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using namespace ROOT::R;
void Function()
// Defining functions to be used from R
TRFunctionImport rlist("list");
TRFunctionImport asformula("as.formula");
TRFunctionImport nls("nls");
TRFunctionImport confint("confint");
TRFunctionImport summary("summary");
TRFunctionImport print("print");
TRFunctionImport plot("plot");
TRFunctionImport lines("lines");
TRFunctionImport devnew("dev.new");
TRFunctionImport devoff("dev.off");
TRFunctionImport devcur("dev.cur");
TRFunctionImport rmin("min");
TRFunctionImport rmax("max");
TRFunctionImport seq("seq");
// doing the procedure
TRObject xdata = c(-2,-1.64,-1.33,-0.7,0,0.45,1.2,1.64,2.32,2.9);
TRObject ydata = c(0.699369,0.700462,0.695354,1.03905,1.97389,2.41143,1.91091,0.919576,-0.730975,-1.42001);
// fit = nls(ydata ~ p1*cos(p2*xdata) + p2*sin(p1*xdata), start=list(p1=1,p2=0.2))
TRObject fit = nls(asformula("ydata ~ p1*cos(p2*xdata) + p2*sin(p1*xdata)"),Label["data"]=data, Label["start"]=rlist(Label["p1"]=1,Label["p2"]=0.2));
if (!gROOT->IsBatch()) {
devnew("Fitting Regression");
TRObject xgrid=seq(rmin(xdata),rmax(xdata),Label["len"]=10);
lines(xgrid,predict(fit,xgrid),Label["col"] = "green");
devoff(Label["which"] = devcur() );
ROOT::R::TRInterface & r
Definition: Object.C:4
#define c(i)
Definition: RSha256.hxx:101
#define gROOT
Definition: TROOT.h:406
Double_t(* Function)(Double_t)
Definition: Functor.C:4
This is a class to create DataFrames from ROOT to R.
Definition: TRDataFrame.h:176
This is a class to pass functions from ROOT to R.
static TRInterface & Instance()
static method to get an TRInterface instance reference
void SetVerbose(Bool_t status)
Method to set verbose mode, that produce extra output.
This is a class to get ROOT's objects from R's objects.
Definition: TRObject.h:70
def fit(model, train_loader, val_loader, num_epochs, batch_size, optimizer, criterion, save_best, scheduler)
def predict(model, test_X, batch_size=100)
namespace associated R package for ROOT.
Definition: RExports.h:56
const Rcpp::internal::NamedPlaceHolder & Label

Definition in file Function.C.