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makeQuickModel Namespace Reference


 main ()
 MakeSimpleMeasurement (signal_val, background_val, data_val, signal_uncertainty=None, background_uncertainty=None, Export=False, output_prefix="Measurement")

Function Documentation

◆ main()

makeQuickModel.main ( )
 Create a simple model and run statistical tests  

This script can be used to make simple statistical using histfactory.
It takes values for signal, background, and data as input, and
can optionally take uncertainties on signal or background.
The model is created and saved to an output ROOT file, and
the model can be fit if requested.

Definition at line 14 of file makeQuickModel.py.

◆ MakeSimpleMeasurement()

makeQuickModel.MakeSimpleMeasurement (   signal_val,
  signal_uncertainty = None,
  background_uncertainty = None,
  Export = False,
  output_prefix = "Measurement" 
 Make a simple measurement using HistFactory

Take in simple values for signal, background data, 
and potentially uncertainty on signal and background

Definition at line 102 of file makeQuickModel.py.