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df107_SingleTopAnalysis.py File Reference


namespace  df107_SingleTopAnalysis

Detailed Description

View in nbviewer Open in SWAN A single top analysis using the ATLAS Open Data release of 2020, with RDataFrame.

This tutorial is the analysis of single top production adapted from the ATLAS Open Data release in 2020 (http://opendata.atlas.cern/release/2020/documentation/). The data was recorded with the ATLAS detector during 2016 at a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV. Top quarks with a mass of about 172 GeV are mostly produced in pairs but also appear alone, dominantly from the decays of a W boson in association with a light jet.

The analysis is translated to a RDataFrame workflow processing up to 60 GB of simulated events and data. By default the analysis runs on a preskimmed dataset to reduce the runtime. The full dataset can be used with the –full-dataset argument and you can also run only on a fraction of the original dataset using the argument –lumi-scale.

Definition in file df107_SingleTopAnalysis.py.