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TGLPlotPainter.h File Reference
#include <vector>
#include "TVirtualGL.h"
#include "TGLPlotBox.h"
#include "TPoint.h"
#include "TGLUtil.h"
#include "TNamed.h"
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class  Rgl::PlotTranslation
class  TGLBoxCut
 Used by plot-painters to determine the area of the plot that is cut away. More...
class  TGLPlotCoordinates
 Helper class for plot-painters holding information about axis ranges, numbers of bins and flags if certain axis is logarithmic. More...
class  TGLPlotPainter
 Base class for plot-painters that provide GL rendering of various 2D and 3D histograms, functions and parametric surfaces. More...
class  TGLTH3Slice
 A slice of a TH3. More...




void Rgl::DrawPalette (const TGLPlotCamera *camera, const TGLLevelPalette &palette)
 Draw. Palette. More...
void Rgl::DrawPalette (const TGLPlotCamera *camera, const TGLLevelPalette &palette, const std::vector< Double_t > &levels)
 Draw. Palette. More...
void Rgl::DrawPaletteAxis (const TGLPlotCamera *camera, const Range_t &minMax, Bool_t logZ)


const Double_t Rgl::gH2PolyScaleXY = 1.2