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ROOT::Experimental::TPadBase::BoundKindAndValue Struct Reference

Simple struct representing an axis bound.

Definition at line 150 of file TPad.hxx.

Public Attributes

double fBound = 0.
TPadUserAxisBase::EAxisBoundsKind fKind = TPadUserAxisBase::kAxisBoundsAuto

#include <ROOT/TPad.hxx>

Member Data Documentation

◆ fBound

double ROOT::Experimental::TPadBase::BoundKindAndValue::fBound = 0.

Definition at line 152 of file TPad.hxx.

◆ fKind

TPadUserAxisBase::EAxisBoundsKind ROOT::Experimental::TPadBase::BoundKindAndValue::fKind = TPadUserAxisBase::kAxisBoundsAuto

Definition at line 151 of file TPad.hxx.

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