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ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RFieldFuse Class Reference

Definition at line 248 of file RField.hxx.

Static Public Member Functions

static void Connect (DescriptorId_t fieldId, RPageStorage &pageStorage, RFieldBase &field)
static void ConnectRecursively (DescriptorId_t fieldId, RPageSource &pageSource, RFieldBase &field)
 Connect the field columns and all sub field columns.

#include <ROOT/RField.hxx>

Member Function Documentation

◆ Connect()

void ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RFieldFuse::Connect ( DescriptorId_t  fieldId,
RPageStorage pageStorage,
RFieldBase field 

Definition at line 118 of file RField.cxx.

◆ ConnectRecursively()

void ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RFieldFuse::ConnectRecursively ( DescriptorId_t  fieldId,
RPageSource pageSource,
RFieldBase field 

Connect the field columns and all sub field columns.

Definition at line 127 of file RField.cxx.

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