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collection_proxies.C File Reference
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namespace  fw3dlego


#define RND_BOX(x)   (Float_t)r.Uniform(-(x), (x))


void collection_proxies (bool proj=true)


ROOT::Experimental::REveManagereveMng = nullptr
ROOT::Experimental::REveProjectionManagerg_projMng = nullptr
const Double_t kR_max = 299
const Double_t kR_min = 300
const Double_t kZ_d = 300
const double fw3dlego::xbins [xbins_n]
const int fw3dlego::xbins_n = 83

Detailed Description

This example display collection of ??? in web browser.

Definition in file collection_proxies.C.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define RND_BOX (   x)    (Float_t)r.Uniform(-(x), (x))

Function Documentation

◆ collection_proxies()

void collection_proxies ( bool  proj = true)

Definition at line 789 of file collection_proxies.C.

Variable Documentation

◆ eveMng

Definition at line 58 of file collection_proxies.C.

◆ g_projMng

Definition at line 59 of file collection_proxies.C.

◆ kR_max

const Double_t kR_max = 299

Definition at line 42 of file collection_proxies.C.

◆ kR_min

const Double_t kR_min = 300

Definition at line 41 of file collection_proxies.C.

◆ kZ_d

const Double_t kZ_d = 300

Definition at line 43 of file collection_proxies.C.