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THn.h File Reference
#include "THnBase.h"
#include "TNDArray.h"
#include "TArrayD.h"
#include "TAxis.h"
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class  THn
 Multidimensional histogram. More...
class  THnT< T >
 Templated implementation of the abstract base THn. More...


typedef THnT< Char_tTHnC
typedef THnT< Double_tTHnD
typedef THnT< Float_tTHnF
typedef THnT< Int_tTHnI
typedef THnT< Long_tTHnL
typedef THnT< Long64_tTHnL64
typedef THnT< Short_tTHnS

Typedef Documentation

◆ THnC

typedef THnT<Char_t> THnC

Definition at line 242 of file THn.h.

◆ THnD

typedef THnT<Double_t> THnD

Definition at line 241 of file THn.h.

◆ THnF

typedef THnT<Float_t> THnF

Definition at line 240 of file THn.h.

◆ THnI

typedef THnT<Int_t> THnI

Definition at line 244 of file THn.h.

◆ THnL

typedef THnT<Long_t> THnL

Definition at line 245 of file THn.h.

◆ THnL64

typedef THnT<Long64_t> THnL64

Definition at line 246 of file THn.h.

◆ THnS

typedef THnT<Short_t> THnS

Definition at line 243 of file THn.h.