library: libRooFit
#include "RooPrintable.h"


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class RooPrintable

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RooPrintable(const RooPrintable&)
static TClass*Class()
static ostream&defaultStream(ostream* os = 0)
static voidinLinePrint(ostream& os, const TNamed& named)
virtual TClass*IsA() const
RooPrintable::PrintOptionlessVerbose(RooPrintable::PrintOption opt) const
static voidoneLinePrint(ostream& os, const TNamed& named)
RooPrintable&operator=(const RooPrintable&)
RooPrintable::PrintOptionparseOptions(Option_t* options) const
virtual voidprintToStream(ostream& os, RooPrintable::PrintOption opt = Standard, TString indent = ) const
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer& b)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)

Data Members

enum PrintOption { InLine

Class Description

void printToStream(ostream& os, PrintOption /*opt*/, TString /*indent*/)
 Print information about this object to the specified stream. The possible
 PrintOptions are:

   InLine   - print contents suitable for inlining (i.e. no newlines in printout)
   OneLine  - print a one line summary (see oneLinePrint())
   Standard - the default level of printing
   Shape    - add information about our "shape"
   Verbose  - the most detailed level of printing
 Use the optional indent parameter to prefix all output after the first line.
 The default implementation prints a one-line warning message.
void inLinePrint(ostream& os, const TNamed &named)
 Provide a standard implementation of in-line printing consisting of


void oneLinePrint(ostream& os, const TNamed &named)
 Provide a standard implementation of one-line printing consisting of

 <classname>::<name>: "<title>"

 The title is omitted if it is empty. Subclasses should call this method
 to generate the first line of output in their printToStream() implementations.
ostream & defaultStream(ostream *os)
 Return a reference to the current default stream to use in
 Print(). Use the optional parameter to specify a new default
 stream (a reference to the old one is still returned). This
 method allows subclasses to provide an inline implementation of
 Print() without pulling in iostream.h.
inline RooPrintable()
{ }
virtual ~RooPrintable()
{ }
PrintOption parseOptions(Option_t *options)
PrintOption lessVerbose(PrintOption opt)

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