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RooNumRunningInt::RICacheElem Class Reference

Definition at line 29 of file RooNumRunningInt.h.

Public Member Functions

 RICacheElem (const RooNumRunningInt &ri, const RooArgSet *nset)
 Construct RunningIntegral CacheElement. More...
 ~RICacheElem ()
 Destructor. More...
void addPoint (Int_t ix)
 Sample function at bin ix. More...
void addRange (Int_t ixlo, Int_t ixhi, Int_t nbins)
 Fill all empty histogram bins in the range [ixlo,ixhi] where nbins is the total number of histogram bins. More...
void calculate (Bool_t cdfmode)
 Calculate the numeric running integral and store the result in the cache histogram provided by RooAbsCachedPdf. More...
virtual RooArgList containedArgs (Action)
 Return all RooAbsArg components contained in cache element. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from RooAbsCachedReal::FuncCacheElem
 FuncCacheElem (const RooAbsCachedReal &self, const RooArgSet *nset)
 Constructor of cache storage unit class. More...
virtual ~FuncCacheElem ()
Bool_t cacheSource ()
virtual RooArgList containedArgs (Action)
 Return list of contained RooAbsArg objects. More...
RooHistFuncfunc ()
RooDataHisthist ()
RooChangeTrackerparamTracker ()
virtual void printCompactTreeHook (std::ostream &, const char *, Int_t, Int_t)
 Print contents of cache when printing self as part of object tree. More...
void setCacheSource (Bool_t flag)
void setSourceClone (RooAbsReal *newSource)
RooAbsRealsourceClone ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RooAbsCacheElement
 RooAbsCacheElement ()
virtual ~RooAbsCacheElement ()
virtual RooArgList containedArgs (Action)=0
virtual void findConstantNodes (const RooArgSet &obs, RooArgSet &cacheList, RooLinkedList &processedNodes)
 Interface for constant term optimization calls. More...
virtual void operModeHook (RooAbsArg::OperMode)
 Interface for operation mode change calls. More...
virtual void optimizeCacheMode (const RooArgSet &obs, RooArgSet &optNodes, RooLinkedList &processedNodes)
 Interface for cache optimization calls. More...
virtual void printCompactTreeHook (std::ostream &, const char *, Int_t curElem, Int_t totElem)
 Hook function to print cache guts in tree printing mode of RooAbsArgs. More...
virtual Bool_t redirectServersHook (const RooAbsCollection &, Bool_t, Bool_t, Bool_t)
 Interface for server redirect calls. More...
void setOwner (RooAbsArg *owner)

Public Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from RooAbsCacheElement
enum  Action { OperModeChange , OptimizeCaching , FindConstantNodes }
- Protected Attributes inherited from RooAbsCacheElement

#include <RooNumRunningInt.h>

Inheritance diagram for RooNumRunningInt::RICacheElem:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RICacheElem()

RooNumRunningInt::RICacheElem::RICacheElem ( const RooNumRunningInt ri,
const RooArgSet nset 

Construct RunningIntegral CacheElement.

Definition at line 102 of file RooNumRunningInt.cxx.

◆ ~RICacheElem()

RooNumRunningInt::RICacheElem::~RICacheElem ( )


Definition at line 123 of file RooNumRunningInt.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addPoint()

void RooNumRunningInt::RICacheElem::addPoint ( Int_t  ix)

Sample function at bin ix.

Definition at line 245 of file RooNumRunningInt.cxx.

◆ addRange()

void RooNumRunningInt::RICacheElem::addRange ( Int_t  ixlo,
Int_t  ixhi,
Int_t  nbins 

Fill all empty histogram bins in the range [ixlo,ixhi] where nbins is the total number of histogram bins.

This method samples the mid-point of the range and if the mid-point value is within small tolerance of the interpolated mid-point value fills all remaining elements through linear interpolation. If the tolerance is exceeded, the algorithm is recursed on the two subranges [xlo,xmid] and [xmid,xhi]

Definition at line 198 of file RooNumRunningInt.cxx.

◆ calculate()

void RooNumRunningInt::RICacheElem::calculate ( Bool_t  cdfmode)

Calculate the numeric running integral and store the result in the cache histogram provided by RooAbsCachedPdf.

Definition at line 150 of file RooNumRunningInt.cxx.

◆ containedArgs()

RooArgList RooNumRunningInt::RICacheElem::containedArgs ( Action  action)

Return all RooAbsArg components contained in cache element.

Reimplemented from RooAbsCachedReal::FuncCacheElem.

Definition at line 134 of file RooNumRunningInt.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _ax

Double_t* RooNumRunningInt::RICacheElem::_ax

Definition at line 39 of file RooNumRunningInt.h.

◆ _ay

Double_t* RooNumRunningInt::RICacheElem::_ay

Definition at line 40 of file RooNumRunningInt.h.

◆ _self

RooNumRunningInt* RooNumRunningInt::RICacheElem::_self

Definition at line 38 of file RooNumRunningInt.h.

◆ _xx

RooRealVar* RooNumRunningInt::RICacheElem::_xx

Definition at line 41 of file RooNumRunningInt.h.

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