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ROOT::Math::IBaseParam Class Referenceabstract

Documentation for the abstract class IBaseParam.

It defines the interface for dealing with the function parameters This is used only for internal convinience, to avoid redefining the Parameter API for the one and the multi-dim functions. Concrete class should derive from ROOT::Math::IParamFunction and not from this class.

Definition at line 48 of file IParamFunction.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~IBaseParam ()
 Virtual Destructor (no operations) More...
virtual unsigned int NPar () const =0
 Return the number of Parameters. More...
virtual std::string ParameterName (unsigned int i) const
 Return the name of the i-th parameter (starting from zero) Overwrite if want to avoid the default name ("Par_0, Par_1, ...") More...
virtual const double * Parameters () const =0
 Access the parameter values. More...
virtual void SetParameters (const double *p)=0
 Set the parameter values. More...

#include <Math/IParamFunction.h>

Inheritance diagram for ROOT::Math::IBaseParam:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IBaseParam()

virtual ROOT::Math::IBaseParam::~IBaseParam ( )

Virtual Destructor (no operations)

Definition at line 56 of file IParamFunction.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ NPar()

virtual unsigned int ROOT::Math::IBaseParam::NPar ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ ParameterName()

virtual std::string ROOT::Math::IBaseParam::ParameterName ( unsigned int  i) const

Return the name of the i-th parameter (starting from zero) Overwrite if want to avoid the default name ("Par_0, Par_1, ...")

Reimplemented in ROOT::Math::WrappedMultiTF1Templ< T >, ROOT::Math::VavilovAccurateCdf, ROOT::Math::VavilovAccuratePdf, ROOT::Math::VavilovAccurateQuantile, and ROOT::Math::WrappedTF1.

Definition at line 83 of file IParamFunction.h.

◆ Parameters()

virtual const double* ROOT::Math::IBaseParam::Parameters ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ SetParameters()

virtual void ROOT::Math::IBaseParam::SetParameters ( const double *  p)
pure virtual

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