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ROOT::Math::GeneticMinimizerParameters Struct Reference

Definition at line 34 of file GeneticMinimizer.h.

Public Member Functions

 GeneticMinimizerParameters ()

Public Attributes

Double_t fConvCrit
Int_t fCycles
Int_t fNsteps
Int_t fPopSize
Double_t fSC_factor
Int_t fSC_rate
Int_t fSC_steps
Int_t fSeed

#include <Math/GeneticMinimizer.h>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GeneticMinimizerParameters()

ROOT::Math::GeneticMinimizerParameters::GeneticMinimizerParameters ( )

Definition at line 82 of file GeneticMinimizer.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fConvCrit

Double_t ROOT::Math::GeneticMinimizerParameters::fConvCrit

Definition at line 42 of file GeneticMinimizer.h.

◆ fCycles

Int_t ROOT::Math::GeneticMinimizerParameters::fCycles

Definition at line 38 of file GeneticMinimizer.h.

◆ fNsteps

Int_t ROOT::Math::GeneticMinimizerParameters::fNsteps

Definition at line 37 of file GeneticMinimizer.h.

◆ fPopSize

Int_t ROOT::Math::GeneticMinimizerParameters::fPopSize

Definition at line 36 of file GeneticMinimizer.h.

◆ fSC_factor

Double_t ROOT::Math::GeneticMinimizerParameters::fSC_factor

Definition at line 41 of file GeneticMinimizer.h.

◆ fSC_rate

Int_t ROOT::Math::GeneticMinimizerParameters::fSC_rate

Definition at line 40 of file GeneticMinimizer.h.

◆ fSC_steps

Int_t ROOT::Math::GeneticMinimizerParameters::fSC_steps

Definition at line 39 of file GeneticMinimizer.h.

◆ fSeed

Int_t ROOT::Math::GeneticMinimizerParameters::fSeed

Definition at line 43 of file GeneticMinimizer.h.

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