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TWinNTSystem.h File Reference
#include "TSystem.h"
#include "Windows4Root.h"
#include <commctrl.h>
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struct  group
struct  passwd
class  TWinNTSystem


#define MAX_NAME_STRING   1024
#define MAX_SID_SIZE   1024
#define SID_GROUP   0
#define SID_MEMBER   1


R__EXTERN ULong_t gConsoleWindow

Macro Definition Documentation


#define MAX_NAME_STRING   1024

Definition at line 42 of file TWinNTSystem.h.


#define MAX_SID_SIZE   1024

Definition at line 40 of file TWinNTSystem.h.


#define SID_GROUP   0

Definition at line 44 of file TWinNTSystem.h.


#define SID_MEMBER   1

Definition at line 45 of file TWinNTSystem.h.

Variable Documentation

◆ gConsoleWindow

R__EXTERN ULong_t gConsoleWindow

Definition at line 265 of file TWinNTSystem.h.