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AnyCollectionProxy< T > Struct Template Reference

template<typename T>
struct AnyCollectionProxy< T >

Definition at line 464 of file TGenCollectionProxy.h.

Public Member Functions

 AnyCollectionProxy ()
virtual ~AnyCollectionProxy ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TGenCollectionProxy
 TGenCollectionProxy (const ROOT::Detail::TCollectionProxyInfo &info, TClass *cl)
 Build a proxy for a collection whose type is described by 'collectionClass'. More...
 TGenCollectionProxy (const TGenCollectionProxy &copy)
 Build a proxy for an emulated container. More...
 TGenCollectionProxy (Info_t typ, size_t iter_size)
 Build a proxy for a collection whose type is described by 'collectionClass'. More...
virtual ~TGenCollectionProxy ()
 Standard destructor. More...
virtual voidAllocate (UInt_t n, Bool_t forceDelete)
 Allocate the needed space. More...
virtual voidAt (UInt_t idx)
 Return the address of the value at index 'idx'. More...
virtual void Clear (const char *opt="")
 Clear the emulated collection. More...
virtual void Commit (void *env)
 Commit the change. More...
virtual TVirtualCollectionProxyGenerate () const
 Virtual copy constructor. More...
virtual TClassGetCollectionClass () const
 Return a pointer to the TClass representing the container. More...
virtual Int_t GetCollectionType () const
 Return the type of collection see TClassEdit::ESTLType. More...
virtual TStreamerInfoActions::TActionSequenceGetConversionReadMemberWiseActions (TClass *oldClass, Int_t version)
 Return the set of action necessary to stream in this collection member-wise coming from the old value class layout refered to by 'version'. More...
virtual CopyIterator_t GetFunctionCopyIterator (Bool_t read=kTRUE)
 See typedef void (*CopyIterator_t)(void *&dest, const void *source); Copy the iterator source, into dest. More...
virtual CreateIterators_t GetFunctionCreateIterators (Bool_t read=kTRUE)
 See typedef void (*CreateIterators_t)(void *collection, void *&begin_arena, void *&end_arena); begin_arena and end_arena should contain the location of memory arena of size fgIteratorSize. More...
virtual DeleteIterator_t GetFunctionDeleteIterator (Bool_t read=kTRUE)
 See typedef void (*DeleteIterator_t)(void *iter); If the sizeof iterator is greater than fgIteratorArenaSize, call delete on the addresses, Otherwise just call the iterator's destructor. More...
virtual DeleteTwoIterators_t GetFunctionDeleteTwoIterators (Bool_t read=kTRUE)
 See typedef void (*DeleteTwoIterators_t)(void *begin, void *end); If the sizeof iterator is greater than fgIteratorArenaSize, call delete on the addresses, Otherwise just call the iterator's destructor. More...
virtual Next_t GetFunctionNext (Bool_t read=kTRUE)
 See typedef void* (*Next_t)(void *iter, void *end); iter and end should be pointer to respectively an iterator to be incremented and the result of colleciton.end() 'Next' will increment the iterator 'iter' and return 0 if the iterator reached the end. More...
virtual ULong_t GetIncrement () const
 Return the offset between two consecutive value_types (memory layout). More...
virtual TClassGetOnFileClass () const
virtual TStreamerInfoActions::TActionSequenceGetReadMemberWiseActions (Int_t version)
 Return the set of action necessary to stream in this collection member-wise coming from the old value class layout refered to by 'version'. More...
virtual EDataType GetType () const
 If the content is a simple numerical value, return its type (see TDataType) More...
virtual TClassGetValueClass () const
 Return a pointer to the TClass representing the content. More...
virtual TStreamerInfoActions::TActionSequenceGetWriteMemberWiseActions ()
 Return the set of action necessary to stream out this collection member-wise. More...
virtual Bool_t HasPointers () const
 Return true if the content is of type 'pointer to'. More...
virtual void Insert (const void *data, void *container, size_t size)
 Insert data into the container where data is a C-style array of the actual type contained in the collection of the given size. More...
virtual void operator() (TBuffer &refBuffer, void *pObject)
 TClassStreamer IO overload. More...
virtual void PopProxy ()
 Remove the last object. More...
virtual void PushProxy (void *objstart)
 Add an object. More...
virtual void ReadBuffer (TBuffer &b, void *obj)
virtual void ReadBuffer (TBuffer &b, void *obj, const TClass *onfileClass)
virtual void Resize (UInt_t n, Bool_t force_delete)
 Resize the container. More...
virtual void SetOnFileClass (TClass *cl)
virtual UInt_t Size () const
 Return the current size of the container. More...
virtual UInt_t Sizeof () const
 Return the sizeof the collection object. More...
virtual void Streamer (TBuffer &refBuffer)
 Streamer Function. More...
virtual void Streamer (TBuffer &refBuffer, void *pObject, int siz)
 Streamer I/O overload. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from TVirtualCollectionProxy
 TVirtualCollectionProxy ()
 TVirtualCollectionProxy (TClass *cl)
virtual ~TVirtualCollectionProxy ()
virtual voidAllocate (UInt_t n, Bool_t forceDelete)=0
virtual voidAt (UInt_t idx)=0
virtual void Clear (const char *opt="")=0
virtual void Commit (void *)=0
virtual void DeleteArray (void *p, Bool_t dtorOnly=kFALSE) const
virtual void Destructor (void *p, Bool_t dtorOnly=kFALSE) const
virtual TVirtualCollectionProxyGenerate () const =0
virtual TClassGetCollectionClass () const
virtual Int_t GetCollectionType () const =0
virtual TStreamerInfoActions::TActionSequenceGetConversionReadMemberWiseActions (TClass *oldClass, Int_t version)=0
virtual CopyIterator_t GetFunctionCopyIterator (Bool_t read=kTRUE)=0
virtual CreateIterators_t GetFunctionCreateIterators (Bool_t read=kTRUE)=0
virtual DeleteIterator_t GetFunctionDeleteIterator (Bool_t read=kTRUE)=0
virtual DeleteTwoIterators_t GetFunctionDeleteTwoIterators (Bool_t read=kTRUE)=0
virtual Next_t GetFunctionNext (Bool_t read=kTRUE)=0
virtual ULong_t GetIncrement () const =0
virtual Int_t GetProperties () const
virtual TStreamerInfoActions::TActionSequenceGetReadMemberWiseActions (Int_t version)=0
virtual EDataType GetType () const =0
virtual TClassGetValueClass () const =0
virtual TStreamerInfoActions::TActionSequenceGetWriteMemberWiseActions ()=0
virtual Bool_t HasPointers () const =0
virtual void Insert (const void *data, void *container, size_t size)=0
virtual voidNew () const
virtual voidNew (void *arena) const
virtual voidNewArray (Int_t nElements) const
virtual voidNewArray (Int_t nElements, void *arena) const
char * operator[] (UInt_t idx) const
virtual void PopProxy ()=0
virtual void PushProxy (void *objectstart)=0
virtual UInt_t Size () const =0
virtual UInt_t Sizeof () const =0

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TGenCollectionProxy
enum  { kBIT_ISSTRING = 0x20000000 , kBIT_ISTSTRING = 0x40000000 }
typedef const std::type_info & Info_t
- Public Types inherited from TVirtualCollectionProxy
typedef void *(* CopyIterator_t) (void *dest, const void *source)
typedef void(* CreateIterators_t) (void *collection, void **begin_arena, void **end_arena, TVirtualCollectionProxy *proxy)
typedef void(* DeleteIterator_t) (void *iter)
typedef void(* DeleteTwoIterators_t) (void *begin, void *end)
enum  EProperty { kIsAssociative = BIT(2) , kIsEmulated = BIT(3) , kNeedDelete = BIT(4) , kCustomAlloc = BIT(5) }
typedef void *(* Next_t) (void *iter, const void *end)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from TVirtualCollectionProxy
static const Int_t fgIteratorArenaSize = 16
- Protected Types inherited from TGenCollectionProxy
typedef void *(* ArrIterfunc_t) (void *from, size_t size)
typedef void *(* Collectfunc_t) (void *from, void *to)
typedef ROOT::Detail::TCollectionProxyInfo::Environ< char[64]> Env_t
typedef ROOT::Detail::TCollectionProxyInfo::EnvironBase EnvironBase_t
typedef void *(* Feedfunc_t) (void *from, void *to, size_t size)
typedef std::vector< EnvironBase_t * > Proxies_t
typedef void(* Sizing_t) (void *obj, size_t size)
typedef std::vector< TStaging * > Staged_t
 Collection of pre-allocated staged array for associative containers. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TGenCollectionProxy
void CheckFunctions () const
 Check existence of function pointers. More...
virtual void DeleteItem (Bool_t force, void *ptr) const
 Call to delete/destruct individual item. More...
TGenCollectionProxyInitialize (Bool_t silent) const
 Proxy initializer. More...
virtual TGenCollectionProxyInitializeEx (Bool_t silent)
 Proxy initializer. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from TGenCollectionProxy
Method fClear
 Method cache for container accessors: clear container. More...
Collectfunc_t fCollect
 Method to collect objects from container. More...
ArrIterfunc_t fConstruct
 Container accessors: block construct. More...
std::map< std::string, TObjArray * > * fConversionReadMemberWise
 Array of bundle of TStreamerInfoActions to stream out (read) derived from another class. More...
Method0 fCreateEnv
 Method to allocate an Environment holder. More...
Sizing_t fDestruct
 Container accessors: block destruct. More...
 Address of the currently proxied object. More...
Feedfunc_t fFeed
 Container accessors: block feed. More...
Method fFirst
 Container accessors: generic iteration: first. More...
CopyIterator_t fFunctionCopyIterator
CreateIterators_t fFunctionCreateIterators
DeleteIterator_t fFunctionDeleteIterator
DeleteTwoIterators_t fFunctionDeleteTwoIterators
Next_t fFunctionNextIterator
 Descriptor of the key_type. More...
std::string fName
 Name of the class being proxied. More...
Method fNext
 Container accessors: generic iteration: next. More...
 On file class. More...
Bool_t fPointers
 Flag to indicate if containee has pointers (key or value) More...
Proxies_t fProxyKept
 Optimization: Keep proxies once they were created. More...
Proxies_t fProxyList
 Stack of recursive proxies. More...
 Array of bundle of TStreamerInfoActions to stream out (read) More...
Sizing_t fResize
 Container accessors: resize container. More...
Method fSize
 Container accessors: size of container. More...
Staged_t fStaged
 Optimization: Keep staged array once they were created. More...
int fSTL_type
 STL container type. More...
Info_t fTypeinfo
 Type information. More...
 Descriptor of the Value_type. More...
int fValDiff
 Offset between two consecutive value_types (memory layout). More...
int fValOffset
 Offset from key to value (in maps) More...
std::atomic< Value * > fValue
 Descriptor of the container value type. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from TVirtualCollectionProxy
TClassRef fClass
UInt_t fProperties

#include <TGenCollectionProxy.h>

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AnyCollectionProxy()

template<typename T >
AnyCollectionProxy< T >::AnyCollectionProxy ( )

Definition at line 465 of file TGenCollectionProxy.h.

◆ ~AnyCollectionProxy()

template<typename T >
virtual AnyCollectionProxy< T >::~AnyCollectionProxy ( )

Definition at line 481 of file TGenCollectionProxy.h.

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