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1// @(#)root/hist:$Id$
2// Author: Frank Filthaut F.Filthaut@science.ru.nl 20/05/2002
4#ifndef ROOT_TFractionFitter
5#define ROOT_TFractionFitter
7#ifndef ROOT_TVirtualFitter
8# include "TVirtualFitter.h"
11#ifndef ROOT_TObjArray
12# include "TObjArray.h"
15#include "TFitResultPtr.h"
17#include <vector>
19class TH1;
21namespace ROOT {
22 namespace Fit {
23 class Fitter;
24 }
27class TFractionFitter: public TObject {
30 TFractionFitter(TH1* data, TObjArray *MCs, Option_t *option="");
31 virtual ~TFractionFitter();
33 //TVirtualFitter* GetFitter() const;
35 void ErrorAnalysis(Double_t UP);
36 void SetRangeX(Int_t low, Int_t high);
37 void ReleaseRangeX();
38 void SetRangeY(Int_t low, Int_t high);
39 void ReleaseRangeY();
40 void SetRangeZ(Int_t low, Int_t high);
41 void ReleaseRangeZ();
42 void ExcludeBin(Int_t bin);
43 void IncludeBin(Int_t bin);
44 void Constrain(Int_t parm, Double_t low, Double_t high);
45 void UnConstrain(Int_t parm);
46 void SetData(TH1 *data);
47 void SetMC(Int_t parm, TH1 *MC);
48 void SetWeight(Int_t parm, TH1* weight);
51 void GetResult(Int_t parm, Double_t& value, Double_t& error) const;
52 TH1* GetPlot();
54 // This global function needs access to computeFCN()
55 //friend void TFractionFitFCN(Int_t& npar, Double_t* gin, Double_t& f, Double_t* par, Int_t flag);
57 // Goodness of fit
58 Double_t GetChisquare() const;
59 Int_t GetNDF() const;
60 Double_t GetProb() const;
62 // MC predictions (smeared templates)
63 TH1* GetMCPrediction(Int_t parm) const;
65 // FCN evaluation
67 Double_t f = 0;
68 ComputeFCN(f, par, 0);
69 return f;
70 }
73 void CheckParNo(Int_t parm) const;
74 void CheckConsistency();
75 void FindPrediction(int bin, double& t_i, int& k_0, double& A_ki) const;
76 void ComputeFCN(Double_t& f, const Double_t* par, Int_t flag);
77 void GetRanges(Int_t& minX, Int_t& maxX, Int_t& minY, Int_t& maxY,
78 Int_t& minZ, Int_t& maxZ) const;
80 bool IsExcluded(Int_t bin) const;
83 Bool_t fFitDone; // flags whether a valid fit has been performed
84 Int_t fLowLimitX; // first bin in X dimension
85 Int_t fHighLimitX; // last bin in X dimension
86 Int_t fLowLimitY; // first bin in Y dimension
87 Int_t fHighLimitY; // last bin in Y dimension
88 Int_t fLowLimitZ; // first bin in Z dimension
89 Int_t fHighLimitZ; // last bin in Z dimension
90 std::vector<Int_t> fExcludedBins; // bins excluded from the fit
92 Int_t fNpfits; // Number of points used in the fit
93 Int_t fNDF; // Number of degrees of freedom in the fit
94 Double_t fChisquare; // Template fit chisquare
96 TObjArray fAji; // array of pointers to predictions of real template distributions
98 // Histograms
99 TH1* fData; // pointer to the "data" histogram to be fitted to
100 TObjArray fMCs; // array of pointers to template histograms
101 TObjArray fWeights; // array of pointers to corresponding weight factors (may be null)
102 Double_t fIntegralData; // "data" histogram content integral over allowed fit range
103 Double_t* fIntegralMCs; // same for template histograms (weights not taken into account)
104 Double_t* fFractions; // template fractions scaled to the "data" histogram statistics
105 TH1* fPlot; // pointer to histogram containing summed template predictions
106 ROOT::Fit::Fitter *fFractionFitter; // pointer to Fitter class
108 Int_t fNpar; // number of fit parameters
110 ClassDef(TFractionFitter, 0); // Fits MC fractions to data histogram
114// TFractionFitFCN
116// Computes negative log-likelihood for TFractionFitter
119void TFractionFitFCN(Int_t& npar, Double_t* gin, Double_t& f, Double_t* par, Int_t flag);
121#endif // ROOT_TFractionFitter
#define f(i)
Definition RSha256.hxx:104
int Int_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:45
double Double_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:59
const char Option_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:66
#define ClassDef(name, id)
Definition Rtypes.h:325
void TFractionFitFCN(Int_t &npar, Double_t *gin, Double_t &f, Double_t *par, Int_t flag)
Fitter class, entry point for performing all type of fits.
Definition Fitter.h:77
Provides an indirection to the TFitResult class and with a semantics identical to a TFitResult pointe...
Fits MC fractions to data histogram.
void ComputeFCN(Double_t &f, const Double_t *par, Int_t flag)
Used internally to compute the likelihood value.
void GetRanges(Int_t &minX, Int_t &maxX, Int_t &minY, Int_t &maxY, Int_t &minZ, Int_t &maxZ) const
Used internally to obtain the bin ranges according to the dimensionality of the histogram and the lim...
void FindPrediction(int bin, double &t_i, int &k_0, double &A_ki) const
Function used internally to obtain the template prediction in the individual bins 'bin' <=> 'i' (pape...
virtual ~TFractionFitter()
TFractionFitter default destructor.
TH1 * GetPlot()
Return the "template prediction" corresponding to the fit result (this is not the same as the weighte...
Double_t GetProb() const
return the fit probability
void GetResult(Int_t parm, Double_t &value, Double_t &error) const
Obtain the fit result for parameter <parm> (the parameter numbering follows that of the input templat...
void CheckConsistency()
Function used internally to check the consistency between the various histograms.
void SetRangeX(Int_t low, Int_t high)
Set the X range of the histogram to be used in the fit.
void SetMC(Int_t parm, TH1 *MC)
Change the histogram for template number <parm>.
Double_t EvaluateFCN(const Double_t *par)
ROOT::Fit::Fitter * GetFitter() const
Give direct access to the underlying fitter class.
void SetRangeY(Int_t low, Int_t high)
Set the Y range of the histogram to be used in the fit (2D or 3D histograms only).
void ExcludeBin(Int_t bin)
Exclude the given bin from the fit.
TFractionFitter default constructor.
void IncludeBin(Int_t bin)
Include the given bin in the fit, if it was excluded before using ExcludeBin().
ROOT::Fit::Fitter * fFractionFitter
void Constrain(Int_t parm, Double_t low, Double_t high)
Constrain the values of parameter number <parm> (the parameter numbering follows that of the input te...
void SetData(TH1 *data)
Change the histogram to be fitted to.
bool IsExcluded(Int_t bin) const
Function for internal use, checking whether the given bin is excluded from the fit or not.
void SetRangeZ(Int_t low, Int_t high)
Set the Z range of the histogram to be used in the fit (3D histograms only).
Double_t GetChisquare() const
Return the likelihood ratio Chi-squared (chi2) for the fit.
void UnConstrain(Int_t parm)
Remove the constraints on the possible values of parameter <parm>.
Int_t GetNDF() const
return the number of degrees of freedom in the fit the fNDF parameter has been previously computed du...
Double_t * fFractions
void ReleaseRangeZ()
Release restrictions on the Z range of the histogram to be used in the fit.
void SetWeight(Int_t parm, TH1 *weight)
Set bin by bin weights for template number <parm> (the parameter numbering follows that of the input ...
void ReleaseRangeX()
Release restrictions on the X range of the histogram to be used in the fit.
void ErrorAnalysis(Double_t UP)
Set UP to the given value (see class TMinuit), and perform a MINOS minimisation.
void ComputeChisquareLambda()
Method used internally to compute the likelihood ratio chi2 See the function GetChisquare() for detai...
TFitResultPtr Fit()
Perform the fit with the default UP value.
Double_t * fIntegralMCs
void ReleaseRangeY()
Release restrictions on the Y range of the histogram to be used in the fit.
std::vector< Int_t > fExcludedBins
TH1 * GetMCPrediction(Int_t parm) const
Return the adjusted MC template (Aji) for template (parm).
void CheckParNo(Int_t parm) const
Function for internal use, checking parameter validity An invalid parameter results in an error.
TH1 is the base class of all histogram classes in ROOT.
Definition TH1.h:58
An array of TObjects.
Definition TObjArray.h:37
Mother of all ROOT objects.
Definition TObject.h:37
TFitResultPtr Fit(FitObject *h1, TF1 *f1, Foption_t &option, const ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions &moption, const char *goption, ROOT::Fit::DataRange &range)
Definition HFitImpl.cxx:133
tbb::task_arena is an alias of tbb::interface7::task_arena, which doesn't allow to forward declare tb...