fOverrideRedirect

Bool_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fOverrideRedirect

Definition at line 106 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fSaveUnder

Bool_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fSaveUnder

Definition at line 103 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fWinGravity

Int_t SetWindowAttributes_t::fWinGravity

Definition at line 99 of file GuiTypes.h.

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