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ROOT::Minuit2::FCNGradientBase Class Referenceabstract

Extension of the FCNBase for providing the analytical Gradient of the function.

The user-Gradient is checked at the beginning of the minimization against the Minuit internal numerical Gradient in order to spot problems in the analytical Gradient calculation. This can be turned off by overriding CheckGradient() to make it return "false". The size of the output Gradient vector must be equal to the size of the input Parameter vector. Minuit does a check of the user Gradient at the beginning, if this is not wanted the method "CheckGradient()" has to be overridden to return "false".

Definition at line 32 of file FCNGradientBase.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~FCNGradientBase ()
virtual bool CheckGradient () const
virtual std::vector< doubleGradient (const std::vector< double > &) const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Minuit2::FCNBase
virtual ~FCNBase ()
virtual double ErrorDef () const
 Error definition of the function. More...
virtual double operator() (const std::vector< double > &x) const =0
 The meaning of the vector of parameters is of course defined by the user, who uses the values of those parameters to calculate their function Value. More...
virtual void SetErrorDef (double)
 add interface to set dynamically a new error definition Re-implement this function if needed. More...
virtual double Up () const =0
 Error definition of the function. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Minuit2::GenericFunction
virtual ~GenericFunction ()
virtual double operator() (const std::vector< double > &x) const =0
 Evaluates the function using the vector containing the input values. More...

#include <Minuit2/FCNGradientBase.h>

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~FCNGradientBase()

virtual ROOT::Minuit2::FCNGradientBase::~FCNGradientBase ( )

Definition at line 36 of file FCNGradientBase.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CheckGradient()

virtual bool ROOT::Minuit2::FCNGradientBase::CheckGradient ( ) const

Reimplemented in ROOT::Minuit2::FCNGradAdapter< Function >.

Definition at line 40 of file FCNGradientBase.h.

◆ Gradient()

virtual std::vector< double > ROOT::Minuit2::FCNGradientBase::Gradient ( const std::vector< double > &  ) const
pure virtual
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