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RooStats::NuisanceParametersSampler Class Reference

Helper class for ToyMCSampler.

Handles all of the nuisance parameter related functions. Once instantiated, it gives a new nuisance parameter point at each call to nextPoint(...).

Definition at line 40 of file ToyMCSampler.h.

Public Member Functions

 NuisanceParametersSampler (RooAbsPdf *prior=NULL, const RooArgSet *parameters=NULL, Int_t nToys=1000, Bool_t asimov=kFALSE)
virtual ~NuisanceParametersSampler ()
void NextPoint (RooArgSet &nuisPoint, Double_t &weight)
 Assigns new nuisance parameter point to members of nuisPoint. More...

Protected Member Functions

void Refresh ()
 Creates the initial set of nuisance parameter points. More...

Private Attributes

Bool_t fExpected
Int_t fIndex
Int_t fNToys
const RooArgSetfParams

#include <RooStats/ToyMCSampler.h>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NuisanceParametersSampler()

RooStats::NuisanceParametersSampler::NuisanceParametersSampler ( RooAbsPdf prior = NULL,
const RooArgSet parameters = NULL,
Int_t  nToys = 1000,
Bool_t  asimov = kFALSE 

Definition at line 43 of file ToyMCSampler.h.

◆ ~NuisanceParametersSampler()

virtual RooStats::NuisanceParametersSampler::~NuisanceParametersSampler ( )

Definition at line 53 of file ToyMCSampler.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ NextPoint()

void RooStats::NuisanceParametersSampler::NextPoint ( RooArgSet nuisPoint,
Double_t weight 

Assigns new nuisance parameter point to members of nuisPoint.

nuisPoint can be more objects than just the nuisance parameters.

Definition at line 67 of file ToyMCSampler.cxx.

◆ Refresh()

void RooStats::NuisanceParametersSampler::Refresh ( )

Creates the initial set of nuisance parameter points.

It also refills the set with new parameter points if called repeatedly. This helps with adaptive sampling as the required number of nuisance parameter points might increase during the run.

Definition at line 92 of file ToyMCSampler.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fExpected

Bool_t RooStats::NuisanceParametersSampler::fExpected

Definition at line 66 of file ToyMCSampler.h.

◆ fIndex

Int_t RooStats::NuisanceParametersSampler::fIndex

Definition at line 69 of file ToyMCSampler.h.

◆ fNToys

Int_t RooStats::NuisanceParametersSampler::fNToys

Definition at line 65 of file ToyMCSampler.h.

◆ fParams

const RooArgSet* RooStats::NuisanceParametersSampler::fParams

Definition at line 64 of file ToyMCSampler.h.

◆ fPoints

RooAbsData* RooStats::NuisanceParametersSampler::fPoints

Definition at line 68 of file ToyMCSampler.h.

◆ fPrior

RooAbsPdf* RooStats::NuisanceParametersSampler::fPrior

Definition at line 63 of file ToyMCSampler.h.

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