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ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions Class Reference

Minimizer options.

Definition at line 32 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

Public Member Functions

 MinimizerOptions ()
 MinimizerOptions (const MinimizerOptions &opt)
 ~MinimizerOptions ()
double ErrorDef () const
 error definition More...
const IOptionsExtraOptions () const
 return extra options (NULL pointer if they are not present) More...
unsigned int MaxFunctionCalls () const
 max number of function calls More...
unsigned int MaxIterations () const
 max iterations More...
const std::string & MinimizerAlgorithm () const
 type of algorithm More...
const std::string & MinimizerType () const
 type of minimizer More...
MinimizerOptionsoperator= (const MinimizerOptions &opt)
 assignment operators More...
double Precision () const
 precision in the objective funciton calculation (value <=0 means left to default) More...
void Print (std::ostream &os=std::cout) const
 print all the options More...
int PrintLevel () const
 non-static methods for retrieving options More...
void ResetToDefaultOptions ()
 non-static methods for setting options More...
void SetErrorDef (double err)
 set error def More...
void SetExtraOptions (const IOptions &opt)
 set extra options (in this case pointer is cloned) More...
void SetMaxFunctionCalls (unsigned int maxfcn)
 set maximum of function calls More...
void SetMaxIterations (unsigned int maxiter)
 set maximum iterations (one iteration can have many function calls) More...
void SetMinimizerAlgorithm (const char *type)
 set minimizer algorithm More...
void SetMinimizerType (const char *type)
 set minimizer type More...
void SetPrecision (double prec)
 set the precision More...
void SetPrintLevel (int level)
 set print level More...
void SetStrategy (int stra)
 set the strategy More...
void SetTolerance (double tol)
 set the tolerance More...
int Strategy () const
 strategy More...
double Tolerance () const
 absolute tolerance More...

Static Public Member Functions

static ROOT::Math::IOptionsDefault (const char *name)
 retrieve extra options - if not existing create a IOptions More...
static double DefaultErrorDef ()
static IOptionsDefaultExtraOptions ()
static int DefaultMaxFunctionCalls ()
static int DefaultMaxIterations ()
static const std::string & DefaultMinimizerAlgo ()
static const std::string & DefaultMinimizerType ()
static double DefaultPrecision ()
static int DefaultPrintLevel ()
static int DefaultStrategy ()
static double DefaultTolerance ()
static ROOT::Math::IOptionsFindDefault (const char *name)
static void PrintDefault (const char *name, std::ostream &os=std::cout)
 print all the default options for the name given More...
static void SetDefaultErrorDef (double up)
static void SetDefaultExtraOptions (const IOptions *extraoptions)
static void SetDefaultMaxFunctionCalls (int maxcall)
static void SetDefaultMaxIterations (int maxiter)
static void SetDefaultMinimizer (const char *type, const char *algo=0)
static void SetDefaultPrecision (double prec)
static void SetDefaultPrintLevel (int level)
static void SetDefaultStrategy (int strat)
static void SetDefaultTolerance (double tol)

Private Attributes

std::string fAlgoType
double fErrorDef
int fLevel
int fMaxCalls
int fMaxIter
std::string fMinimType
double fPrecision
int fStrategy
double fTolerance

#include <Math/MinimizerOptions.h>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MinimizerOptions() [1/2]

ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::MinimizerOptions ( )

Definition at line 125 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ ~MinimizerOptions()

ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::~MinimizerOptions ( )

Definition at line 158 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ MinimizerOptions() [2/2]

ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::MinimizerOptions ( const MinimizerOptions opt)

Definition at line 134 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Default()

IOptions & ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::Default ( const char *  name)

retrieve extra options - if not existing create a IOptions

Definition at line 219 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ DefaultErrorDef()

double ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::DefaultErrorDef ( )

Definition at line 83 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ DefaultExtraOptions()

IOptions * ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::DefaultExtraOptions ( )

Definition at line 90 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ DefaultMaxFunctionCalls()

int ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::DefaultMaxFunctionCalls ( )

Definition at line 86 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ DefaultMaxIterations()

int ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::DefaultMaxIterations ( )

Definition at line 87 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ DefaultMinimizerAlgo()

const std::string & ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::DefaultMinimizerAlgo ( )

Definition at line 82 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ DefaultMinimizerType()

const std::string & ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::DefaultMinimizerType ( )

Definition at line 92 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ DefaultPrecision()

double ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::DefaultPrecision ( )

Definition at line 85 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ DefaultPrintLevel()

int ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::DefaultPrintLevel ( )

Definition at line 89 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ DefaultStrategy()

int ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::DefaultStrategy ( )

Definition at line 88 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ DefaultTolerance()

double ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::DefaultTolerance ( )

Definition at line 84 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ ErrorDef()

double ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::ErrorDef ( ) const

error definition

Definition at line 103 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ ExtraOptions()

const IOptions * ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::ExtraOptions ( ) const

return extra options (NULL pointer if they are not present)

Definition at line 106 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ FindDefault()

IOptions * ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::FindDefault ( const char *  name)

Definition at line 224 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ MaxFunctionCalls()

unsigned int ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::MaxFunctionCalls ( ) const

max number of function calls

Definition at line 88 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ MaxIterations()

unsigned int ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::MaxIterations ( ) const

max iterations

Definition at line 91 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ MinimizerAlgorithm()

const std::string & ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::MinimizerAlgorithm ( ) const

type of algorithm

Definition at line 112 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ MinimizerType()

const std::string & ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::MinimizerType ( ) const

type of minimizer

Definition at line 109 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ operator=()

MinimizerOptions & ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::operator= ( const MinimizerOptions opt)

assignment operators

Definition at line 139 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ Precision()

double ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::Precision ( ) const

precision in the objective funciton calculation (value <=0 means left to default)

Definition at line 100 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ Print()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::Print ( std::ostream &  os = std::cout) const

print all the options

Definition at line 201 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ PrintDefault()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::PrintDefault ( const char *  name,
std::ostream &  os = std::cout 

print all the default options for the name given

Definition at line 229 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ PrintLevel()

int ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::PrintLevel ( ) const

non-static methods for retrieving options

set print level

Definition at line 85 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ ResetToDefaultOptions()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::ResetToDefaultOptions ( )

non-static methods for setting options

Definition at line 162 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ SetDefaultErrorDef()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetDefaultErrorDef ( double  up)

Definition at line 48 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ SetDefaultExtraOptions()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetDefaultExtraOptions ( const IOptions extraoptions)

Definition at line 76 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ SetDefaultMaxFunctionCalls()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetDefaultMaxFunctionCalls ( int  maxcall)

Definition at line 60 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ SetDefaultMaxIterations()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetDefaultMaxIterations ( int  maxiter)

Definition at line 64 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ SetDefaultMinimizer()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetDefaultMinimizer ( const char *  type,
const char *  algo = 0 

Definition at line 43 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ SetDefaultPrecision()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetDefaultPrecision ( double  prec)

Definition at line 56 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ SetDefaultPrintLevel()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetDefaultPrintLevel ( int  level)

Definition at line 72 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ SetDefaultStrategy()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetDefaultStrategy ( int  strat)

Definition at line 68 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ SetDefaultTolerance()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetDefaultTolerance ( double  tol)

Definition at line 52 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ SetErrorDef()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetErrorDef ( double  err)

set error def

Definition at line 139 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ SetExtraOptions()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetExtraOptions ( const IOptions opt)

set extra options (in this case pointer is cloned)

Definition at line 195 of file MinimizerOptions.cxx.

◆ SetMaxFunctionCalls()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetMaxFunctionCalls ( unsigned int  maxfcn)

set maximum of function calls

Definition at line 124 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ SetMaxIterations()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetMaxIterations ( unsigned int  maxiter)

set maximum iterations (one iteration can have many function calls)

Definition at line 127 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ SetMinimizerAlgorithm()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetMinimizerAlgorithm ( const char *  type)

set minimizer algorithm

Definition at line 145 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ SetMinimizerType()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetMinimizerType ( const char *  type)

set minimizer type

Definition at line 142 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ SetPrecision()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetPrecision ( double  prec)

set the precision

Definition at line 133 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ SetPrintLevel()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetPrintLevel ( int  level)

set print level

Definition at line 121 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ SetStrategy()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetStrategy ( int  stra)

set the strategy

Definition at line 136 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ SetTolerance()

void ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::SetTolerance ( double  tol)

set the tolerance

Definition at line 130 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ Strategy()

int ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::Strategy ( ) const


Definition at line 94 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ Tolerance()

double ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::Tolerance ( ) const

absolute tolerance

Definition at line 97 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fAlgoType

std::string ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::fAlgoType

Definition at line 161 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ fErrorDef

double ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::fErrorDef

Definition at line 157 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ fExtraOptions

ROOT::Math::IOptions* ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::fExtraOptions

Definition at line 164 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ fLevel

int ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::fLevel

Definition at line 153 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ fMaxCalls

int ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::fMaxCalls

Definition at line 154 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ fMaxIter

int ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::fMaxIter

Definition at line 155 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ fMinimType

std::string ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::fMinimType

Definition at line 160 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ fPrecision

double ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::fPrecision

Definition at line 159 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ fStrategy

int ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::fStrategy

Definition at line 156 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

◆ fTolerance

double ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::fTolerance

Definition at line 158 of file MinimizerOptions.h.

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