class UserGroup_t


Abstract base class defining a generic interface to the underlying
Operating System.
This is not an ABC in the strict sense of the (C++) word. For
every member function their is an implementation (often not more
than a call to AbstractMethod() which prints a warning saying
that the method should be overridden in a derived class), which
allows a simple partial implementation for new OS'es.

Function Members (Methods)

UserGroup_t(const UserGroup_t&)
UserGroup_t&operator=(const UserGroup_t&)

Data Members

Int_tfGidgroup id
TStringfGroupgroup name
TStringfRealNameuser full name
TStringfShelluser preferred shell
Int_tfUiduser id
TStringfUseruser name

Class Charts

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Function documentation

{ }
TSystem& operator=(const UserGroup_t& )

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