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RooHelpers::LocalChangeMsgLevel Class Reference

Switches the message service to a different level while the instance is alive.

Can also temporarily activate / deactivate message topics. Use as

RooHelpers::LocalChangeMessageLevel changeMsgLvl(RooFit::WARNING);
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static void output(int code)
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Definition at line 35 of file RooHelpers.h.

Public Member Functions

 LocalChangeMsgLevel (RooFit::MsgLevel lvl=RooFit::DEBUG, unsigned int extraTopics=0u, unsigned int removeTopics=0u, bool overrideExternalLevel=true)
 Change message level (and topics) while this object is alive, reset when it goes out of scope. More...
 ~LocalChangeMsgLevel ()

Private Attributes

int fExtraStream {-1}
std::vector< RooMsgService::StreamConfigfOldConf
RooFit::MsgLevel fOldKillBelow

#include <RooHelpers.h>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LocalChangeMsgLevel()

RooHelpers::LocalChangeMsgLevel::LocalChangeMsgLevel ( RooFit::MsgLevel  lvl = RooFit::DEBUG,
unsigned int  extraTopics = 0u,
unsigned int  removeTopics = 0u,
bool  overrideExternalLevel = true 

Change message level (and topics) while this object is alive, reset when it goes out of scope.

[in]lvlThe desired message level. Defaults to verbose.
[in]extraTopicsExtra topics to be switched on. These will only switched on in the last stream to prevent all streams are printing.
[in]removeTopicsMessage topics to be switched off
[in]overrideExternalLevelOverride the user message level.

Definition at line 24 of file RooHelpers.cxx.

◆ ~LocalChangeMsgLevel()

RooHelpers::LocalChangeMsgLevel::~LocalChangeMsgLevel ( )

Definition at line 43 of file RooHelpers.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fExtraStream

int RooHelpers::LocalChangeMsgLevel::fExtraStream {-1}

Definition at line 52 of file RooHelpers.h.

◆ fOldConf

std::vector<RooMsgService::StreamConfig> RooHelpers::LocalChangeMsgLevel::fOldConf

Definition at line 51 of file RooHelpers.h.

◆ fOldKillBelow

RooFit::MsgLevel RooHelpers::LocalChangeMsgLevel::fOldKillBelow

Definition at line 50 of file RooHelpers.h.

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