class TMemberStreamer

TMemberStreamer is used to stream a data member.

The address passed to operator() will be the address of the data

Function Members (Methods)

TMemberStreamer(MemberStreamerFunc_t pointer)
TMemberStreamer(const TMemberStreamer& rhs)
virtual const TClass*GetOnFileClass() const
virtual voidoperator()(TBuffer& b, void* pmember, Int_t size = 0)
TMemberStreamer&operator=(const TMemberStreamer&)
virtual voidSetOnFileClass(const TClass* cl)

Data Members


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Function documentation

TMemberStreamer(MemberStreamerFunc_t pointer)
TMemberStreamer(const TMemberStreamer &rhs)
virtual ~TMemberStreamer()
void SetOnFileClass(const TClass* cl)
{ fOnFileClass = const_cast<TClass*>(cl); }
const TClass* GetOnFileClass()
{ return fOnFileClass; }
void operator()(TBuffer& b, void* pmember, Int_t size = 0)
 The address passed to operator() will be the address of the data member.
 If the data member is a variable size array, 'size' is the number of elements
 to read/write

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