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nlohmann::detail::is_basic_json_nested_type< BasicJsonType, T > Struct Template Reference

template<typename BasicJsonType, typename T>
struct nlohmann::detail::is_basic_json_nested_type< BasicJsonType, T >

Definition at line 421 of file json.hpp.

Static Public Attributes

static auto constexpr value

#include </mnt/build/workspace/root-makedoc-v614/rootspi/rdoc/src/v6-14-00-patches/io/io/res/json.hpp>

Member Data Documentation

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template<typename BasicJsonType , typename T >
auto constexpr nlohmann::detail::is_basic_json_nested_type< BasicJsonType, T >::value
Initial value:
= std::is_same<T, typename BasicJsonType::iterator>::value or
std::is_same<T, typename BasicJsonType::const_iterator>::value or
std::is_same<T, typename BasicJsonType::reverse_iterator>::value or
std::is_same<T, typename BasicJsonType::const_reverse_iterator>::value or
std::is_same<T, typename BasicJsonType::json_pointer>::value

Definition at line 423 of file json.hpp.

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