library: libCore
#include "TString.h"


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class TSubString

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TSubString(const TSubString& s)
const char*Data() const
Bool_tIsNull() const
Ssiz_tLength() const
intoperator!() const
char&operator()(Ssiz_t i)
charoperator()(Ssiz_t i) const
TSubString&operator=(const char* s)
TSubString&operator=(const TString& s)
TSubString&operator=(const TSubString&)
char&operator[](Ssiz_t i)
charoperator[](Ssiz_t i) const
Ssiz_tStart() const
voidAssertElement(Ssiz_t i) const
voidSubStringError(Ssiz_t, Ssiz_t, Ssiz_t) const
TSubString(const TString& s, Ssiz_t start, Ssiz_t len)

Data Members

TString*fStrReferenced string
Ssiz_tfBeginIndex of starting character
Ssiz_tfExtentLength of TSubString

Class Description

const char * Data()
{ return fStr->Data() + fBegin; }
char operator[](Ssiz_t i)
 Access to elements of sub-string with bounds checking
{ AssertElement(i); return fStr->fData[fBegin+i]; }
char operator()(Ssiz_t i)
{ return fStr->fData[fBegin+i]; }
Ssiz_t Length()
{ return fNchars; }
char & operator[](Ssiz_t i)
{ return ((char*)(this+1))[i]; }
TSubString(const TString &s, Ssiz_t start, Ssiz_t len)
 NB: the only constructor is private
void SubStringError(Ssiz_t, Ssiz_t, Ssiz_t)
void AssertElement(Ssiz_t i)
TSubString(const TSubString &s)
{ }
TSubString & operator=(const char *s)
TSubString & operator=(const TString &s)
char & operator()(Ssiz_t i)
Ssiz_t Start()
{ return fBegin; }
void ToLower()
void ToUpper()
Bool_t IsNull()
 For detecting null substrings
{ return fBegin == kNPOS; }
int operator!()
{ return fBegin == kNPOS; }
TString & operator=(char s)

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