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CompareMasses.C File Reference

Detailed Description

Macro to compare masses in ROOT data base to the values from pdg pdg.

The ROOT values are read in by TDatabasePDG from $ROOTSYS/etc/pdg_table.txt

a_00 10111 pdg mass 1.474000E+00 pdg err 1.900000E-02 root Mass 9.835000E-01 >> deltaM 4.905000E-01 = 33.277%
a_0+ 10211 pdg mass 1.474000E+00 pdg err 1.900000E-02 root Mass 9.835000E-01 >> deltaM 4.905000E-01 = 33.277%
#include "TDatabasePDG.h"
#include "TParticlePDG.h"
void CompareMasses()
TString massWidthFile = gSystem->UnixPathName(__FILE__);
FILE* file = fopen(massWidthFile.Data(),"r");
if (!file){
Printf("Could not open PDG particle file %s", massWidthFile.Data());
char c[200];
char cempty;
Int_t pdg[4];
Float_t mass, err1, err2, err;
Int_t ndiff = 0;
while (fgets(c, 200, file)) {
if (c[0] != '*' && c[0] !='W') {
sscanf(&c[1], "%8d", &pdg[0]);
// check emptiness
pdg[1] = 0;
for(int i = 0;i<8;i++){
if(cempty != ' ')sscanf(&c[9],"%8d",&pdg[1]);
pdg[2] = 0;
for(int i = 0;i<8;i++){
if(cempty != ' ')sscanf(&c[17],"%8d",&pdg[2]);
pdg[3] = 0;
for(int i = 0;i<8;i++){
if(cempty != ' ')sscanf(&c[25],"%8d",&pdg[3]);
err = TMath::Max((Double_t)err1,(Double_t)-1.*err2);
for(int ipdg = 0;ipdg < 4;ipdg++){
TParticlePDG *partRoot = TDatabasePDG::Instance()->GetParticle(pdg[ipdg]);
Float_t massRoot = partRoot->Mass();
Float_t deltaM = TMath::Abs(massRoot - mass);
// if(deltaM > err){
if (mass != 0.0 && deltaM/mass>1E-05){
Printf("%10s %8d pdg mass %E pdg err %E root Mass %E >> deltaM %E = %3.3f%%",partRoot->GetName(),pdg[ipdg],mass,err,massRoot,deltaM,100.*deltaM/mass);
}// while
if (ndiff == 0) Printf("Crongratulations !! All particles in ROOT and PDG have identical masses");
#define c(i)
Definition: RSha256.hxx:101
int Int_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:45
double Double_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:59
float Float_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:57
void Printf(const char *fmt,...)
R__EXTERN TSystem * gSystem
Definition: TSystem.h:559
static TDatabasePDG * Instance()
static function
TParticlePDG * GetParticle(Int_t pdgCode) const
Get a pointer to the particle object according to the MC code number.
virtual const char * GetName() const
Returns name of object.
Definition: TNamed.h:47
Description of the static properties of a particle.
Definition: TParticlePDG.h:19
Double_t Mass() const
Definition: TParticlePDG.h:67
Basic string class.
Definition: TString.h:136
const char * Data() const
Definition: TString.h:369
TString & ReplaceAll(const TString &s1, const TString &s2)
Definition: TString.h:692
virtual const char * UnixPathName(const char *unixpathname)
Convert from a local pathname to a Unix pathname.
Definition: TSystem.cxx:1061
Short_t Max(Short_t a, Short_t b)
Definition: TMathBase.h:212
constexpr Double_t E()
Base of natural log:
Definition: TMath.h:96
Short_t Abs(Short_t d)
Definition: TMathBase.h:120
Definition: file.py:1

Definition in file CompareMasses.C.