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TEveLegoEventHandler Class Reference

A base class of TGLEventHandler.

Switches current camera from perspective to orthographic bird-view, if camera theta is less than given threshold. It sets back perspective camera when accumulated angle is more than transition theta.

Definition at line 21 of file TEveLegoEventHandler.h.

Public Member Functions

 TEveLegoEventHandler (TGWindow *w, TObject *obj, TEveCaloLego *lego=0)
virtual ~TEveLegoEventHandler ()
TEveCaloLegoGetLego ()
Float_t GetTransTheta ()
virtual Bool_t HandleKey (Event_t *event)
 Virtual from TGLEventHandler.
void SetLego (TEveCaloLego *x)
void SetTransTheta (Float_t h)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TGLEventHandler
 TGLEventHandler (TGWindow *w, TObject *obj)
virtual ~TGLEventHandler ()
virtual void ClearMouseOver ()
 Clear mouse-over state and emit mouse-over signals.
virtual void ExecuteEvent (Int_t event, Int_t px, Int_t py)
 Process event of type 'event' - one of EEventType types, occurring at window location px, py This is provided for use when embedding GL viewer into pad.
Bool_t GetArcBall () const
Bool_t GetDoInternalSelection () const
Int_t GetSecSelType () const
Int_t GetTooltipPixelTolerance () const
virtual Bool_t HandleButton (Event_t *event)
 Handle mouse button 'event'.
virtual Bool_t HandleConfigureNotify (Event_t *event)
 Handle configure notify 'event' - a window resize/movement.
virtual Bool_t HandleCrossing (Event_t *event)
 Handle generic Event_t type 'event' - provided to catch focus changes and terminate any interaction in viewer.
virtual Bool_t HandleDoubleClick (Event_t *event)
 Handle mouse double click 'event'.
virtual Bool_t HandleEvent (Event_t *event)
 Handle generic Event_t type 'event' - provided to catch focus changes and terminate any interaction in viewer.
virtual Bool_t HandleExpose (Event_t *event)
 Handle window expose 'event' - show.
virtual Bool_t HandleFocusChange (Event_t *event)
 Handle generic Event_t type 'event' - provided to catch focus changes and terminate any interaction in viewer.
virtual Bool_t HandleMotion (Event_t *event)
 Handle mouse motion 'event'.
virtual Bool_t HandleTimer (TTimer *t)
 If mouse delay timer times out emit signal.
virtual void PopupContextMenu (TGLPhysicalShape *pshp, Event_t *event, Int_t gx, Int_t gy)
 Popup context menu.
virtual void RemoveTooltip ()
 Hide the tooltip.
virtual void Repaint ()
 Handle window expose 'event' - show.
void SetArcBall (Bool_t a)
void SetDoInternalSelection (Bool_t x)
void SetMouseOverSelectDelay (Int_t ms)
 Set delay of mouse-over probe (highlight).
void SetMouseOverTooltipDelay (Int_t ms)
 Set delay of tooltip timer.
void SetSecSelType (Int_t t)
void SetTooltipPixelTolerance (Int_t t)
virtual void StartMouseTimer ()
 Start mouse timer in single-shot mode.
virtual void StopMouseTimer ()
 Make sure mouse timers are not running.
virtual void TriggerTooltip (const char *text)
 Trigger display of tooltip.
- Public Member Functions inherited from TGEventHandler
 TGEventHandler (const char *name, TGWindow *w, TObject *obj, const char *title="")
virtual ~TGEventHandler ()
void Activate ()
void DeActivate ()
virtual Bool_t HandleColormapChange (Event_t *)
virtual Bool_t HandleSelection (Event_t *)
virtual Bool_t HandleSelectionClear (Event_t *)
virtual Bool_t HandleSelectionRequest (Event_t *)
Bool_t IsActive () const
virtual void ProcessedEvent (Event_t *event)
virtual Bool_t ProcessMessage (Long_t, Long_t, Long_t)
virtual void SendMessage (const TGWindow *w, Long_t msg, Long_t parm1, Long_t parm2)
 Send message (i.e.
- Public Member Functions inherited from TNamed
 TNamed ()
 TNamed (const char *name, const char *title)
 TNamed (const TNamed &named)
 TNamed copy ctor.
 TNamed (const TString &name, const TString &title)
virtual ~TNamed ()
 TNamed destructor.
virtual void Clear (Option_t *option="")
 Set name and title to empty strings ("").
virtual TObjectClone (const char *newname="") const
 Make a clone of an object using the Streamer facility.
virtual Int_t Compare (const TObject *obj) const
 Compare two TNamed objects.
virtual void Copy (TObject &named) const
 Copy this to obj.
virtual void FillBuffer (char *&buffer)
 Encode TNamed into output buffer.
virtual const char * GetName () const
 Returns name of object.
virtual const char * GetTitle () const
 Returns title of object.
virtual ULong_t Hash () const
 Return hash value for this object.
virtual Bool_t IsSortable () const
virtual void ls (Option_t *option="") const
 List TNamed name and title.
TNamedoperator= (const TNamed &rhs)
 TNamed assignment operator.
virtual void Print (Option_t *option="") const
 Print TNamed name and title.
virtual void SetName (const char *name)
 Set the name of the TNamed.
virtual void SetNameTitle (const char *name, const char *title)
 Set all the TNamed parameters (name and title).
virtual void SetTitle (const char *title="")
 Set the title of the TNamed.
virtual Int_t Sizeof () const
 Return size of the TNamed part of the TObject.
- Public Member Functions inherited from TObject
 TObject ()
 TObject constructor.
 TObject (const TObject &object)
 TObject copy ctor.
virtual ~TObject ()
 TObject destructor.
void AbstractMethod (const char *method) const
 Use this method to implement an "abstract" method that you don't want to leave purely abstract.
virtual void AppendPad (Option_t *option="")
 Append graphics object to current pad.
virtual void Browse (TBrowser *b)
 Browse object. May be overridden for another default action.
ULong_t CheckedHash ()
 Check and record whether this class has a consistent Hash/RecursiveRemove setup (*) and then return the regular Hash value for this object.
virtual const char * ClassName () const
 Returns name of class to which the object belongs.
virtual void Delete (Option_t *option="")
 Delete this object.
virtual Int_t DistancetoPrimitive (Int_t px, Int_t py)
 Computes distance from point (px,py) to the object.
virtual void Draw (Option_t *option="")
 Default Draw method for all objects.
virtual void DrawClass () const
 Draw class inheritance tree of the class to which this object belongs.
virtual TObjectDrawClone (Option_t *option="") const
 Draw a clone of this object in the current selected pad for instance with: gROOT->SetSelectedPad(gPad).
virtual void Dump () const
 Dump contents of object on stdout.
virtual void Error (const char *method, const char *msgfmt,...) const
 Issue error message.
virtual void Execute (const char *method, const char *params, Int_t *error=0)
 Execute method on this object with the given parameter string, e.g.
virtual void Execute (TMethod *method, TObjArray *params, Int_t *error=0)
 Execute method on this object with parameters stored in the TObjArray.
virtual void Fatal (const char *method, const char *msgfmt,...) const
 Issue fatal error message.
virtual TObjectFindObject (const char *name) const
 Must be redefined in derived classes.
virtual TObjectFindObject (const TObject *obj) const
 Must be redefined in derived classes.
virtual Option_tGetDrawOption () const
 Get option used by the graphics system to draw this object.
virtual const char * GetIconName () const
 Returns mime type name of object.
virtual char * GetObjectInfo (Int_t px, Int_t py) const
 Returns string containing info about the object at position (px,py).
virtual Option_tGetOption () const
virtual UInt_t GetUniqueID () const
 Return the unique object id.
Bool_t HasInconsistentHash () const
 Return true is the type of this object is known to have an inconsistent setup for Hash and RecursiveRemove (i.e.
virtual void Info (const char *method, const char *msgfmt,...) const
 Issue info message.
virtual Bool_t InheritsFrom (const char *classname) const
 Returns kTRUE if object inherits from class "classname".
virtual Bool_t InheritsFrom (const TClass *cl) const
 Returns kTRUE if object inherits from TClass cl.
virtual void Inspect () const
 Dump contents of this object in a graphics canvas.
void InvertBit (UInt_t f)
virtual Bool_t IsEqual (const TObject *obj) const
 Default equal comparison (objects are equal if they have the same address in memory).
virtual Bool_t IsFolder () const
 Returns kTRUE in case object contains browsable objects (like containers or lists of other objects).
R__ALWAYS_INLINE Bool_t IsOnHeap () const
R__ALWAYS_INLINE Bool_t IsZombie () const
void MayNotUse (const char *method) const
 Use this method to signal that a method (defined in a base class) may not be called in a derived class (in principle against good design since a child class should not provide less functionality than its parent, however, sometimes it is necessary).
virtual Bool_t Notify ()
 This method must be overridden to handle object notification.
void Obsolete (const char *method, const char *asOfVers, const char *removedFromVers) const
 Use this method to declare a method obsolete.
void operator delete (void *ptr)
 Operator delete.
void operator delete[] (void *ptr)
 Operator delete [].
voidoperator new (size_t sz)
voidoperator new (size_t sz, void *vp)
voidoperator new[] (size_t sz)
voidoperator new[] (size_t sz, void *vp)
TObjectoperator= (const TObject &rhs)
 TObject assignment operator.
virtual void Paint (Option_t *option="")
 This method must be overridden if a class wants to paint itself.
virtual void Pop ()
 Pop on object drawn in a pad to the top of the display list.
virtual Int_t Read (const char *name)
 Read contents of object with specified name from the current directory.
virtual void RecursiveRemove (TObject *obj)
 Recursively remove this object from a list.
void ResetBit (UInt_t f)
virtual void SaveAs (const char *filename="", Option_t *option="") const
 Save this object in the file specified by filename.
virtual void SavePrimitive (std::ostream &out, Option_t *option="")
 Save a primitive as a C++ statement(s) on output stream "out".
void SetBit (UInt_t f)
void SetBit (UInt_t f, Bool_t set)
 Set or unset the user status bits as specified in f.
virtual void SetDrawOption (Option_t *option="")
 Set drawing option for object.
virtual void SetUniqueID (UInt_t uid)
 Set the unique object id.
virtual void SysError (const char *method, const char *msgfmt,...) const
 Issue system error message.
R__ALWAYS_INLINE Bool_t TestBit (UInt_t f) const
Int_t TestBits (UInt_t f) const
virtual void UseCurrentStyle ()
 Set current style settings in this object This function is called when either TCanvas::UseCurrentStyle or TROOT::ForceStyle have been invoked.
virtual void Warning (const char *method, const char *msgfmt,...) const
 Issue warning message.
virtual Int_t Write (const char *name=0, Int_t option=0, Int_t bufsize=0)
 Write this object to the current directory.
virtual Int_t Write (const char *name=0, Int_t option=0, Int_t bufsize=0) const
 Write this object to the current directory.
- Public Member Functions inherited from TQObject
 TQObject ()
 TQObject Constructor.
virtual ~TQObject ()
 TQObject Destructor.
Bool_t AreSignalsBlocked () const
Bool_t BlockSignals (Bool_t b)
virtual void ChangedBy (const char *method)
void CollectClassSignalLists (TList &list, TClass *cls)
 Collect class signal lists from class cls and all its base-classes.
Bool_t Connect (const char *signal, const char *receiver_class, void *receiver, const char *slot)
 Non-static method is used to connect from the signal of this object to the receiver slot.
virtual void Connected (const char *)
virtual void Destroyed ()
Bool_t Disconnect (const char *signal=0, void *receiver=0, const char *slot=0)
 Disconnects signal of this object from slot of receiver.
virtual void Disconnected (const char *)
void Emit (const char *signal)
 Activate signal without args.
template<typename T >
void Emit (const char *signal, const T &arg)
 Activate signal with single parameter.
template<typename... T>
void EmitVA (const char *signal_name, Int_t, const T &... params)
 Emit a signal with a varying number of arguments.
TListGetListOfClassSignals () const
 Returns pointer to list of signals of this class.
TListGetListOfConnections () const
TListGetListOfSignals () const
virtual Bool_t HasConnection (const char *signal_name) const
 Return true if there is any object connected to this signal.
virtual void HighPriority (const char *signal_name, const char *slot_name=0)
virtual void LowPriority (const char *signal_name, const char *slot_name=0)
virtual void Message (const char *msg)
virtual Int_t NumberOfConnections () const
 Return number of connections for this object.
virtual Int_t NumberOfSignals () const
 Return number of signals for this object.

Public Attributes


Protected Types

enum  EMode_e { kLocked , kFree }
- Protected Types inherited from TObject
enum  { kOnlyPrepStep = BIT(3) }

Protected Member Functions

virtual Bool_t Rotate (Int_t xDelta, Int_t yDelta, Bool_t mod1, Bool_t mod2)
 Method to handle action TGLViewer::kDragCameraRotate.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TGLEventHandler
Int_t ControlValue (Int_t v)
virtual void GrabMouse ()
 Acquire mouse grab.
virtual void SelectForClicked (Event_t *event)
 Run selection (optionally with on secondary selection) and emit corresponding Clicked() signals.
virtual void SelectForMouseOver ()
 Run selection (optionally with on secondary selection) and emit corresponding MouseOver() signals.
virtual void UnGrabMouse ()
 Release mouse grab.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TObject
virtual void DoError (int level, const char *location, const char *fmt, va_list va) const
 Interface to ErrorHandler (protected).
void MakeZombie ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TQObject
virtual const char * GetSenderClassName () const

Protected Attributes

EMode_e fMode
Float_t fTheta
Float_t fTransTheta
- Protected Attributes inherited from TGLEventHandler
UInt_t fActiveButtonID
Bool_t fArcBall
Float_t fArrowKeyFactor
TPoint fButtonPushPos
Bool_t fDoInternalSelection
Bool_t fIgnoreButtonUp
Bool_t fInPointerGrab
UInt_t fLastEventState
TPoint fLastGlobalPos
TPoint fLastMouseOverPos
TPoint fLastPos
Float_t fMouseDragFactor
Bool_t fMouseTimerRunning
Float_t fMouseWheelFactor
Int_t fSecSelType
Int_t fTooltipPixelTolerance
TPoint fTooltipPos
Bool_t fTooltipShown
Bool_t fViewerCentricControls
- Protected Attributes inherited from TNamed
TString fName
TString fTitle
- Protected Attributes inherited from TQObject
 list of signals from this object
Bool_t fSignalsBlocked
 list of connections to this object

Private Member Functions

 TEveLegoEventHandler (const TEveLegoEventHandler &)
TEveLegoEventHandleroperator= (const TEveLegoEventHandler &)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TObject
enum  {
  kIsOnHeap = 0x01000000 , kNotDeleted = 0x02000000 , kZombie = 0x04000000 , kInconsistent = 0x08000000 ,
  kBitMask = 0x00ffffff
enum  { kSingleKey = BIT(0) , kOverwrite = BIT(1) , kWriteDelete = BIT(2) }
enum  EDeprecatedStatusBits { kObjInCanvas = BIT(3) }
enum  EStatusBits {
  kCanDelete = BIT(0) , kMustCleanup = BIT(3) , kIsReferenced = BIT(4) , kHasUUID = BIT(5) ,
  kCannotPick = BIT(6) , kNoContextMenu = BIT(8) , kInvalidObject = BIT(13)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TObject
static Long_t GetDtorOnly ()
 Return destructor only flag.
static Bool_t GetObjectStat ()
 Get status of object stat flag.
static void SetDtorOnly (void *obj)
 Set destructor only flag.
static void SetObjectStat (Bool_t stat)
 Turn on/off tracking of objects in the TObjectTable.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TQObject
static Bool_t AreAllSignalsBlocked ()
 Returns true if all signals are blocked.
static Bool_t BlockAllSignals (Bool_t b)
 Block or unblock all signals. Returns the previous block status.
static Bool_t Connect (const char *sender_class, const char *signal, const char *receiver_class, void *receiver, const char *slot)
 This method allows to make a connection from any object of the same class to a single slot.
static Bool_t Connect (TQObject *sender, const char *signal, const char *receiver_class, void *receiver, const char *slot)
 Create connection between sender and receiver.
static Bool_t Disconnect (const char *class_name, const char *signal, void *receiver=0, const char *slot=0)
 Disconnects "class signal".
static Bool_t Disconnect (TQObject *sender, const char *signal=0, void *receiver=0, const char *slot=0)
 Disconnects signal in object sender from slot_method in object receiver.
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from TQObject
static Int_t CheckConnectArgs (TQObject *sender, TClass *sender_class, const char *signal, TClass *receiver_class, const char *slot)
 Checking of consistency of sender/receiver methods/arguments.
static TString CompressName (const char *method_name)
 Removes "const" words and blanks from full (with prototype) method name and resolve any typedefs in the method signature.
static Bool_t ConnectToClass (const char *sender_class, const char *signal, TClass *receiver_class, void *receiver, const char *slot)
 This method allows to make connection from any object of the same class to the receiver object.
static Bool_t ConnectToClass (TQObject *sender, const char *signal, TClass *receiver_class, void *receiver, const char *slot)
 Create connection between sender and receiver.
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from TQObject
static Bool_t fgAllSignalsBlocked = kFALSE
 flag used for suppression of signals

#include <TEveLegoEventHandler.h>

Inheritance diagram for TEveLegoEventHandler:

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ EMode_e


Definition at line 28 of file TEveLegoEventHandler.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TEveLegoEventHandler() [1/2]

TEveLegoEventHandler::TEveLegoEventHandler ( const TEveLegoEventHandler )

◆ TEveLegoEventHandler() [2/2]

TEveLegoEventHandler::TEveLegoEventHandler ( TGWindow w,
TObject obj,
TEveCaloLego lego = 0 


Definition at line 41 of file TEveLegoEventHandler.cxx.

◆ ~TEveLegoEventHandler()

virtual TEveLegoEventHandler::~TEveLegoEventHandler ( )

Definition at line 40 of file TEveLegoEventHandler.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetLego()

TEveCaloLego * TEveLegoEventHandler::GetLego ( )

Definition at line 47 of file TEveLegoEventHandler.h.

◆ GetTransTheta()

Float_t TEveLegoEventHandler::GetTransTheta ( )

Definition at line 44 of file TEveLegoEventHandler.h.

◆ HandleKey()

Bool_t TEveLegoEventHandler::HandleKey ( Event_t event)

Virtual from TGLEventHandler.

Free the camera when home is pressed.

Reimplemented from TGLEventHandler.

Definition at line 56 of file TEveLegoEventHandler.cxx.

◆ operator=()

TEveLegoEventHandler & TEveLegoEventHandler::operator= ( const TEveLegoEventHandler )

◆ Rotate()

Bool_t TEveLegoEventHandler::Rotate ( Int_t  xDelta,
Int_t  yDelta,
Bool_t  mod1,
Bool_t  mod2 

Method to handle action TGLViewer::kDragCameraRotate.

It switches from standard perspective view to bird-view bellow angle fTransTheta and restores view when accumulated theta is larger than transition angle.

Reimplemented from TGLEventHandler.

Definition at line 69 of file TEveLegoEventHandler.cxx.

◆ SetLego()

void TEveLegoEventHandler::SetLego ( TEveCaloLego x)

Definition at line 48 of file TEveLegoEventHandler.h.

◆ SetTransTheta()

void TEveLegoEventHandler::SetTransTheta ( Float_t  h)

Definition at line 45 of file TEveLegoEventHandler.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fLego

TEveCaloLego* TEveLegoEventHandler::fLego

Definition at line 37 of file TEveLegoEventHandler.h.

◆ fMode

EMode_e TEveLegoEventHandler::fMode

Definition at line 30 of file TEveLegoEventHandler.h.

◆ fTheta

Float_t TEveLegoEventHandler::fTheta

Definition at line 32 of file TEveLegoEventHandler.h.

◆ fTransTheta

Float_t TEveLegoEventHandler::fTransTheta

Definition at line 31 of file TEveLegoEventHandler.h.

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