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mixmax.icc File Reference
#include "mixmax.h"
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#define __MIXMAX_C
#define MASK32   0xFFFFFFFFULL
#define OLDSKIP   0
#define SKIPISON   1


void fill_array (rng_state_t *X, unsigned int n, double *array)
myuint fmodmulM61 (myuint cum, myuint s, myuint a)
myuint get_next (rng_state_t *X)
double get_next_float (rng_state_t *X)
int iterate (rng_state_t *X)
void iterate_and_fill_array (rng_state_t *X, double *array)
myuint iterate_raw_vec (myuint *Y, myuint sumtotOld)
myuint modadd (myuint foo, myuint bar)
uint64_t MULWU (uint64_t)
myuint precalc (rng_state_t *X)
void print_state (rng_state_t *X)
void read_state (rng_state_t *X, const char filename[])
rng_state_trng_alloc ()
rng_state_trng_copy (myuint *Y)
int rng_free (rng_state_t *X)
int rng_get_N (void)
void seed_spbox (rng_state_t *X, myuint seed)
void seed_uniquestream (rng_state_t *Xin, myID_t clusterID, myID_t machineID, myID_t runID, myID_t streamID)
void seed_vielbein (rng_state_t *X, unsigned int index)

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#define __MIXMAX_C

Definition at line 30 of file mixmax.icc.


{ for (i =0; i<N; i++){ \
cum[i] = fmodmulM61( cum[i], coeff , Y[i] ) ; \
} }
#define N
myuint fmodmulM61(myuint cum, myuint s, myuint a)
Definition mixmax.icc:258

Definition at line 342 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ MASK32

#define MASK32   0xFFFFFFFFULL

Definition at line 256 of file mixmax.icc.


#define OLDSKIP   0

Definition at line 349 of file mixmax.icc.


#define SKIPISON   1

Definition at line 348 of file mixmax.icc.

Function Documentation

◆ fill_array()

void fill_array ( rng_state_t X,
unsigned int  n,
double array 

Definition at line 85 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ fmodmulM61()

myuint fmodmulM61 ( myuint  cum,
myuint  s,
myuint  a 

Definition at line 258 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ get_next()

myuint get_next ( rng_state_t X)

Definition at line 77 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ get_next_float()

double get_next_float ( rng_state_t X)

Definition at line 81 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ iterate()

int iterate ( rng_state_t X)

Definition at line 34 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ iterate_and_fill_array()

void iterate_and_fill_array ( rng_state_t X,
double array 

Definition at line 105 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ iterate_raw_vec()

myuint iterate_raw_vec ( myuint Y,
myuint  sumtotOld 

Definition at line 47 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ modadd()

myuint modadd ( myuint  foo,
myuint  bar 

Definition at line 137 of file mixmax.icc.


uint64_t MULWU ( uint64_t  )

Definition at line 42 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ precalc()

myuint precalc ( rng_state_t X)

Definition at line 228 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ print_state()

void print_state ( rng_state_t X)

Definition at line 273 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ read_state()

void read_state ( rng_state_t X,
const char  filename[] 

Definition at line 286 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ rng_alloc()

rng_state_t * rng_alloc ( )

Definition at line 154 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ rng_copy()

rng_state_t * rng_copy ( myuint Y)

Definition at line 168 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ rng_free()

int rng_free ( rng_state_t X)

Definition at line 162 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ rng_get_N()

int rng_get_N ( void  )

Definition at line 240 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ seed_spbox()

void seed_spbox ( rng_state_t X,
myuint  seed 

Definition at line 205 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ seed_uniquestream()

void seed_uniquestream ( rng_state_t Xin,
myID_t  clusterID,
myID_t  machineID,
myID_t  runID,
myID_t  streamID 

Definition at line 480 of file mixmax.icc.

◆ seed_vielbein()

void seed_vielbein ( rng_state_t X,
unsigned int  index 

Definition at line 188 of file mixmax.icc.