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TGeoStateInfo Class Reference

Statefull info for the current geometry level.

Definition at line 21 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

Public Member Functions

 TGeoStateInfo (Int_t maxdaughters=0)
 Constructor. More...
 TGeoStateInfo (const TGeoStateInfo &other)
 Copy constructor. More...
virtual ~TGeoStateInfo ()
 Destructor. More...
TGeoStateInfooperator= (const TGeoStateInfo &other)
 Assignment. More...

Public Attributes

Int_t fAsmCurrent
Int_t fAsmNext
Int_t fBoolSelected
TGeoCombiTrans fDivCombi
Int_t fDivCurrent
Int_t fDivNext
TGeoRotation fDivRot
TGeoTranslation fDivTrans
Int_t fVoxCurrent
Int_t fVoxInc [3]
Double_t fVoxInvdir [3]
Double_t fVoxLimits [3]
Int_t fVoxNcandidates
Int_t fVoxSlices [3]
Int_t fXtruIz
Int_t fXtruSeg

#include <TGeoStateInfo.h>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TGeoStateInfo() [1/2]

TGeoStateInfo::TGeoStateInfo ( Int_t  maxdaughters = 0)


Definition at line 29 of file TGeoStateInfo.cxx.

◆ TGeoStateInfo() [2/2]

TGeoStateInfo::TGeoStateInfo ( const TGeoStateInfo other)

Copy constructor.

Definition at line 75 of file TGeoStateInfo.cxx.

◆ ~TGeoStateInfo()

TGeoStateInfo::~TGeoStateInfo ( )


Definition at line 64 of file TGeoStateInfo.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

TGeoStateInfo & TGeoStateInfo::operator= ( const TGeoStateInfo other)


Definition at line 110 of file TGeoStateInfo.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fAsmCurrent

Int_t TGeoStateInfo::fAsmCurrent

Definition at line 24 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fAsmNext

Int_t TGeoStateInfo::fAsmNext

Definition at line 25 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fBoolSelected

Int_t TGeoStateInfo::fBoolSelected

Definition at line 42 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fDivCombi

TGeoCombiTrans TGeoStateInfo::fDivCombi

Definition at line 31 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fDivCurrent

Int_t TGeoStateInfo::fDivCurrent

Definition at line 27 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fDivNext

Int_t TGeoStateInfo::fDivNext

Definition at line 28 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fDivRot

TGeoRotation TGeoStateInfo::fDivRot

Definition at line 30 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fDivTrans

TGeoTranslation TGeoStateInfo::fDivTrans

Definition at line 29 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fNode

TGeoNode* TGeoStateInfo::fNode

Definition at line 22 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fVoxBits1

UChar_t* TGeoStateInfo::fVoxBits1

Definition at line 36 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fVoxCheckList

Int_t* TGeoStateInfo::fVoxCheckList

Definition at line 35 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fVoxCurrent

Int_t TGeoStateInfo::fVoxCurrent

Definition at line 34 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fVoxInc

Int_t TGeoStateInfo::fVoxInc[3]

Definition at line 38 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fVoxInvdir

Double_t TGeoStateInfo::fVoxInvdir[3]

Definition at line 39 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fVoxLimits

Double_t TGeoStateInfo::fVoxLimits[3]

Definition at line 40 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fVoxNcandidates

Int_t TGeoStateInfo::fVoxNcandidates

Definition at line 33 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fVoxSlices

Int_t TGeoStateInfo::fVoxSlices[3]

Definition at line 37 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fXtruIz

Int_t TGeoStateInfo::fXtruIz

Definition at line 45 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fXtruPoly

TGeoPolygon* TGeoStateInfo::fXtruPoly

Definition at line 48 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fXtruSeg

Int_t TGeoStateInfo::fXtruSeg

Definition at line 44 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fXtruXc

Double_t* TGeoStateInfo::fXtruXc

Definition at line 46 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

◆ fXtruYc

Double_t* TGeoStateInfo::fXtruYc

Definition at line 47 of file TGeoStateInfo.h.

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