class Event_t


Types used by the GUI classes.

Function Members (Methods)

Event_t(const Event_t&)
Event_t&operator=(const Event_t&)

Data Members

UInt_tfCodekey or button code
Int_tfCountif non-zero, at least this many more exposes
Int_tfFormatNext fields only used by kClientMessageEvent
Handle_tfHandlegeneral resource handle (used for atoms or windows)
UInt_tfHeightwidth and height of exposed area
Bool_tfSendEventtrue if event came from SendEvent
UInt_tfStatekey or button mask
Time_tfTimetime event event occured in ms
EGEventTypefTypeof event (see EGEventType)
Long_tfUser[5]5 longs can be used by client message events
Window_tfWindowwindow reported event is relative to
Int_tfYpointer x, y coordinates in event window
Int_tfYRootcoordinates relative to root

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