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RooStats::TestStatSampler Class Referenceabstract

TestStatSampler is an interface class for a tools which produce RooStats SamplingDistributions.

Tools that implement this interface are expected to be used for coverage studies, the Neyman Construction, etc.

Definition at line 39 of file TestStatSampler.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~TestStatSampler ()
virtual Double_t ConfidenceLevel () const =0
virtual Double_t EvaluateTestStatistic (RooAbsData &data, RooArgSet &paramsOfInterest)=0
virtual SamplingDistributionGetSamplingDistribution (RooArgSet &paramsOfInterest)=0
virtual TestStatisticGetTestStatistic () const =0
virtual void Initialize (RooAbsArg &testStatistic, RooArgSet &paramsOfInterest, RooArgSet &nuisanceParameters)=0
virtual void SetConfidenceLevel (Double_t cl)=0
virtual void SetGlobalObservables (const RooArgSet &)=0
virtual void SetNuisanceParameters (const RooArgSet &)=0
virtual void SetObservables (const RooArgSet &)=0
virtual void SetParametersForTestStat (const RooArgSet &)=0
virtual void SetPdf (RooAbsPdf &)=0
virtual void SetPriorNuisance (RooAbsPdf *)=0
virtual void SetSamplingDistName (const char *name)=0
virtual void SetTestSize (Double_t size)=0
virtual void SetTestStatistic (TestStatistic *testStatistic)=0

#include <RooStats/TestStatSampler.h>

Inheritance diagram for RooStats::TestStatSampler:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~TestStatSampler()

virtual RooStats::TestStatSampler::~TestStatSampler ( )

Definition at line 43 of file TestStatSampler.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ConfidenceLevel()

virtual Double_t RooStats::TestStatSampler::ConfidenceLevel ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ EvaluateTestStatistic()

virtual Double_t RooStats::TestStatSampler::EvaluateTestStatistic ( RooAbsData data,
RooArgSet paramsOfInterest 
pure virtual

◆ GetSamplingDistribution()

virtual SamplingDistribution * RooStats::TestStatSampler::GetSamplingDistribution ( RooArgSet paramsOfInterest)
pure virtual

◆ GetTestStatistic()

virtual TestStatistic * RooStats::TestStatSampler::GetTestStatistic ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ Initialize()

virtual void RooStats::TestStatSampler::Initialize ( RooAbsArg testStatistic,
RooArgSet paramsOfInterest,
RooArgSet nuisanceParameters 
pure virtual

◆ SetConfidenceLevel()

virtual void RooStats::TestStatSampler::SetConfidenceLevel ( Double_t  cl)
pure virtual

◆ SetGlobalObservables()

virtual void RooStats::TestStatSampler::SetGlobalObservables ( const RooArgSet )
pure virtual

◆ SetNuisanceParameters()

virtual void RooStats::TestStatSampler::SetNuisanceParameters ( const RooArgSet )
pure virtual

◆ SetObservables()

virtual void RooStats::TestStatSampler::SetObservables ( const RooArgSet )
pure virtual

Implemented in RooStats::ToyMCSampler.

◆ SetParametersForTestStat()

virtual void RooStats::TestStatSampler::SetParametersForTestStat ( const RooArgSet )
pure virtual

◆ SetPdf()

virtual void RooStats::TestStatSampler::SetPdf ( RooAbsPdf )
pure virtual

◆ SetPriorNuisance()

virtual void RooStats::TestStatSampler::SetPriorNuisance ( RooAbsPdf )
pure virtual

Implemented in RooStats::ToyMCSampler.

◆ SetSamplingDistName()

virtual void RooStats::TestStatSampler::SetSamplingDistName ( const char *  name)
pure virtual

Implemented in RooStats::ToyMCSampler.

◆ SetTestSize()

virtual void RooStats::TestStatSampler::SetTestSize ( Double_t  size)
pure virtual

◆ SetTestStatistic()

virtual void RooStats::TestStatSampler::SetTestStatistic ( TestStatistic testStatistic)
pure virtual

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