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TCustomPyTypes.cxx File Reference
#include "PyROOT.h"
#include "TCustomPyTypes.h"
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#define PyMethod_MAXFREELIST   256


static PyObjectPyROOT::im_call (PyObject *meth, PyObject *args, PyObject *kw)
 The mapping from a method to a function involves reshuffling of self back into the list of arguments. More...
static void PyROOT::im_dealloc (PyMethodObject *im)
 from instancemethod, but with custom type (at issue is that instancemethod is not meant to be derived from) More...
static PyObjectPyROOT::im_descr_get (PyObject *meth, PyObject *obj, PyObject *pyclass)
 from instancemethod: don't rebind an already bound method, or an unbound method of a class that's not a base class of pyclass More...
PyObjectPyROOT::TCustomInstanceMethod_New (PyObject *func, PyObject *self, PyObject *pyclass)


static PyMethodObject * PyROOT::free_list
static int PyROOT::numfree = 0
PyTypeObject PyROOT::TCustomFloat_Type
 Custom builtins, detectable by type, for pass by ref. More...
PyTypeObject PyROOT::TCustomInstanceMethod_Type
PyTypeObject PyROOT::TCustomInt_Type

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#define PyMethod_MAXFREELIST   256

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