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1/* @(#)root/base:$Id$ */
4 * Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *
5 * All rights reserved. *
6 * *
7 * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE. *
8 * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS. *
9 *************************************************************************/
11#ifndef ROOT_GuiTypes
12#define ROOT_GuiTypes
15// //
16// GuiTypes //
17// //
18// Types used by the GUI classes. //
19// //
22#include "Rtypes.h"
24// Basic GUI types
25typedef ULong_t Handle_t; //Generic resource handle
26typedef Handle_t Display_t; //Display handle
27typedef Handle_t Visual_t; //Visual handle
28typedef Handle_t Window_t; //Window handle
29typedef Handle_t Pixmap_t; //Pixmap handle
30typedef Handle_t Drawable_t; //Drawable handle
31typedef Handle_t Region_t; //Region handle
32typedef Handle_t Colormap_t; //Colormap handle
33typedef Handle_t Cursor_t; //Cursor handle
34typedef Handle_t FontH_t; //Font handle (as opposed to Font_t which is an index)
35typedef Handle_t KeySym_t; //Key symbol handle
36typedef Handle_t Atom_t; //WM token
37typedef Handle_t GContext_t; //Graphics context handle
38typedef Handle_t FontStruct_t; //Pointer to font structure
39typedef ULong_t Pixel_t; //Pixel value
40typedef UInt_t Mask_t; //Structure mask type
41typedef ULong_t Time_t; //Event time
56// GUI event types. Later merge with EEventType in Button.h and rename to
57// EEventTypes. Also rename in that case kGKeyPress to kKeyPress.
67 kGXclear = 0, // 0
68 kGXand, // src AND dst
69 kGXandReverse, // src AND NOT dst
70 kGXcopy, // src
71 kGXandInverted, // NOT src AND dst
72 kGXnoop, // dst
73 kGXxor, // src XOR dst
74 kGXor, // src OR dst
75 kGXnor, // NOT src AND NOT dst
76 kGXequiv, // NOT src XOR dst
77 kGXinvert, // NOT dst
78 kGXorReverse, // src OR NOT dst
79 kGXcopyInverted, // NOT src
80 kGXorInverted, // NOT src OR dst
81 kGXnand, // NOT src OR NOT dst
82 kGXset // 1
87const Handle_t kNone = 0;
91// Attributes that can be used when creating or changing a window
93 Pixmap_t fBackgroundPixmap; // background or kNone or kParentRelative
94 ULong_t fBackgroundPixel; // background pixel
95 Pixmap_t fBorderPixmap; // border of the window
96 ULong_t fBorderPixel; // border pixel value
97 UInt_t fBorderWidth; // border width in pixels
98 Int_t fBitGravity; // one of bit gravity values
99 Int_t fWinGravity; // one of the window gravity values
100 Int_t fBackingStore; // kNotUseful, kWhenMapped, kAlways
101 ULong_t fBackingPlanes; // planes to be preseved if possible
102 ULong_t fBackingPixel; // value to use in restoring planes
103 Bool_t fSaveUnder; // should bits under be saved (popups)?
104 Long_t fEventMask; // set of events that should be saved
105 Long_t fDoNotPropagateMask; // set of events that should not propagate
106 Bool_t fOverrideRedirect; // boolean value for override-redirect
107 Colormap_t fColormap; // color map to be associated with window
108 Cursor_t fCursor; // cursor to be displayed (or kNone)
109 Mask_t fMask; // bit mask specifying which fields are valid
112// Window attributes that can be inquired
114 Int_t fX, fY; // location of window
115 Int_t fWidth, fHeight; // width and height of window
116 Int_t fBorderWidth; // border width of window
117 Int_t fDepth; // depth of window
118 void *fVisual; // the associated visual structure
119 Window_t fRoot; // root of screen containing window
120 Int_t fClass; // kInputOutput, kInputOnly
121 Int_t fBitGravity; // one of bit gravity values
122 Int_t fWinGravity; // one of the window gravity values
123 Int_t fBackingStore; // kNotUseful, kWhenMapped, kAlways
124 ULong_t fBackingPlanes; // planes to be preserved if possible
125 ULong_t fBackingPixel; // value to be used when restoring planes
126 Bool_t fSaveUnder; // boolean, should bits under be saved?
127 Colormap_t fColormap; // color map to be associated with window
128 Bool_t fMapInstalled; // boolean, is color map currently installed
129 Int_t fMapState; // kIsUnmapped, kIsUnviewable, kIsViewable
130 Long_t fAllEventMasks; // set of events all people have interest in
131 Long_t fYourEventMask; // my event mask
132 Long_t fDoNotPropagateMask; // set of events that should not propagate
133 Bool_t fOverrideRedirect; // boolean value for override-redirect
134 void *fScreen; // back pointer to correct screen
137// Bits telling which SetWindowAttributes_t fields are valid
153const Mask_t kWACursor = BIT(15);
155// Input event masks, used to set SetWindowAttributes_t::fEventMask
156// and to be passed to TVirtualX::SelectInput()
172// Event structure
173struct Event_t {
174 EGEventType fType; // of event (see EGEventType)
175 Window_t fWindow; // window reported event is relative to
176 Time_t fTime; // time event event occured in ms
177 Int_t fX, fY; // pointer x, y coordinates in event window
178 Int_t fXRoot, fYRoot; // coordinates relative to root
179 UInt_t fCode; // key or button code
180 UInt_t fState; // key or button mask
181 UInt_t fWidth, fHeight; // width and height of exposed area
182 Int_t fCount; // if non-zero, at least this many more exposes
183 Bool_t fSendEvent; // true if event came from SendEvent
184 Handle_t fHandle; // general resource handle (used for atoms or windows)
185 Int_t fFormat; // Next fields only used by kClientMessageEvent
186 Long_t fUser[5]; // 5 longs can be used by client message events
187 // NOTE: only [0], [1] and [2] may be used.
188 // [1] and [2] may contain >32 bit quantities
189 // (i.e. pointers on 64 bit machines)
192// Key masks, used as modifiers to GrabButton and GrabKey and
193// in Event_t::fState in various key-, mouse-, and button-related events
197const Mask_t kKeyMod1Mask = BIT(3); // typically the Alt key
198const Mask_t kKeyMod2Mask = BIT(4); // typically mod on numeric keys
211// Button names. Used as arguments to GrabButton and as Event_t::fCode
212// for button events. Maps to the X11 values.
216// Some magic X notify modes used in TGTextEntry widget.
217// Values must match the ones in /usr/include/X11/X.h. Check when porting.
222// Graphics context structure
224 EGraphicsFunction fFunction; // logical operation
225 ULong_t fPlaneMask; // plane mask
226 ULong_t fForeground; // foreground pixel
227 ULong_t fBackground; // background pixel
228 Int_t fLineWidth; // line width
229 Int_t fLineStyle; // kLineSolid, kLineOnOffDash, kLineDoubleDash
230 Int_t fCapStyle; // kCapNotLast, kCapButt,
231 // kCapRound, kCapProjecting
232 Int_t fJoinStyle; // kJoinMiter, kJoinRound, kJoinBevel
233 Int_t fFillStyle; // kFillSolid, kFillTiled,
234 // kFillStippled, kFillOpaeueStippled
235 Int_t fFillRule; // kEvenOddRule, kWindingRule
236 Int_t fArcMode; // kArcChord, kArcPieSlice
237 Pixmap_t fTile; // tile pixmap for tiling operations
238 Pixmap_t fStipple; // stipple 1 plane pixmap for stipping
239 Int_t fTsXOrigin; // offset for tile or stipple operations
241 FontH_t fFont; // default text font for text operations
242 Int_t fSubwindowMode; // kClipByChildren, kIncludeInferiors
243 Bool_t fGraphicsExposures; // boolean, should exposures be generated
244 Int_t fClipXOrigin; // origin for clipping
246 Pixmap_t fClipMask; // bitmap clipping; other calls for rects
247 Int_t fDashOffset; // patterned/dashed line information
248 Char_t fDashes[8]; // dash pattern list (dash length per byte)
249 Int_t fDashLen; // number of dashes in fDashes
250 Mask_t fMask; // bit mask specifying which fields are valid
252 GCValues_t() : // default constructor
254 fPlaneMask (0),
255 fForeground (0),
256 fBackground (1),
257 fLineWidth (0),
264 fTile (0),
265 fStipple (0),
266 fTsXOrigin (0),
267 fTsYOrigin (0),
268 fFont (0),
271 fClipXOrigin (0),
272 fClipYOrigin (0),
273 fClipMask (0),
274 fDashOffset (0),
275 fDashLen (2),
276 fMask (0)
277 {
278 for (int i = 2; i < 8; i++) fDashes[i] = 0;
279 fDashes[0] = 5; // dashed
280 fDashes[1] = 5;
281 }
284// Bits telling which GCValues_t fields are valid
295const Mask_t kGCTile = BIT(10);
299const Mask_t kGCFont = BIT(14);
310 ULong_t fPixel; // color pixel value (index in color table)
311 UShort_t fRed; // red component (0..65535)
312 UShort_t fGreen; // green component (0..65535)
313 UShort_t fBlue; // blue component (0..65535)
314 UShort_t fMask; // mask telling which color components are valid
317// Bits telling which ColorStruct_t fields are valid
318const Mask_t kDoRed = BIT(0);
319const Mask_t kDoGreen = BIT(1);
320const Mask_t kDoBlue = BIT(2);
323 Colormap_t fColormap; // colormap to use
324 Int_t fDepth; // depth of window
325 UInt_t fWidth; // width of picture
326 UInt_t fHeight; // height of picture
327 UInt_t fXHotspot; // picture x hotspot coordinate
328 UInt_t fYHotspot; // picture y hotspot coordinate
329 ULong_t *fPixels; // list of used color pixels (if set use delete[])
330 UInt_t fNpixels; // number of used color pixels
331 UInt_t fCloseness; // allowable RGB deviation
332 Mask_t fMask; // mask specifying which attributes are defined
335// PictureAttributes_t masks bits
337const Mask_t kPADepth = BIT(1);
338const Mask_t kPASize = BIT(2); // width and height
339const Mask_t kPAHotspot = BIT(3); // x and y hotspot
343// Initial window mapping state
346 kIconicState = BIT(1)
349// Used for drawing line segments (maps to the X11 XSegments structure)
350struct Segment_t {
354// Point structure (maps to the X11 XPoint structure)
355struct Point_t {
359// Rectangle structure (maps to the X11 XRectangle structure)
365// Atoms used for text cut and paste between windows
366const Atom_t kPrimarySelection = 1; // magic values, must match the ones
367const Atom_t kCutBuffer = 9; // in /usr/include/X11/Xatom.h
368const Int_t kMaxPixel = 32000;
const Mask_t kGCCapStyle
Definition: GuiTypes.h:291
const Mask_t kGCArcMode
Definition: GuiTypes.h:307
Definition: GuiTypes.h:58
@ kSelectionClear
Definition: GuiTypes.h:62
@ kColormapNotify
Definition: GuiTypes.h:63
@ kConfigureNotify
Definition: GuiTypes.h:61
@ kGKeyPress
Definition: GuiTypes.h:59
@ kExpose
Definition: GuiTypes.h:61
@ kUnmapNotify
Definition: GuiTypes.h:61
@ kButtonRelease
Definition: GuiTypes.h:59
@ kSelectionNotify
Definition: GuiTypes.h:62
@ kButtonPress
Definition: GuiTypes.h:59
@ kButtonDoubleClick
Definition: GuiTypes.h:63
@ kFocusOut
Definition: GuiTypes.h:60
@ kDestroyNotify
Definition: GuiTypes.h:61
@ kMotionNotify
Definition: GuiTypes.h:60
@ kFocusIn
Definition: GuiTypes.h:60
@ kClientMessage
Definition: GuiTypes.h:62
@ kEnterNotify
Definition: GuiTypes.h:60
@ kSelectionRequest
Definition: GuiTypes.h:62
@ kMapNotify
Definition: GuiTypes.h:61
@ kOtherEvent
Definition: GuiTypes.h:63
@ kKeyRelease
Definition: GuiTypes.h:59
@ kLeaveNotify
Definition: GuiTypes.h:60
const Mask_t kWABorderPixel
Definition: GuiTypes.h:141
const Mask_t kWAOverrideRedirect
Definition: GuiTypes.h:148
const Mask_t kWABitGravity
Definition: GuiTypes.h:143
const Mask_t kGCDashOffset
Definition: GuiTypes.h:305
const Mask_t kGCBackground
Definition: GuiTypes.h:288
const Mask_t kGCForeground
Definition: GuiTypes.h:287
const Mask_t kPAReturnPixels
Definition: GuiTypes.h:340
const Mask_t kGCLineStyle
Definition: GuiTypes.h:290
const Mask_t kWADontPropagate
Definition: GuiTypes.h:151
const Mask_t kKeyMod5Mask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:201
const Mask_t kGCSubwindowMode
Definition: GuiTypes.h:300
const Mask_t kGCLineWidth
Definition: GuiTypes.h:289
Handle_t Cursor_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:33
const Mask_t kKeyMod4Mask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:200
const Mask_t kPADepth
Definition: GuiTypes.h:337
const Mask_t kGCTile
Definition: GuiTypes.h:295
const Mask_t kWAColormap
Definition: GuiTypes.h:152
const Mask_t kButtonMotionMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:163
const Mask_t kKeyMod3Mask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:199
const Mask_t kGCClipXOrigin
Definition: GuiTypes.h:302
const Mask_t kWABackingStore
Definition: GuiTypes.h:145
const Mask_t kFocusChangeMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:168
const Mask_t kKeyLockMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:195
ULong_t Handle_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:25
const Mask_t kButtonPressMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:160
const Mask_t kPACloseness
Definition: GuiTypes.h:341
Handle_t FontH_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:34
const Mask_t kKeyMod1Mask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:197
Definition: GuiTypes.h:218
@ kColormapUninstalled
Definition: GuiTypes.h:219
@ kNotifyGrab
Definition: GuiTypes.h:218
@ kNotifyUngrab
Definition: GuiTypes.h:218
@ kNotifyNormal
Definition: GuiTypes.h:218
@ kColormapInstalled
Definition: GuiTypes.h:220
@ kNotifyPointer
Definition: GuiTypes.h:219
Handle_t Visual_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:27
const Mask_t kGCDashList
Definition: GuiTypes.h:306
const Mask_t kExposureMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:164
const Mask_t kWAEventMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:150
const Mask_t kGCFillStyle
Definition: GuiTypes.h:293
const Mask_t kGCJoinStyle
Definition: GuiTypes.h:292
const Mask_t kKeyReleaseMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:159
const Mask_t kDoRed
Definition: GuiTypes.h:318
const Mask_t kWASaveUnder
Definition: GuiTypes.h:149
const Mask_t kWABackPixel
Definition: GuiTypes.h:139
Handle_t Display_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:26
const Mask_t kWAWinGravity
Definition: GuiTypes.h:144
const Mask_t kGCFunction
Definition: GuiTypes.h:285
const Mask_t kOwnerGrabButtonMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:169
const Mask_t kAnyModifier
Definition: GuiTypes.h:209
Definition: GuiTypes.h:66
@ kGXorReverse
Definition: GuiTypes.h:78
@ kGXnand
Definition: GuiTypes.h:81
@ kGXandReverse
Definition: GuiTypes.h:69
@ kGXor
Definition: GuiTypes.h:74
@ kGXcopy
Definition: GuiTypes.h:70
@ kGXorInverted
Definition: GuiTypes.h:80
@ kGXandInverted
Definition: GuiTypes.h:71
@ kGXequiv
Definition: GuiTypes.h:76
@ kGXset
Definition: GuiTypes.h:82
@ kGXnor
Definition: GuiTypes.h:75
@ kGXnoop
Definition: GuiTypes.h:72
@ kGXinvert
Definition: GuiTypes.h:77
@ kGXxor
Definition: GuiTypes.h:73
@ kGXand
Definition: GuiTypes.h:68
@ kGXclear
Definition: GuiTypes.h:67
@ kGXcopyInverted
Definition: GuiTypes.h:79
Handle_t Pixmap_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:29
const Mask_t kKeyPressMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:158
ULong_t Time_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:41
Definition: GuiTypes.h:344
@ kNormalState
Definition: GuiTypes.h:345
@ kIconicState
Definition: GuiTypes.h:346
const Mask_t kButton1Mask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:202
const Mask_t kGCTileStipXOrigin
Definition: GuiTypes.h:297
const Mask_t kWABackingPixel
Definition: GuiTypes.h:147
Handle_t Drawable_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:30
const Mask_t kColormapChangeMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:170
const Mask_t kGCFont
Definition: GuiTypes.h:299
const Mask_t kPointerMotionMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:162
const Mask_t kNoEventMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:157
Handle_t Colormap_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:32
const Mask_t kKeyShiftMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:194
Handle_t Atom_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:36
const Handle_t kNone
Definition: GuiTypes.h:87
const Mask_t kKeyControlMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:196
const Mask_t kKeyMod2Mask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:198
const Mask_t kButton3Mask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:204
const Handle_t kCopyFromParent
Definition: GuiTypes.h:88
const Mask_t kLeaveWindowMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:167
const Mask_t kStructureNotifyMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:165
Definition: GuiTypes.h:43
@ kEvenOddRule
Definition: GuiTypes.h:51
@ kArcPieSlice
Definition: GuiTypes.h:53
@ kIsViewable
Definition: GuiTypes.h:45
@ kCapNotLast
Definition: GuiTypes.h:48
@ kInputOutput
Definition: GuiTypes.h:46
@ kCapProjecting
Definition: GuiTypes.h:48
@ kWindingRule
Definition: GuiTypes.h:51
@ kWhenMapped
Definition: GuiTypes.h:44
@ kFillOpaqueStippled
Definition: GuiTypes.h:50
@ kClipByChildren
Definition: GuiTypes.h:52
@ kLineDoubleDash
Definition: GuiTypes.h:47
@ kIsUnviewable
Definition: GuiTypes.h:45
@ kNotUseful
Definition: GuiTypes.h:44
@ kCapButt
Definition: GuiTypes.h:48
@ kIsUnmapped
Definition: GuiTypes.h:45
@ kCapRound
Definition: GuiTypes.h:48
@ kAlways
Definition: GuiTypes.h:44
@ kJoinBevel
Definition: GuiTypes.h:49
@ kIncludeInferiors
Definition: GuiTypes.h:52
@ kFillStippled
Definition: GuiTypes.h:50
@ kFillSolid
Definition: GuiTypes.h:50
@ kLineSolid
Definition: GuiTypes.h:47
@ kJoinRound
Definition: GuiTypes.h:49
@ kJoinMiter
Definition: GuiTypes.h:49
@ kLineOnOffDash
Definition: GuiTypes.h:47
@ kArcChord
Definition: GuiTypes.h:53
@ kFillTiled
Definition: GuiTypes.h:50
@ kInputOnly
Definition: GuiTypes.h:46
const Mask_t kButton2Mask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:203
const Mask_t kButton4Mask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:205
const Handle_t kParentRelative
Definition: GuiTypes.h:89
const Mask_t kPAColormap
Definition: GuiTypes.h:336
const Mask_t kGCFillRule
Definition: GuiTypes.h:294
Handle_t GContext_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:37
const Mask_t kGCPlaneMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:286
UInt_t Mask_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:40
const Int_t kMaxPixel
Definition: GuiTypes.h:368
const Mask_t kGCStipple
Definition: GuiTypes.h:296
const Mask_t kButtonReleaseMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:161
const Mask_t kGCGraphicsExposures
Definition: GuiTypes.h:301
const Mask_t kGCClipYOrigin
Definition: GuiTypes.h:303
const Atom_t kPrimarySelection
Definition: GuiTypes.h:366
const Mask_t kButton7Mask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:208
const Mask_t kDoGreen
Definition: GuiTypes.h:319
const Mask_t kWABorderPixmap
Definition: GuiTypes.h:140
@ kDefaultScrollBarWidth
Definition: GuiTypes.h:85
Handle_t KeySym_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:35
const Mask_t kPASize
Definition: GuiTypes.h:338
Handle_t Region_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:31
const Mask_t kEnterWindowMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:166
const Mask_t kGCClipMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:304
Handle_t FontStruct_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:38
const Mask_t kDoBlue
Definition: GuiTypes.h:320
ULong_t Pixel_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:39
const Mask_t kButton6Mask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:207
const Mask_t kPAHotspot
Definition: GuiTypes.h:339
const Mask_t kGCTileStipYOrigin
Definition: GuiTypes.h:298
const Mask_t kWACursor
Definition: GuiTypes.h:153
Definition: GuiTypes.h:213
@ kButton4
Definition: GuiTypes.h:214
@ kButton7
Definition: GuiTypes.h:214
@ kButton2
Definition: GuiTypes.h:213
@ kButton5
Definition: GuiTypes.h:214
@ kButton3
Definition: GuiTypes.h:213
@ kButton1
Definition: GuiTypes.h:213
@ kButton6
Definition: GuiTypes.h:214
@ kAnyButton
Definition: GuiTypes.h:213
Handle_t Window_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:28
const Mask_t kButton5Mask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:206
const Mask_t kWABackPixmap
Definition: GuiTypes.h:138
const Mask_t kWABorderWidth
Definition: GuiTypes.h:142
const Mask_t kWABackingPlanes
Definition: GuiTypes.h:146
const Atom_t kCutBuffer
Definition: GuiTypes.h:367
unsigned short UShort_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:36
int Int_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:41
char Char_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:29
unsigned int UInt_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:42
unsigned long ULong_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:51
long Long_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:50
bool Bool_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:59
short Short_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:35
const Bool_t kTRUE
Definition: RtypesCore.h:87
#define BIT(n)
Definition: Rtypes.h:83
ULong_t fPixel
Definition: GuiTypes.h:310
UShort_t fRed
Definition: GuiTypes.h:311
UShort_t fGreen
Definition: GuiTypes.h:312
UShort_t fBlue
Definition: GuiTypes.h:313
UShort_t fMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:314
EGEventType fType
Definition: GuiTypes.h:174
Int_t fY
Definition: GuiTypes.h:177
Int_t fXRoot
Definition: GuiTypes.h:178
Bool_t fSendEvent
Definition: GuiTypes.h:183
Handle_t fHandle
Definition: GuiTypes.h:184
Int_t fFormat
Definition: GuiTypes.h:185
UInt_t fWidth
Definition: GuiTypes.h:181
UInt_t fHeight
Definition: GuiTypes.h:181
Int_t fCount
Definition: GuiTypes.h:182
Window_t fWindow
Definition: GuiTypes.h:175
UInt_t fState
Definition: GuiTypes.h:180
Int_t fYRoot
Definition: GuiTypes.h:178
Int_t fX
Definition: GuiTypes.h:177
Long_t fUser[5]
Definition: GuiTypes.h:186
Time_t fTime
Definition: GuiTypes.h:176
UInt_t fCode
Definition: GuiTypes.h:179
ULong_t fBackground
Definition: GuiTypes.h:227
Int_t fFillRule
Definition: GuiTypes.h:235
Pixmap_t fClipMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:246
Int_t fDashOffset
Definition: GuiTypes.h:247
Int_t fClipYOrigin
Definition: GuiTypes.h:245
Int_t fClipXOrigin
Definition: GuiTypes.h:244
Int_t fLineWidth
Definition: GuiTypes.h:228
Pixmap_t fStipple
Definition: GuiTypes.h:238
Mask_t fMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:250
Int_t fLineStyle
Definition: GuiTypes.h:229
Definition: GuiTypes.h:252
Pixmap_t fTile
Definition: GuiTypes.h:237
Bool_t fGraphicsExposures
Definition: GuiTypes.h:243
Int_t fJoinStyle
Definition: GuiTypes.h:232
Char_t fDashes[8]
Definition: GuiTypes.h:248
ULong_t fForeground
Definition: GuiTypes.h:226
ULong_t fPlaneMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:225
Int_t fFillStyle
Definition: GuiTypes.h:233
FontH_t fFont
Definition: GuiTypes.h:241
Int_t fTsXOrigin
Definition: GuiTypes.h:239
EGraphicsFunction fFunction
Definition: GuiTypes.h:224
Int_t fDashLen
Definition: GuiTypes.h:249
Int_t fCapStyle
Definition: GuiTypes.h:230
Int_t fArcMode
Definition: GuiTypes.h:236
Int_t fTsYOrigin
Definition: GuiTypes.h:240
Int_t fSubwindowMode
Definition: GuiTypes.h:242
ULong_t * fPixels
Definition: GuiTypes.h:329
Colormap_t fColormap
Definition: GuiTypes.h:323
Short_t fY
Definition: GuiTypes.h:356
Short_t fX
Definition: GuiTypes.h:356
Short_t fX
Definition: GuiTypes.h:361
UShort_t fHeight
Definition: GuiTypes.h:362
Short_t fY
Definition: GuiTypes.h:361
UShort_t fWidth
Definition: GuiTypes.h:362
Short_t fY2
Definition: GuiTypes.h:351
Short_t fX1
Definition: GuiTypes.h:351
Short_t fX2
Definition: GuiTypes.h:351
Short_t fY1
Definition: GuiTypes.h:351
ULong_t fBackingPlanes
Definition: GuiTypes.h:101
Pixmap_t fBackgroundPixmap
Definition: GuiTypes.h:93
Long_t fDoNotPropagateMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:105
Pixmap_t fBorderPixmap
Definition: GuiTypes.h:95
Bool_t fOverrideRedirect
Definition: GuiTypes.h:106
ULong_t fBackgroundPixel
Definition: GuiTypes.h:94
ULong_t fBorderPixel
Definition: GuiTypes.h:96
Colormap_t fColormap
Definition: GuiTypes.h:107
Window_t fRoot
Definition: GuiTypes.h:119
ULong_t fBackingPlanes
Definition: GuiTypes.h:124
Long_t fAllEventMasks
Definition: GuiTypes.h:130
ULong_t fBackingPixel
Definition: GuiTypes.h:125
Long_t fYourEventMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:131
Bool_t fMapInstalled
Definition: GuiTypes.h:128
Long_t fDoNotPropagateMask
Definition: GuiTypes.h:132
Colormap_t fColormap
Definition: GuiTypes.h:127
Bool_t fOverrideRedirect
Definition: GuiTypes.h:133