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TMVA::SVKernelMatrix Class Reference

Kernel matrix for Support Vector Machine.

Definition at line 41 of file SVKernelMatrix.h.

Public Member Functions

 SVKernelMatrix ()
 constructor More...
 SVKernelMatrix (std::vector< TMVA::SVEvent * > *, SVKernelFunction *)
 constructor More...
 ~SVKernelMatrix ()
 destructor More...
Float_tGetColumn (UInt_t col)
Float_t GetElement (UInt_t i, UInt_t j)
 returns an element of the kernel matrix More...
Float_tGetLine (UInt_t)
 returns a row of the kernel matrix More...

Private Member Functions

MsgLoggerLog () const
 message logger More...

Private Attributes

UInt_t fSize
Float_t ** fSVKernelMatrix

#include <TMVA/SVKernelMatrix.h>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SVKernelMatrix() [1/2]

TMVA::SVKernelMatrix::SVKernelMatrix ( )


Definition at line 54 of file SVKernelMatrix.cxx.

◆ SVKernelMatrix() [2/2]

TMVA::SVKernelMatrix::SVKernelMatrix ( std::vector< TMVA::SVEvent * > *  inputVectors,
SVKernelFunction kernelFunction 


Definition at line 65 of file SVKernelMatrix.cxx.

◆ ~SVKernelMatrix()

TMVA::SVKernelMatrix::~SVKernelMatrix ( )


Definition at line 88 of file SVKernelMatrix.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetColumn()

Float_t * TMVA::SVKernelMatrix::GetColumn ( UInt_t  col)

Definition at line 54 of file SVKernelMatrix.h.

◆ GetElement()

Float_t TMVA::SVKernelMatrix::GetElement ( UInt_t  i,
UInt_t  j 

returns an element of the kernel matrix

Definition at line 120 of file SVKernelMatrix.cxx.

◆ GetLine()

Float_t * TMVA::SVKernelMatrix::GetLine ( UInt_t  line)

returns a row of the kernel matrix

Definition at line 101 of file SVKernelMatrix.cxx.

◆ Log()

MsgLogger & TMVA::SVKernelMatrix::Log ( ) const

message logger

Definition at line 64 of file SVKernelMatrix.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fKernelFunction

SVKernelFunction* TMVA::SVKernelMatrix::fKernelFunction

Definition at line 60 of file SVKernelMatrix.h.

◆ fLogger

MsgLogger* TMVA::SVKernelMatrix::fLogger

Definition at line 63 of file SVKernelMatrix.h.

◆ fSize

UInt_t TMVA::SVKernelMatrix::fSize

Definition at line 59 of file SVKernelMatrix.h.

◆ fSVKernelMatrix

Float_t** TMVA::SVKernelMatrix::fSVKernelMatrix

Definition at line 61 of file SVKernelMatrix.h.

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