class TIsAProxy: public TVirtualIsAProxy


TIsAProxy implementation class.

Function Members (Methods)

TIsAProxy(const type_info& typ, void* ctxt = 0)
virtual TClass*operator()(const void* obj)
virtual voidSetClass(TClass* cl)
TIsAProxy(const TIsAProxy&)
TIsAProxy&operator=(const TIsAProxy&)

Data Members

TClass*fClassActual TClass
void*fContextOptional user contex
Bool_tfInitInitialization flag
TClass*fLastClassLast used TClass
const type_info*fLastTypeLast used subtype
Char_tfSubTypes[72]map of known sub-types
const type_info*fTypeActual typeid of the proxy
Bool_tfVirtualFlag if class is virtual

Class Charts

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Function documentation

TIsAProxy(const type_info& typ, void* ctxt = 0)
 Standard initializing constructor
TIsAProxy(const TIsAProxy& )
copy constructor
TIsAProxy& operator=(const TIsAProxy& )
assignement operator
 Standard destructor
void SetClass(TClass* cl)
 Set class pointer
TClass* operator()(const void* obj)
 IsA callback

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