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Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter Class Reference

Definition at line 37 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

Public Member Functions

Double_t GetE () const
 e for kdefgt. More...
void SetE (Double_t e)
 e for kdefgt. More...
void SetGeometry (const TGL5DDataSet *dataSet)
 Set grid's dimensions. More...

Protected Types

typedef Float_t ElementType_t
- Protected Types inherited from Rgl::Mc::TGridGeometry< Float_t >
enum  EVertexPosition

Protected Member Functions

 TKDEAdapter ()
 Constructor. "Half-baked" object. More...
void FetchDensities () const
 Do some initialization and calculate densities. More...
void FreeVectors ()
 Free grid and density vectors. More...
UInt_t GetD () const
 Number of cells along Z. More...
Float_t GetData (UInt_t i, UInt_t j, UInt_t k) const
 Get data at given position. More...
UInt_t GetH () const
 Number of cells along Y. More...
UInt_t GetW () const
 Number of cells along X. More...
void SetDataSource (const TKDEFGT *dataSource)
 Set density estimator as a data source. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Rgl::Mc::TGridGeometry< Float_t >
 TGridGeometry ()
 TGridGeometry (const TAxis *x, const TAxis *y, const TAxis *z, Double_t xs=1., Double_t ys=1., Double_t zs=1., EVertexPosition pos=kBinCenter)

Private Types

typedef std::vector< Double_tvector_t

Private Member Functions

 TKDEAdapter (const TKDEAdapter &rhs)
TKDEAdapteroperator= (const TKDEAdapter &rhs)

Private Attributes

UInt_t fD
vector_t fDensities
Double_t fE
vector_t fGrid
UInt_t fH
UInt_t fSliceSize
UInt_t fW
Double_t fXMin
Double_t fXStep
Double_t fYMin
Double_t fYStep
Double_t fZMin
Double_t fZStep

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Rgl::Mc::TGridGeometry< Float_t >
Float_t fMinX
Float_t fMinY
Float_t fMinZ
Float_t fStepX
Float_t fStepY
Float_t fStepZ
Float_t fXScaleInverted
Float_t fYScaleInverted
Float_t fZScaleInverted

#include <TKDEAdapter.h>

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Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ElementType_t

Definition at line 39 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

◆ vector_t

typedef std::vector<Double_t> Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::vector_t

Definition at line 62 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TKDEAdapter() [1/2]

Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::TKDEAdapter ( )

Constructor. "Half-baked" object.

Definition at line 26 of file TKDEAdapter.cxx.

◆ TKDEAdapter() [2/2]

Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::TKDEAdapter ( const TKDEAdapter rhs)

Member Function Documentation

◆ FetchDensities()

void Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::FetchDensities ( ) const

Do some initialization and calculate densities.

Definition at line 121 of file TKDEAdapter.cxx.

◆ FreeVectors()

void Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::FreeVectors ( )

Free grid and density vectors.

Definition at line 161 of file TKDEAdapter.cxx.

◆ GetD()

UInt_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::GetD ( ) const

Number of cells along Z.

Definition at line 105 of file TKDEAdapter.cxx.

◆ GetData()

Float_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::GetData ( UInt_t  i,
UInt_t  j,
UInt_t  k 
) const

Get data at given position.

Definition at line 152 of file TKDEAdapter.cxx.

◆ GetE()

Double_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::GetE ( ) const

e for kdefgt.

Definition at line 81 of file TKDEAdapter.cxx.

◆ GetH()

UInt_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::GetH ( ) const

Number of cells along Y.

Definition at line 97 of file TKDEAdapter.cxx.

◆ GetW()

UInt_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::GetW ( ) const

Number of cells along X.

Definition at line 89 of file TKDEAdapter.cxx.

◆ operator=()

TKDEAdapter& Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::operator= ( const TKDEAdapter rhs)

◆ SetDataSource()

void Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::SetDataSource ( const TKDEFGT dataSource)

Set density estimator as a data source.

Definition at line 113 of file TKDEAdapter.cxx.

◆ SetE()

void Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::SetE ( Double_t  e)

e for kdefgt.

Definition at line 73 of file TKDEAdapter.cxx.

◆ SetGeometry()

void Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::SetGeometry ( const TGL5DDataSet dataSet)

Set grid's dimensions.

Definition at line 40 of file TKDEAdapter.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fD

UInt_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::fD

Definition at line 69 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

◆ fDE

const TKDEFGT* Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::fDE

Definition at line 77 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

◆ fDensities

vector_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::fDensities

Definition at line 65 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

◆ fE

Double_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::fE

Definition at line 79 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

◆ fGrid

vector_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::fGrid

Definition at line 64 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

◆ fH

UInt_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::fH

Definition at line 68 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

◆ fSliceSize

UInt_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::fSliceSize

Definition at line 70 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

◆ fW

UInt_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::fW

Definition at line 67 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

◆ fXMin

Double_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::fXMin

Definition at line 73 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

◆ fXStep

Double_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::fXStep

Definition at line 73 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

◆ fYMin

Double_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::fYMin

Definition at line 74 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

◆ fYStep

Double_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::fYStep

Definition at line 74 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

◆ fZMin

Double_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::fZMin

Definition at line 75 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

◆ fZStep

Double_t Rgl::Fgt::TKDEAdapter::fZStep

Definition at line 75 of file TKDEAdapter.h.

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