class TVirtualArray


Wrapper around an object and giving indirect access to its content
even if the object is not of a class in the Cint/Reflex dictionary.

Function Members (Methods)

TVirtualArray(const TVirtualArray&)
TVirtualArray(TClass* cl, UInt_t size)
char*GetObjectAt(UInt_t ind) const
TVirtualArray&operator=(const TVirtualArray&)
char*operator[](UInt_t ind) const

Data Members


Class Charts

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Class Charts

Function documentation

TVirtualArray(TClass* cl, UInt_t size)
{ if (fClass) fClass->DeleteArray( fArray ); }
TClass * GetClass()
{ return fClass; }
char * operator[](UInt_t ind) const
{ return GetObjectAt(ind); }
char * GetObjectAt(UInt_t ind) const
{ return fArray+fClass->Size()*ind; }

Author: Philippe Canal July, 2008
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