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ROOT::Math::GeneralLinearFunctionDerivation< T > Struct Template Reference

template<class T>
struct ROOT::Math::GeneralLinearFunctionDerivation< T >

Auxiliar class to bypass the (provisional) lack of vectorization in TFormula::EvalPar.

WrappedMultiTF1Templ::DoParameterDerivation calls TFormula::EvalPar in the case of a general linear function built with TFormula using ++; as EvalPar is not vectorized, in order to generalize DoParameterDerivative with a general type T, we use this auxiliar class to branch the code in compile time with the double specialization (that can call EvalPar) and the general implementation (that throws an error in the case of general linear function).

Definition at line 188 of file WrappedMultiTF1.h.

Static Public Member Functions

static T DoParameterDerivative (const WrappedMultiTF1Templ< T > *, const T *, unsigned int)

#include <Math/WrappedMultiTF1.h>

Member Function Documentation

◆ DoParameterDerivative()

template<class T >
static T ROOT::Math::GeneralLinearFunctionDerivation< T >::DoParameterDerivative ( const WrappedMultiTF1Templ< T > *  ,
const T *  ,
unsigned int   

Definition at line 189 of file WrappedMultiTF1.h.

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