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CPyCppyy::CPPSmartClass Class Reference

Definition at line 65 of file CPPScope.h.

Public Attributes

Cppyy::TCppMethod_t fDereferencer
Cppyy::TCppType_t fUnderlyingType
- Public Attributes inherited from CPyCppyy::CPPScope
Cppyy::TCppType_t fCppType
int fFlags
union {
   CppToPyMap_t *   fCppObjects
   std::vector< PyObject * > *   fUsing
char * fModuleName
PyHeapTypeObject fType

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CPyCppyy::CPPScope
enum  EFlags {
  kNone = 0x0, kIsMeta = 0x0001, kIsNamespace = 0x0002, kIsException = 0x0004,
  kIsSmart = 0x0008, kIsPython = 0x0010, kIsInComplete = 0x0020

#include </mnt/build/workspace/root-makedoc-v622/rootspi/rdoc/src/v6-22-00-patches/bindings/pyroot/cppyy/CPyCppyy/src/CPPScope.h>

Inheritance diagram for CPyCppyy::CPPSmartClass:

Member Data Documentation

◆ fDereferencer

Cppyy::TCppMethod_t CPyCppyy::CPPSmartClass::fDereferencer

Definition at line 68 of file CPPScope.h.

◆ fUnderlyingType

Cppyy::TCppType_t CPyCppyy::CPPSmartClass::fUnderlyingType

Definition at line 67 of file CPPScope.h.

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