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TGLLevelPalette Class Reference

Definition at line 1337 of file TGLUtil.h.

Public Member Functions

 TGLLevelPalette ()
 Ctor. More...
void DisableTexture () const
 Disable 1D texture. More...
void EnableTexture (Int_t mode) const
 Enable 1D texture. More...
Bool_t GeneratePalette (UInt_t paletteSize, const Rgl::Range_t &zRange, Bool_t checkSize=kTRUE)
 Try to find colors for palette. More...
const UChar_tGetColour (Double_t z) const
 Get color. More...
const UChar_tGetColour (Int_t ind) const
 Get color. More...
Int_t GetPaletteSize () const
 Get. Palette. Size. More...
Double_t GetTexCoord (Double_t z) const
 Get tex coordinate. More...
void SetContours (const std::vector< Double_t > *contours)
 Clear :) More...

Private Member Functions

 TGLLevelPalette (const TGLLevelPalette &)
TGLLevelPaletteoperator= (const TGLLevelPalette &)

Private Attributes

const std::vector< Double_t > * fContours
Int_t fMaxPaletteSize
UInt_t fPaletteSize
std::vector< UChar_tfTexels
UInt_t fTexture
Rgl::Range_t fZRange

#include <TGLUtil.h>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TGLLevelPalette() [1/2]

TGLLevelPalette::TGLLevelPalette ( const TGLLevelPalette )

◆ TGLLevelPalette() [2/2]

TGLLevelPalette::TGLLevelPalette ( )


Definition at line 4117 of file TGLUtil.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ DisableTexture()

void TGLLevelPalette::DisableTexture ( ) const

Disable 1D texture.

Definition at line 4212 of file TGLUtil.cxx.

◆ EnableTexture()

void TGLLevelPalette::EnableTexture ( Int_t  mode) const

Enable 1D texture.

Definition at line 4193 of file TGLUtil.cxx.

◆ GeneratePalette()

Bool_t TGLLevelPalette::GeneratePalette ( UInt_t  paletteSize,
const Rgl::Range_t zRange,
Bool_t  checkSize = kTRUE 

Try to find colors for palette.

Definition at line 4128 of file TGLUtil.cxx.

◆ GetColour() [1/2]

const UChar_t * TGLLevelPalette::GetColour ( Double_t  z) const

Get color.

Definition at line 4258 of file TGLUtil.cxx.

◆ GetColour() [2/2]

const UChar_t * TGLLevelPalette::GetColour ( Int_t  ind) const

Get color.

Definition at line 4275 of file TGLUtil.cxx.

◆ GetPaletteSize()

Int_t TGLLevelPalette::GetPaletteSize ( ) const

Get. Palette. Size.

Definition at line 4221 of file TGLUtil.cxx.

◆ GetTexCoord()

Double_t TGLLevelPalette::GetTexCoord ( Double_t  z) const

Get tex coordinate.

Definition at line 4229 of file TGLUtil.cxx.

◆ operator=()

TGLLevelPalette& TGLLevelPalette::operator= ( const TGLLevelPalette )

◆ SetContours()

void TGLLevelPalette::SetContours ( const std::vector< Double_t > *  contours)

Clear :)

Definition at line 4185 of file TGLUtil.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fContours

const std::vector<Double_t>* TGLLevelPalette::fContours

Definition at line 1340 of file TGLUtil.h.

◆ fMaxPaletteSize

Int_t TGLLevelPalette::fMaxPaletteSize

Definition at line 1343 of file TGLUtil.h.

◆ fPaletteSize

UInt_t TGLLevelPalette::fPaletteSize

Definition at line 1341 of file TGLUtil.h.

◆ fTexels

std::vector<UChar_t> TGLLevelPalette::fTexels

Definition at line 1339 of file TGLUtil.h.

◆ fTexture

UInt_t TGLLevelPalette::fTexture

Definition at line 1342 of file TGLUtil.h.

◆ fZRange

Rgl::Range_t TGLLevelPalette::fZRange

Definition at line 1344 of file TGLUtil.h.

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