class FontMetrics_t

TGFont and TGFontPool

Encapsulate fonts used in the GUI system.
TGFontPool provides a pool of fonts.
TGTextLayout is used to keep track of string  measurement
information when  using the text layout facilities.
It can be displayed with respect to any origin.

Function Members (Methods)

FontMetrics_t(const FontMetrics_t&)
FontMetrics_t&operator=(const FontMetrics_t&)

Data Members

Int_tfAscentfrom baseline to top of font
Int_tfDescentfrom baseline to bottom of font
Bool_tfFixedtrue if monospace, false otherwise
Int_tfLinespacethe sum of the ascent and descent
Int_tfMaxWidthwidth of widest character in font

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Class Charts

Function documentation

FontAttributes_t& operator=(const FontMetrics_t& )

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