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TMCAutoLock.h File Reference
#include <pthread.h>
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struct  TMCImpMutexAutoLock
 Realization of TMCTemplateAutoLock with TMCMutex. More...
class  TMCTemplateAutoLock< M, L, U >
 Template classe which provides a mechanism to create a mutex and locks/unlocks it. More...


#define TMCMUTEXLOCK   pthread_mutex_lock
#define TMCMUTEXUNLOCK   pthread_mutex_unlock


typedef TMCImpMutexAutoLock TMCAutoLock
typedef pthread_mutex_t TMCMutex
typedef int(* TMCthread_lock) (TMCMutex *)
typedef int(* TMCthread_unlock) (TMCMutex *)

Detailed Description

Definition of the TMCTemplateAutoLock and TMCImpMutexAutoLock classes.

I. Hrivnacova; IPN Orsay

Definition in file TMCAutoLock.h.

Macro Definition Documentation



Definition at line 88 of file TMCAutoLock.h.



Definition at line 95 of file TMCAutoLock.h.


#define TMCMUTEXLOCK   pthread_mutex_lock

Definition at line 96 of file TMCAutoLock.h.


#define TMCMUTEXUNLOCK   pthread_mutex_unlock

Definition at line 97 of file TMCAutoLock.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ TMCAutoLock

Definition at line 161 of file TMCAutoLock.h.

◆ TMCMutex

typedef pthread_mutex_t TMCMutex

Definition at line 94 of file TMCAutoLock.h.

◆ TMCthread_lock

typedef int(* TMCthread_lock) (TMCMutex *)

Definition at line 98 of file TMCAutoLock.h.

◆ TMCthread_unlock

typedef int(* TMCthread_unlock) (TMCMutex *)

Definition at line 99 of file TMCAutoLock.h.