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TMVA::TransformationHandler Class Reference

Class that contains all the data information.

Definition at line 55 of file TransformationHandler.h.


struct  VariableStat

Public Member Functions

 TransformationHandler (DataSetInfo &, const TString &callerName)
 constructor More...
 ~TransformationHandler ()
 destructor More...
void AddStats (Int_t k, UInt_t ivar, Double_t mean, Double_t rms, Double_t min, Double_t max)
VariableTransformBaseAddTransformation (VariableTransformBase *, Int_t cls)
void AddXMLTo (void *parent=0) const
 XML node describing the transformation. More...
void CalcStats (const std::vector< Event *> &events)
 method to calculate minimum, maximum, mean, and RMS for all variables used in the MVA More...
const std::vector< Event * > * CalcTransformations (const std::vector< Event *> &, Bool_t createNewVector=kFALSE)
 computation of transformation More...
const TStringGetCallerName () const
Double_t GetMax (Int_t ivar, Int_t cls=-1) const
Double_t GetMean (Int_t ivar, Int_t cls=-1) const
Double_t GetMin (Int_t ivar, Int_t cls=-1) const
TString GetName () const
 return transformation name More...
const char * GetNameOfLastTransform () const
 returns string for transformation More...
Int_t GetNumOfTransformations () const
Double_t GetRMS (Int_t ivar, Int_t cls=-1) const
TDirectoryGetRootDir () const
const TListGetTransformationList () const
std::vector< TString > * GetTransformationStringsOfLastTransform () const
 returns string for transformation More...
TString GetVariableAxisTitle (const VariableInfo &info) const
 incorporates transformation type into title axis (usually for histograms) More...
const EventInverseTransform (const Event *, Bool_t suppressIfNoTargets=true) const
void MakeFunction (std::ostream &fout, const TString &fncName, Int_t part) const
 create transformation function More...
void PlotVariables (const std::vector< Event *> &events, TDirectory *theDirectory=0)
 create histograms from the input variables More...
void PrintVariableRanking () const
 prints ranking of input variables More...
void ReadFromStream (std::istream &istr)
void ReadFromXML (void *trfsnode)
void SetCallerName (const TString &name)
void SetRootDir (TDirectory *d)
void SetTransformationReferenceClass (Int_t cls)
 overrides the setting for all classes! (this is put in basically for the likelihood-method) be careful with the usage this method More...
const EventTransform (const Event *) const
 the transformation More...
void WriteToStream (std::ostream &o) const
 write transformation to stream More...

Private Member Functions

DataSetData ()
MsgLoggerLog () const
 message logger More...
const TMVA::VariableInfoTarget (UInt_t itgt) const
const TMVA::VariableInfoVariable (UInt_t ivar) const

Private Attributes

TString fCallerName
 if set put input var hists More...
 name of the caller for output More...
Int_t fNumC
std::vector< Ranking * > fRanking
 ranking object More...
TList fTransformations
std::vector< Int_tfTransformationsReferenceClasses
 list of transformations More...
std::vector< std::vector< TMVA::TransformationHandler::VariableStat > > fVariableStats
 reference classes for the transformations More...

#include <TMVA/TransformationHandler.h>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TransformationHandler()

TMVA::TransformationHandler::TransformationHandler ( DataSetInfo dsi,
const TString callerName 


Definition at line 69 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ ~TransformationHandler()

TMVA::TransformationHandler::~TransformationHandler ( )


Definition at line 86 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddStats()

void TMVA::TransformationHandler::AddStats ( Int_t  k,
UInt_t  ivar,
Double_t  mean,
Double_t  rms,
Double_t  min,
Double_t  max 

Definition at line 116 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ AddTransformation()

TMVA::VariableTransformBase * TMVA::TransformationHandler::AddTransformation ( VariableTransformBase trf,
Int_t  cls 

Definition at line 105 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ AddXMLTo()

void TMVA::TransformationHandler::AddXMLTo ( void parent = 0) const

XML node describing the transformation.

Definition at line 853 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ CalcStats()

void TMVA::TransformationHandler::CalcStats ( const std::vector< Event *> &  events)

method to calculate minimum, maximum, mean, and RMS for all variables used in the MVA

Definition at line 248 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ CalcTransformations()

const std::vector< TMVA::Event * > * TMVA::TransformationHandler::CalcTransformations ( const std::vector< Event *> &  events,
Bool_t  createNewVector = kFALSE 

computation of transformation

Definition at line 202 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ Data()

DataSet* TMVA::TransformationHandler::Data ( )

Definition at line 124 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ GetCallerName()

const TString& TMVA::TransformationHandler::GetCallerName ( ) const

Definition at line 106 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ GetMax()

Double_t TMVA::TransformationHandler::GetMax ( Int_t  ivar,
Int_t  cls = -1 
) const

Definition at line 982 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ GetMean()

Double_t TMVA::TransformationHandler::GetMean ( Int_t  ivar,
Int_t  cls = -1 
) const

Definition at line 925 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ GetMin()

Double_t TMVA::TransformationHandler::GetMin ( Int_t  ivar,
Int_t  cls = -1 
) const

Definition at line 963 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ GetName()

TString TMVA::TransformationHandler::GetName ( ) const

return transformation name

Definition at line 416 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ GetNameOfLastTransform()

const char * TMVA::TransformationHandler::GetNameOfLastTransform ( ) const

returns string for transformation

Definition at line 818 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ GetNumOfTransformations()

Int_t TMVA::TransformationHandler::GetNumOfTransformations ( ) const

Definition at line 79 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ GetRMS()

Double_t TMVA::TransformationHandler::GetRMS ( Int_t  ivar,
Int_t  cls = -1 
) const

Definition at line 944 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ GetRootDir()

TDirectory* TMVA::TransformationHandler::GetRootDir ( ) const

Definition at line 109 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ GetTransformationList()

const TList& TMVA::TransformationHandler::GetTransformationList ( ) const

Definition at line 78 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ GetTransformationStringsOfLastTransform()

std::vector< TString > * TMVA::TransformationHandler::GetTransformationStringsOfLastTransform ( ) const

returns string for transformation

Definition at line 808 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ GetVariableAxisTitle()

TString TMVA::TransformationHandler::GetVariableAxisTitle ( const VariableInfo info) const

incorporates transformation type into title axis (usually for histograms)

Definition at line 431 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ InverseTransform()

const TMVA::Event * TMVA::TransformationHandler::InverseTransform ( const Event ev,
Bool_t  suppressIfNoTargets = true 
) const

Definition at line 158 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ Log()

MsgLogger& TMVA::TransformationHandler::Log ( ) const

message logger

Definition at line 137 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ MakeFunction()

void TMVA::TransformationHandler::MakeFunction ( std::ostream &  fout,
const TString fncName,
Int_t  part 
) const

create transformation function

Definition at line 379 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ PlotVariables()

void TMVA::TransformationHandler::PlotVariables ( const std::vector< Event *> &  events,
TDirectory theDirectory = 0 

create histograms from the input variables

  • histograms for all input variables
  • scatter plots for all pairs of input variables

Definition at line 450 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ PrintVariableRanking()

void TMVA::TransformationHandler::PrintVariableRanking ( ) const

prints ranking of input variables

Definition at line 915 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ ReadFromStream()

void TMVA::TransformationHandler::ReadFromStream ( std::istream &  istr)

Definition at line 864 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ ReadFromXML()

void TMVA::TransformationHandler::ReadFromXML ( void trfsnode)

Definition at line 872 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ SetCallerName()

void TMVA::TransformationHandler::SetCallerName ( const TString name)

Definition at line 97 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ SetRootDir()

void TMVA::TransformationHandler::SetRootDir ( TDirectory d)

Definition at line 110 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ SetTransformationReferenceClass()

void TMVA::TransformationHandler::SetTransformationReferenceClass ( Int_t  cls)

overrides the setting for all classes! (this is put in basically for the likelihood-method) be careful with the usage this method

Definition at line 133 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ Target()

const TMVA::VariableInfo& TMVA::TransformationHandler::Target ( UInt_t  itgt) const

Definition at line 122 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ Transform()

const TMVA::Event * TMVA::TransformationHandler::Transform ( const Event ev) const

the transformation

Definition at line 143 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

◆ Variable()

const TMVA::VariableInfo& TMVA::TransformationHandler::Variable ( UInt_t  ivar) const

Definition at line 121 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ WriteToStream()

void TMVA::TransformationHandler::WriteToStream ( std::ostream &  o) const

write transformation to stream

Definition at line 828 of file TransformationHandler.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fCallerName

TString TMVA::TransformationHandler::fCallerName

if set put input var hists

Definition at line 135 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ fDataSetInfo

DataSetInfo& TMVA::TransformationHandler::fDataSetInfo

Definition at line 126 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ fLogger

MsgLogger* TMVA::TransformationHandler::fLogger

name of the caller for output

Definition at line 136 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ fNumC

Int_t TMVA::TransformationHandler::fNumC

Definition at line 131 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ fRanking

std::vector<Ranking*> TMVA::TransformationHandler::fRanking

Definition at line 133 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ fRootBaseDir

TDirectory* TMVA::TransformationHandler::fRootBaseDir

ranking object

Definition at line 134 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ fTransformations

TList TMVA::TransformationHandler::fTransformations

Definition at line 127 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ fTransformationsReferenceClasses

std::vector< Int_t > TMVA::TransformationHandler::fTransformationsReferenceClasses

list of transformations

Definition at line 128 of file TransformationHandler.h.

◆ fVariableStats

std::vector<std::vector<TMVA::TransformationHandler::VariableStat> > TMVA::TransformationHandler::fVariableStats

reference classes for the transformations

Definition at line 129 of file TransformationHandler.h.

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