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WindowAttributes_t Struct Reference

Definition at line 113 of file GuiTypes.h.

Public Attributes

Long_t fAllEventMasks
ULong_t fBackingPixel
ULong_t fBackingPlanes
Int_t fBackingStore
Int_t fBitGravity
Int_t fBorderWidth
Int_t fClass
Colormap_t fColormap
Int_t fDepth
Long_t fDoNotPropagateMask
Int_t fHeight
Bool_t fMapInstalled
Int_t fMapState
Bool_t fOverrideRedirect
Window_t fRoot
Bool_t fSaveUnder
Int_t fWidth
Int_t fWinGravity
Int_t fX
Int_t fY
Long_t fYourEventMask

#include <GuiTypes.h>

Member Data Documentation

◆ fAllEventMasks

Long_t WindowAttributes_t::fAllEventMasks

Definition at line 130 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fBackingPixel

ULong_t WindowAttributes_t::fBackingPixel

Definition at line 125 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fBackingPlanes

ULong_t WindowAttributes_t::fBackingPlanes

Definition at line 124 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fBackingStore

Int_t WindowAttributes_t::fBackingStore

Definition at line 123 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fBitGravity

Int_t WindowAttributes_t::fBitGravity

Definition at line 121 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fBorderWidth

Int_t WindowAttributes_t::fBorderWidth

Definition at line 116 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fClass

Int_t WindowAttributes_t::fClass

Definition at line 120 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fColormap

Colormap_t WindowAttributes_t::fColormap

Definition at line 127 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fDepth

Int_t WindowAttributes_t::fDepth

Definition at line 117 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fDoNotPropagateMask

Long_t WindowAttributes_t::fDoNotPropagateMask

Definition at line 132 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fHeight

Int_t WindowAttributes_t::fHeight

Definition at line 115 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fMapInstalled

Bool_t WindowAttributes_t::fMapInstalled

Definition at line 128 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fMapState

Int_t WindowAttributes_t::fMapState

Definition at line 129 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fOverrideRedirect

Bool_t WindowAttributes_t::fOverrideRedirect

Definition at line 133 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fRoot

Window_t WindowAttributes_t::fRoot

Definition at line 119 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fSaveUnder

Bool_t WindowAttributes_t::fSaveUnder

Definition at line 126 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fScreen

void* WindowAttributes_t::fScreen

Definition at line 134 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fVisual

void* WindowAttributes_t::fVisual

Definition at line 118 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fWidth

Int_t WindowAttributes_t::fWidth

Definition at line 115 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fWinGravity

Int_t WindowAttributes_t::fWinGravity

Definition at line 122 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fX

Int_t WindowAttributes_t::fX

Definition at line 114 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fY

Int_t WindowAttributes_t::fY

Definition at line 114 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fYourEventMask

Long_t WindowAttributes_t::fYourEventMask

Definition at line 131 of file GuiTypes.h.

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