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 Core ROOT classesThe Core classes of ROOT
 Base ROOT classesThe Base classes of ROOT
 ContainersThe containers and generators the ROOT framework offers
 GeometryThe Geometry related packages
 GDML toolsGDML tools for geometry classes
 CAD convertersClasses to convert geometries to CAD systems
 Geometry classesThe Geometry related classes
 Geometry builderThe Geometry builder related classes
 Geometry painterThe Geometry painter, checker, overlap and track related classes
 GraphicsThe graphics related classes
 Graphics' BackendsGraphics' Backends interface classes
 2D GraphicsThe 2D graphics related classes
 Graphics attributesThe graphics attributes related classes
 3D GraphicsThe 3D graphics related classes
 TPad coordinate systemsThese define typesafe coordinates used by TPad to identify which coordinate system a coordinate is referring to
 Histogram LibraryA general description of the Histogram library is documented in the class TH1
 Histograms and graphs painting classes.
 Advanced spectra processing classes.
 TSpectrum painting class.
 TUnfold classes
 Input/Output LibraryThe library collecting the ROOT classes dedicated to data input and output
 MathThe ROOT Mathematical Libraries
 GenVectorGeneric 2D, 3D and 4D vectors classes and their transformations (rotations)
 MathCoreThe Core Mathematical Library of ROOT. See the MathCore description page
 MathMoreThe Mathematical library providing some advanced functionality and based on GSL. See the MathMore Library page
 Matrix Linear AlgebraThe ROOT Matrix Linear Algebra classes
 TMinuitThe Minuit Minimization package
 Minuit2 Minimization LibraryNew Object-oriented implementation of the MINUIT minimization package
 Physics VectorsThe Physics Vectors classes
 SMatrixSMatrix Package for high performance vector and matrix computations
 Monte CarloThe Monte Carlo related packages
 EGParticle Data Group interface
 Pythia6The Pythia6 interface
 Pythia8The Pythia8 interface
 VMCVirtual Monte Carlo
 PROOFClasses defining the Parallel ROOT Facility, PROOF, a framework for parallel analysis of ROOT TTrees
 PROOF kernel LibrariesThe PROOF kernel libraries (libProof, libProofPlayer, libProofDraw) contain the classes defining the kernel of the PROOF facility, i.e
 PROOF benchmark utilitiesSet of utilities to benchmark a PROOF facility
 XProofD client LibraryThe XProofD client library, libProofx, contain the classes providing the client to interact with the XRootD-based xproofd daemon
 TMVAThe Multi Variate Analysis package
 RooFitRooFit toolkit classes
 RooFitCoreCore RooFit classes
 RooStatsRooStats toolkit classes
 Tree LibraryTo store large quantities of same-class objects, ROOT provides the TTree and TNtuple classes
 DataFrameROOT's TDataFrame allows to analyse data stored in TTrees with a high level interface
 TutorialsA collection of macros illustrating many aspect of ROOT
 Tutorials specific to Mac/CocoaVarious examples showing graphics done with the Mac graphics system Cocoa. These examples run only on Mac/Os
 Containers tutorialsExamples showing the "containers' classes" usage.
 Data Frame tutorialsThese examples show the functionalities of the TDataFrame class
 Event display tutorialsExamples showing the "Event display classes" usage.
 Fast Fourier Transforms tutorialsExample showing the Fast Fourier Transforms interface in ROOT
 Fit TutorialsThese tutorials illustrate the main fitting features. Their names are related to the aspect which is treated in the code
 FITS files interface tutorialsExamples showing the FITS file interface
 FOAM tutorialsExamples showing how to use FOAM
 Geometry tutorialsVarious ROOT geometry package examples
 OpenGL tutorialsVarious examples showing the OpenGL graphics in ROOT
 Graphics tutorialsVarious examples showing the basic ROOT graphics
 Graphs tutorialsExamples showing the "graphs classes" usage.
 GUI tutorialsExample code which illustrates how to use the ROOT GUI
 Histograms tutorialsExamples showing the "histograms' classes" usage.
 HTTP tutorialsExamples showing the HTTP interface
 Image tutorialsExamples showing the TImage class usage
 IO tutorialsThese tutorials illustrate some of the capabilities of the ROOT IO subsystem
 Math tutorialsExamples showing the Math classes
 Matrix tutorialsExamples showing how to use TMatrix
 Monte Carlo tutorialsMonte Carlo examples
 TMemStat tutorialsExamples showing the TMemStat class
 Multi Layer Perceptron tutorialsExamples showing the Multi Layer Perceptron classes
 Multicore tutorialsThese examples aim to illustrate the multicore features of ROOT, such as thread awareness and safety, multithreading and multiprocessing
 Net tutorialsExamples showing the net classes
 Physics tutorialsPhysics examples
 Proof tutorialsThese examples aim to illustrate the usage of PROOF
 PyRoot tutorialsExamples showing how to write python script for Root
 Pythia tutorialsExamples showing the pythia usage
 Quadratic programming package.Example showing the use of the quadratic programming package quadp
 R tutorialsExamples showing the R interface
 RooFit TutorialsThese tutorials illustrate the main features of RooFit. Their names are related to the aspect which is treated in the code
 RooStats TutorialsThese tutorials illustrate the main features of RooStats
 Spectrum tutorialsExamples showing the TSpectrum and TSpectrumPainter usage
 TSPlot tutorialsThis tutorial illustrates the use of class TSPlot
 SQL tutorialsExamples showing the SQL classes
 Thread tutorialsThread examples
 TMVA tutorialsExample code which illustrates how to use the TMVA toolkit
 Tree tutorialsExample code which illustrates how to use ROOT trees and ntuples
 TUnfold tutorialsTest programs for the classes TUnfold and related
 Unuran tutorialsExamples showing unuran capabilities
 ROOT 7 tutorialsVarious examples showing the ROOT 7 interface
 XML tutorialsXML examples
 R Interface for Statistical Computing