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CPUMeter.C File Reference

Detailed Description

Simple macro showing capabilities of the TGSpeedo widget.

#include "TSystem.h"
#include "TGFrame.h"
#include "TGWindow.h"
#include "TGSpeedo.h"
class TGShapedMain : public TGMainFrame {
const TGPicture *fBgnd; // picture used as mask
TGSpeedo *fSpeedo; // analog meter
TTimer *fTimer; // update timer
Int_t fActInfo; // actual information value
TGShapedMain(const TGWindow *p, int w, int h);
virtual ~TGShapedMain();
void CloseWindow();
TGSpeedo *GetSpeedo() const { return fSpeedo; }
Int_t GetActInfo() const { return fActInfo; }
void ToggleInfos();
ClassDef(TGShapedMain, 0)
// globals
TGShapedMain *gMainWindow;
TGSpeedo *gSpeedo;
Float_t prev_load;
Int_t old_memUsage;
TGShapedMain::TGShapedMain(const TGWindow *p, int w, int h) :
TGMainFrame(p, w, h)
// Constructor.
fActInfo = 1;
fSpeedo = new TGSpeedo(this, 0.0, 100.0, "CPU", "[%]");
fSpeedo->Connect("OdoClicked()", "TGShapedMain", this, "ToggleInfos()");
fSpeedo->Connect("LedClicked()", "TGShapedMain", this, "CloseWindow()");
Connect("CloseWindow()", "TGShapedMain", this, "CloseWindow()");
AddFrame(fSpeedo, new TGLayoutHints(kLHintsCenterX | kLHintsCenterX));
fSpeedo->SetDisplayText("Used RAM", "[MB]");
fTimer = new TTimer(100);
fBgnd = fSpeedo->GetPicture();
gVirtualX->ShapeCombineMask(GetId(), 0, 0, fBgnd->GetMask());
SetWMSizeHints(fBgnd->GetWidth(), fBgnd->GetHeight(), fBgnd->GetWidth(),
fBgnd->GetHeight(), 1, 1);
// To avoid closing the window while TGSpeedo is drawing
// To avoid closing the window while TGSpeedo is drawing
// Set fixed size
SetWMSizeHints(GetDefaultWidth(), GetDefaultHeight(), GetDefaultWidth(),
GetDefaultHeight(), 1, 1);
SetWindowName("ROOT CPU Load Meter");
void TGShapedMain::ToggleInfos()
// Toggle information displayed in Analog Meter
if (fActInfo < 2)
fActInfo = 0;
if (fActInfo == 0)
fSpeedo->SetDisplayText("Total RAM", "[MB]");
else if (fActInfo == 1)
fSpeedo->SetDisplayText("Used RAM", "[MB]");
else if (fActInfo == 2)
fSpeedo->SetDisplayText("Free RAM", "[MB]");
// Destructor.
delete fTimer;
delete fSpeedo;
void TGShapedMain::CloseWindow()
// Close Window.
if (fTimer)
void Update()
MemInfo_t memInfo;
CpuInfo_t cpuInfo;
Float_t act_load = 0.0;
Int_t memUsage = 0;
prev_load = act_load;
old_memUsage = memUsage;
// Get CPU information
gSystem->GetCpuInfo(&cpuInfo, 100);
// actual CPU load
act_load = cpuInfo.fTotal;
// Get Memory information
// choose which value to display
if (gMainWindow->GetActInfo() == 0)
memUsage = memInfo.fMemTotal;
else if (gMainWindow->GetActInfo() == 1)
memUsage = memInfo.fMemUsed;
else if (gMainWindow->GetActInfo() == 2)
memUsage = memInfo.fMemFree;
// small threshold to avoid "trembling" needle
if (fabs(act_load-prev_load) > 0.9) {
gSpeedo->SetScaleValue(act_load, 10);
prev_load = act_load;
// update only if value has changed
if (memUsage != old_memUsage) {
old_memUsage = memUsage;
void CPUMeter()
// Main application.
gMainWindow = new TGShapedMain(gClient->GetRoot(), 500, 200);
gSpeedo = gMainWindow->GetSpeedo();
// set threshold values
gSpeedo->SetThresholds(12.5, 50.0, 87.5);
// set threshold colors
// enable threshold
gSpeedo->SetScaleValue(0.0, 5);
// enable peak marker
#define h(i)
Definition RSha256.hxx:106
int Int_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:45
float Float_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:57
#define ClassDef(name, id)
Definition Rtypes.h:325
#define gClient
Definition TGClient.h:166
@ kLHintsCenterX
Definition TGLayout.h:32
R__EXTERN TSystem * gSystem
Definition TSystem.h:559
#define gVirtualX
Definition TVirtualX.h:338
virtual void CloseWindow()
Close and delete main frame.
Definition TGFrame.cxx:1731
void SetOdoValue(Int_t val)
Set actual value of odo meter.
Definition TGSpeedo.cxx:338
void EnableThreshold()
Definition TGSpeedo.h:105
@ kOrange
Definition TGSpeedo.h:41
void SetThresholds(Float_t th1=0.0, Float_t th2=0.0, Float_t th3=0.0)
Definition TGSpeedo.h:101
void SetThresholdColors(EGlowColor col1, EGlowColor col2, EGlowColor col3)
Definition TGSpeedo.h:103
void SetScaleValue(Float_t val)
Set actual scale (needle position) value.
Definition TGSpeedo.cxx:397
void EnablePeakMark()
Definition TGSpeedo.h:107
virtual int GetMemInfo(MemInfo_t *info) const
Returns ram and swap memory usage info into the MemInfo_t structure.
Definition TSystem.cxx:2483
virtual int GetCpuInfo(CpuInfo_t *info, Int_t sampleTime=1000) const
Returns cpu load average and load info into the CpuInfo_t structure.
Definition TSystem.cxx:2473
Handles synchronous and a-synchronous timer events.
Definition TTimer.h:51
VecExpr< UnaryOp< Fabs< T >, VecExpr< A, T, D >, T >, T, D > fabs(const VecExpr< A, T, D > &rhs)
Float_t fTotal
Definition TSystem.h:171
Int_t fMemFree
Definition TSystem.h:182
Int_t fMemUsed
Definition TSystem.h:181
Int_t fMemTotal
Definition TSystem.h:180
Bertrand Bellenot

Definition in file CPUMeter.C.