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NodesUtils.hxx File Reference
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struct  ROOT::Internal::RDF::TReaderValueOrArray< T >
 Choose between TTreeReader{Array,Value} depending on whether the branch type T is a RVec<T> or any other type (respectively). More...
struct  ROOT::Internal::RDF::TReaderValueOrArray< RVec< T > >


namespace  ROOT
 VSD Structures.
namespace  ROOT::Internal
namespace  ROOT::Internal::RDF


template<typename T >
using ROOT::Internal::RDF::ReaderValueOrArray_t = typename TReaderValueOrArray< T >::Proxy_t


template<typename RDFValueTuple , std::size_t... S>
void ROOT::Internal::RDF::InitRDFValues (unsigned int slot, RDFValueTuple &valueTuple, TTreeReader *r, const ColumnNames_t &bn, const RBookedCustomColumns &customCols, std::index_sequence< S... >, const std::array< bool, sizeof...(S)> &isCustomColumn)
 Initialize a tuple of RColumnValues. More...